I'm 15 years old and have been a dedicated online (PC!)gamer for around 8 years now; and a modder for almost 5. I like mapping and messing around in photoshop, and recently I've been getting familiar with modeling programs.

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Lockdown323 Aug 21 2012, 9:39pm replied:

Well very early build != bad, hardly functional build. Your followers aren't in the team, we don't know how much better it will get. From our perspective, this is all we know about the physics system and we want to make sure you're improving it.

I also hate to see the way you're replying to some of these comments. Game developing might be frustrating as hell, but try to stay professional.

+3 votes   media: VERY Early Physics Test
Lockdown323 Aug 10 2012, 3:05am replied:

So... why post pictures of it? If you know this is low quality work why would you promote your mod with it?

Nothing wrong with showing WIP screenshots though, just make sure they're of a suitable quality so your followers don't get the wrong impression.

+3 votes   media: Early Hospital Screen
Lockdown323 Aug 7 2012, 11:17am says:

If the mod is so planned out and ready to go for the potential early release, why not just release it then? Are you holding the release back just for this PR stunt?

0 votes   article: Grey Pre-Release News #3
Lockdown323 Jul 6 2012, 6:22pm says:

Yay Agustin Cordes!

+3 votes   article: Asylum Status Update
Lockdown323 Jul 3 2012, 7:26pm replied:

Was going to basically say all this.

Your art is fantastic, but it's basically carrying the game, the level design seems like an afterthought to just cram everything in there.

With it being a multiplayer game, viciously prototype levels with basic geometry until you're satisfied, THEN go over in art passes.

It also looked a little choppy, hope it was the recording doing that!

+2 votes   article: New Environmental Video
Lockdown323 Jun 12 2012, 8:55pm says:

Looks alright for a BETA tbh.

+1 vote   download: de_dust2_css_beta
Lockdown323 May 10 2012, 12:17am says:

Quick, somebody make a mod for PC split-screen!

+3 votes   article: Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is NOW OUT!
Lockdown323 May 4 2012, 4:59pm says:

While you're cranking out models, model some pieces to use for railings! It'll be a lot tougher to make them look good with brushes.

Also, I think making the roof slanted or adding some detail to it would benefit the room.

+3 votes   media: Training map update
Lockdown323 May 4 2012, 4:48pm says:

LOVE that wall texture, though the lights look a little plain in comparison.

+1 vote   media: Tunnel
Lockdown323 Apr 24 2012, 8:16pm says:

Botanicula is at least as good as Machinarium was, and THAT is a huge feat.

+2 votes   article: The Humble Botanicula Debut
Lockdown323 Apr 24 2012, 8:13pm replied:

Yeah if you look only at the small scale you may think that.

But playing through an area with a lot of action or movement, the only thing that players will remember and notice is the big picture, the combination of every element of the map coming together.

+1 vote   media: OF2 - Urban Chaos
Lockdown323 Apr 23 2012, 2:57pm says:

Extremely good and professional looking art direction, great job!

+3 votes   media: Slum Shacks in the Woods
Lockdown323 Apr 22 2012, 8:32pm says:

THIS is mapping, pay attention to the skybox; that's what gives so much feeling to a map like this, it gives it a location, a meaning.

Take notes.

+48 votes   media: OF2 - Urban Chaos
Lockdown323 Apr 17 2012, 11:34pm says:

I like the vein on its back.

+2 votes   media: OF2 - Houndeye
Lockdown323 Mar 12 2012, 5:05pm says:

Nothing wrong with playing it safe for your first commercial title :)

Just look at Dear Esther!

+1 vote   article: Many Big News Time!
Lockdown323 Feb 21 2012, 12:43am replied:

Surely linking that must be against the rules of the site??

+3 votes   download: De_Aztec for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Beta
Lockdown323 Feb 17 2012, 4:20pm says:

The mo-hawk one(first on second row) is noticeably worse looking than the others, not sure if it's the weird angle or what; it may bring out the weird shape of the skull? I'd look into it tbh.

The others look great, especially the undead human things.

+1 vote   media: Give me head, hoooo ho hoooo...
Lockdown323 Jan 14 2012, 1:32pm says:

I apologize but the way the bottles are on the floor are funny!

Make most of them fallen over, and the lightswitch is too large next to the door.

Maybe some grimey decals on the floor or walls too, to make the place more dirty.
Very nice props and textures btw!

+2 votes   media: Screenshot
Lockdown323 Jan 11 2012, 6:22pm says:

"As said, this map won't be ingame. It's just a prototype/programmer-art asset."

"...It's just a prototype/programmer-art asset."



