Hi, the name you shall know me by is Mikel T Strawenaskevitz. I consider myself an average MOD-maker (with honors in story-development), and currently, my only work that is going to stay in progress is a (hopefully) full-length Portal mod. Thanks for checking out my profile, and here's to good modding and mod-seeking!

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madcat1030 Jun 16 2012, 12:10am says:

I'm so excited to play the second map. I play the first one on a regular (monthly) basis, it being my favorite half-life 2 map ever for a loooooong time, and never even knew that there was more in the works!

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madcat1030 Jun 16 2012, 12:05am says:

Holy balls there's a part 2!? That lighthouse map is one of my favorite maps for Half-Life 2, EVER. Can't wait to see the other bit!

+1 vote   download: Mission Improbable Part 2
madcat1030 Apr 4 2012, 8:25pm replied:

Your response is worth a million upvotes, the nonchalance of it all.

+2 votes   game: [tesseract]
madcat1030 Mar 29 2012, 12:13am replied:

You realize that if you have just put that as your comment, you probably wouldn't have been downvoted so bad...

+4 votes   news: 1187 - Rogue Train : Reaching Final Destination
madcat1030 Mar 24 2012, 12:55pm says:

I think a solid bar, at the same angle as the window, with a glass pane filling the bottom bit (I'd say about a third) would look nice, in stead of that railing.

+1 vote   media: Resonance 10
madcat1030 Mar 13 2012, 11:51pm says:

I'm trying to figure out what ending 2 is. I got the one where you ride the little tram-platform into a white light, kind of resolving nothing. How do I get the other one?

+1 vote   mod: CUBE
madcat1030 Feb 26 2012, 12:27am says:

How do I do that thing where I give you 15 dollars and get some amazingly out of proportion amazing stuff in return?

+1 vote   download: Outerra - Anteworld demo
madcat1030 Feb 23 2012, 2:51am replied:

@Kil3r There's a solution to this. Open up the properties for the steam shortcut in your library, and select "Set Launch Options". Input the following, without quotes: "-num_edicts 2047"

That fixed the problem for me.

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
madcat1030 Feb 23 2012, 12:46am replied:

GTX 285 4GB. 6 gigs of ram*. 34% usage. 75 fps.

D: I guess it's just weird on some cards.

*I swear DXdiag keeps showing me different Memory counts... And I'm almost positive that when I got the computer, it was a GTX280 2gb... but hey. Bigger is better?

+2 votes   game: Cry of Fear
madcat1030 Feb 23 2012, 12:42am replied:

Interesting. Same error at same place. I'm hoping a fresh load would do it, but... Hm, since I can't save right before going through it, I guess that usual fix won't work...

+3 votes   game: Cry of Fear
madcat1030 Jan 16 2012, 11:20pm says:

Hm, am I supposed to have to play it through gmod, because I tried, and it's... not working. The elevator, the lynchpin of this truly promising and potentially epic mod, won't move!

+2 votes   news: Elevator: Source Released!
madcat1030 Jan 16 2012, 11:07pm says:

Newbs. Real men work 156 hours a week, and mod the other 96, while sleeping for a mere 14 hours.

Yes, I'm joking, and yes, I know that's too many hours.

+2 votes   media: This mod was unsettled owing to 'I got a job'
madcat1030 Dec 2 2011, 8:18pm says:

Those were horrible choices. I love my indie games, but to only give us the option of Indie, AAA, and pir--- I mean, "magic", and no "I'm pretty much even across the board", is kinda... well, horrible choices. Usually I like the questions and choices on your things; this one, not so much.

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madcat1030 Oct 16 2011, 1:31am says:

So far, I love it! I'm to the point with the working phonograph, and I've been running back and forth around the lobby and the rooms upstairs, and can't figure out how to progress! Any quick tips in the right direction?

+1 vote   news: White Night Released!
madcat1030 Sep 18 2011, 10:07am replied:

And in reply to this, piracy could almost be seen as another potential window for a customer. Like I just posted below, I usually try things I'd never try if I had to pay for them, then wind up liking them, and buying them. Or, not liking them, and never looking back.

+2 votes   poll: Solution to piracy?
madcat1030 Sep 18 2011, 10:06am says:

Betas and demos with a bit of access to all game-modes, as well as less expensive games, would probably cut down seriously on piracy. I admit to having downloaded a few games, but every game I've ever gotten that way, I've paid for. With the exception of one terrible game, which I played for approximately 20 minutes before wiping all memory of it.

+2 votes   poll: Solution to piracy?
madcat1030 Sep 10 2011, 12:12pm says:

I chose 2, but I'd also like to vote for 5, or to put in a separate option: As long as credit is given, and all materials are original, or open-source, it's fine.