0 votes   media: Pre-alpha screenshots
Lockdown323 Jan 9 2012, 7:15pm replied:

For real, alpha buyers are *conveniently* not mentioned anymore, maybe we'll have to email Mojang about this?

+2 votes   article: Where is My Update for Minecraft – Pocket Edition?
Lockdown323 Dec 21 2011, 6:10pm replied:

10,000 likes for nudes of every team member. Yes, even the girl.

+1 vote   article: Cry of Fear - Release date
Lockdown323 Dec 19 2011, 2:05pm says:

Good article! So many gamers and modders think they'll get a great job in the developing business, when it just isn't realistic most of the time.

+3 votes   article: Insider Tipps: Publishing contracts and publishing deals
Lockdown323 Dec 6 2011, 11:36pm says:

Quite the lazy eye there!

Good job, gives the model a 'warmer' appearance.

+2 votes   media: Subsurface Scattered Skin and Eye Shader
Lockdown323 Nov 26 2011, 2:32pm says:

Keep it like that in Normal (weapons and ammo/health pickups glow) In Easy though, put a glow on objectives as well. Then in Hardcore allow no glows at all.

In the Easy and Normal difficulties allow the glow to be turned off, for people who just want easier enemies.

+50 votes   media: Item Glows
Lockdown323 Nov 9 2011, 7:37am says:

Please replace the water splash effect! Lol that's all I can complain about.

+1 vote   article: Water Release Date
Lockdown323 Oct 12 2011, 7:42pm replied:

Maybe for a portfolio...? I really don't know, it seems completely useless to make a high poly model in HL, I agree.

+1 vote   media: Concept 5 First try with Zbrush :)
Lockdown323 Oct 12 2011, 7:35pm says:

Not nearly as good as your indoors mapping, here's some help!
-The rocks on the right side of the picture don't look very good, it seems like you spammed props one on top of another, I'd look at more reference photos perhaps?
-The road texture also seems too blue-ish (roads usually seem darker) and it also looks too clean to be in a desert.
-The area looks a little too hilly in general, and from the view it looks too boxed-in and linear/cramped feeling.
-The lighting also seems off, the skybox is so bright yet the shadows are dull and even the bright areas lack a real brightness.

Although I said your indoor stuff is better, this isn't ugly! Just a lot to improve on.

+4 votes   media: Introduction
Lockdown323 Oct 10 2011, 7:04pm says:

Not much loss of quality from the high poly! Excellent work from your team.

+1 vote   media: Marauder View Hands
Lockdown323 Sep 29 2011, 2:43pm says:

13,000 wpoly? I'm surprised the engine doesn't crash.

+3 votes   download: Frames per Second Test ! :)
Lockdown323 Sep 7 2011, 3:38pm replied:

In other words he ********** slightly after reading through the news post and/or viewing the image included.

+3 votes   article: Pushing Onward
Lockdown323 Jul 2 2011, 11:27pm replied:

I believe he has a point, it needs to be re-done in a style that matches the game. And @ Icedecknight, just because it has a lack of attention doesn't mean it has to have a lack of quality.

+1 vote   media: Judgement
Lockdown323 Apr 23 2011, 5:00am says:

Looks alright overall, but the texture is too shiny. The ears also need to stick out more, they are too flat against his head.

+1 vote   media: Character 1 face WIP
Lockdown323 Mar 4 2011, 10:01pm says:


+2 votes   media: PSP Go 3D Studio Max 2011 Render
Lockdown323 Feb 18 2011, 10:13am replied:

Why not? I think this original version was elegant in its simplicity, something I don't find so much in the re-make.

-1 votes   media: Dear Esther Screens
Lockdown323 Feb 11 2011, 3:03pm says:

Very beautiful, probably the best mapping I've seen in the mod so far!

+2 votes   media: 3.5 map updates.
Lockdown323 Jan 31 2011, 12:18am says:

Hahahaa, good idea for a starter weapon! I really like it.

+2 votes   media: Club
Lockdown323 Dec 13 2010, 10:22pm says:

Hahaha this makes it seem as overpowered as a good fade was in HL1. All jokes aside, a great trailer and I am definitely buying over the Christmas holidays =D

+1 vote   media: NS2 Fade reveal
Lockdown323 Dec 9 2010, 10:21pm says:

Incredible! I've been watching your engine for some time and am still impressed every time by the huge scalability. I've honestly never seen anything like it.

+6 votes   article: IITSEC, ISS and DDG-96
Lockdown323 Nov 27 2010, 5:02am says:

This looks like an excellent model! I'd only do something with the talon on the foot that sticks out weirdly.