It's one thing to make a copy of something using the original materials, it's another to build it from the ground up. Besides, I saw somebody make a very enlightening post about the difference between IP and Copyright. IP is generally loosely protected. As long as you don't profit off of their IP, it's fine. Copyright is a bit tighter, and you don't want to get involved with the infringement thereof. However, copyright law, in the US, at least, states two loopholes to copyright, and it's the holes comedy programs use every day. The use of copyrighted material is completely allowed in the cases of criticism and satire. I suppose some mods could wrap themselves through this loophole by calling their creation the penultimate criticism. They enjoyed *blah* so much, that they were inspired to make a mod to share it's awesomeness. After playing, it's quite possible that people never interested in *blah* would wind up enjoying *blah*. Everybody's happy.

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madcat1030 Sep 8 2011, 10:44pm replied:

From? I'm just as lost as mister Ryswick...


But seriously, nice stuff.

+1 vote   news: Pushing Onward
madcat1030 Aug 15 2011, 3:15pm says:

The only thing I have with that image is that your scale (While perfectly matching the art's looks) is too small. It just seems twice as big in the first image than it does here.

But it wouldn't be very good gameplay or visual wise if done in the engine.

Again, looks great regardless.

+1 vote   media: Citadel destroyed
madcat1030 Aug 9 2011, 1:14am says:

I dunno if this has to do with the mod or not, but randomly, the game stopped taking commands. Completely. No mouse input, no keyboard input, no nothing. I alt-tabbed out and then back in, but nada. Both devices were functioning properly, but I lost the half-hour or so I spent after the first mission in UNATCO hq. Wasn't expecting to die there, heh.

But yeah, it's working with my Steam GOTY edition fine. The video instructions cover it to the point of no questions.

+1 vote   mod: New Vision
madcat1030 Aug 6 2011, 1:27am replied:

Thanks? I put more work into that shot than you can tell, and it only ever seems to get better when I go back to work on it. My favorite part about this shot is that everything you see... well, it really wouldn't make sense to anybody else but me, because only I know the story right now, heh. I am looking to try to put together a team, just because I can't find the time to do many good maps. Anything I do right now is rushed and horrible, or so lacking continuity due to my horrible schedule that it's barely understandable.

+1 vote   media: Another area...
madcat1030 Aug 6 2011, 1:20am replied:

Yeah, I always agreed with the 20 year hypothesis, but for the sake of my mod, HL2's date doesn't affect it, I just put it there as a bit of an illustration of when my mod happened.

+1 vote   mod: Portal: Reverb
madcat1030 Aug 6 2011, 1:16am says:

Why is it that somebody coming on and incessantly shouting that this mod is dead got it more comment attention than it's gotten ever? Heh...

Anyway, this mod is not dead, it's just an unfortunate victim of RL being a dbag. 'Twill be finished someday!

+1 vote   mod: Portal: Reverb
madcat1030 Aug 3 2011, 8:31pm replied:

Hey, that happens if you go to the load too quickly. He expects you to sit around and listen to what's going on on the other side of the train, so he keeps the npc alive long enough to finish the dialogue. Unfortunately, the npc he uses for the voice also holds default Alyx AI, making her warp to the load with you.

+2 votes   news: DangerousWorld New version 2.0 available
madcat1030 Aug 3 2011, 8:30pm says:

Frick yeah!!!! Yet another reason (I think this makes reason #56) to play this mod again! WWOOOOOOO!

+2 votes   news: DangerousWorld New version 2.0 available
madcat1030 Jul 30 2011, 6:02pm says:

Just downloaded it, and the first thing it tells me is that EYE.EXE is a virus. It's hilarious. I got a kick out of the false report, but I doubt anybody else would understand why.

+1 vote   news: E.Y.E: Your pretty face is going to hell
madcat1030 Jul 24 2011, 9:02pm says:

It's obviously a methane or chlorine atmosphere.

+1 vote   media: Alien planet
madcat1030 Jul 11 2011, 12:59pm says:

I haven't cleared my updates for this project just so I can access this video with ease. I love it, heh.

+1 vote   media: Ocean rendering
madcat1030 Jul 11 2011, 1:59am replied:

This man speaks the holy truth.

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madcat1030 Jul 11 2011, 1:58am replied:

My Razr fell out of a car going at 35 miles an hour and bounced along side for about a hundred feet. Stopped, picked it up, dusted it off, worked fine. Dropped it in a sink. Picked it up, took the battery out, blow-dried it, put it back in, worked fine. It's fallen down stairs, been crushed, and (somehow) sat in the freezer for a week. It still works. My parents however... They got their first smartphones. Dad: Fell off the table. Screen lost functionality in the lower half. Mom: Another sink hazard. Lost all functionality.

I know smartphones are amazing, and I love what can be done with some of them, but they just aren't durable enough yet. I'm happy with my Razr for the meantime. It's dirty and scratched up to hell, but it works fine. I do need to get a new battery for it though...

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