+2 votes   media: Utahraptor Render
Lockdown323 Sep 15 2010, 5:15pm says:

That's a very beautiful shot! Huge round of applause for your environment designer(s).

+7 votes   media: Amon Sul in UDK
Lockdown323 Sep 13 2010, 11:16pm says:

Really gorgeous shot here, even if the trees are sprites they look good!

+2 votes   media: The Ashtray
Lockdown323 Sep 4 2010, 2:12am says:

Looking superb! The only areas lacking structurally are your floors.

+2 votes   media: engineer Adventures
Lockdown323 Aug 27 2010, 10:26am says:

I don't own this game.. but you're making me want to buy it to play this mod!

+3 votes   media: A new world in my view
Lockdown323 Aug 18 2010, 1:13pm replied:

Don't upload crappy pictures? I get annoying updates on this mod every damn day from pointless pictures that should be shared among friends only. This is just as bad, not worse, than the updates lately.

+6 votes   media: My Go-Mod
Lockdown323 Aug 2 2010, 3:38pm says:

Is that a custom NPC? Nice! I also like the way you use lighting in this picture, using different colors.

+1 vote   media: Nothing
Lockdown323 Jul 29 2010, 3:29pm says:

Holy crap I love AOM!

You have a good base here, only thing I ask is to improve ceiling architecture, make everything interesting, not just walls!

+1 vote   media: Big Day Today - The lobby - Map v0.2
Lockdown323 Jul 29 2010, 4:01am says:

Zero complaints here, looks flawless!

+7 votes   media: Frieza II Render
Lockdown323 Jul 24 2010, 5:05pm says:

Woah, had no idea you were good at drawing too! Looks excellent, and I love the style you used for the picture; it'll be an awesome present!

+6 votes   media: Elvira
Lockdown323 Jul 23 2010, 5:18pm says:

At first I thought the atmosphere was so gritty you couldn't really see anything, but I'm really starting to like it! Looks pretty awesome guys.

+1 vote   media: Screenshot
Lockdown323 Jun 14 2010, 2:37pm says:

Quite inspiring, great work.

+1 vote   media: CA the new stuff
Lockdown323 Jun 2 2010, 2:48pm says:

THIS looks incredible, great work.

+3 votes   media: Caherdon (WIP)
Lockdown323 May 29 2010, 3:14pm says:

Hopefully this is a WIP as it certainly isn't up to par with your other work. It needs some texture variation on the walls to stop that nasty tiling effect, and overall more details. Good to see something being posted though!

+1 vote   media: Inside the Cradle
Lockdown323 May 27 2010, 2:41pm replied:

Contrary to popular belief NOT everything in every videogame is old, worn down with use, and dirty. Some objects the player (or characters) use may be new, and in this case it appears to be just that.

+10 votes   media: Flashlight - Ingame
Lockdown323 May 23 2010, 3:36pm says:

Looks really good, although her legs look freakin' long.

+1 vote   media: Clair main model
Lockdown323 May 19 2010, 4:15pm says:

Looks detailed enough to me, great job!

+1 vote   media: The same map
Lockdown323 May 11 2010, 4:01pm says:

This is just an observation but I think you should release slightly more substantial updates, and save these smaller releases for your personal profile or something. I think you'd get far better feedback that way.

+1 vote   media: Big Day Today - Outside Tram Ride - Map v0.5
Lockdown323 May 11 2010, 3:59pm says:

Awesome release guys!

+1 vote   article: MAY2010a Released!
Lockdown323 Apr 29 2010, 8:01am replied:

I can tell you right now you will never be satisfied with trying to use VM to round these corners. Everything will either produce a brush/vertice error, or it just won't look right. I'd just model it, seeing as you are skilled at it.

+1 vote   media: Big Day Today - The Tracks - Map v0.5
Lockdown323 Apr 24 2010, 5:27pm says:

Tbh this is a pound-for-pound re-making of the map. If that's what you were going for, great.

But I'd like to see some 'liberties' taken with it, i.e. putting in some original ideas. Oh yeah the textures are also a bit bland and sameish all around.

+2 votes   media: Killhouse Remake
Lockdown323 Mar 21 2010, 2:01pm says:

Ahh, the lens flare :D

+1 vote   media: Project Lightspeed: Test logo
Lockdown323 Mar 21 2010, 12:18am says:

Why would you post a shot of something you think so lowly of? If we don't comment on the badness of it then what should we say.

+2 votes   media: Pylon
Lockdown323 Mar 19 2010, 3:20pm replied:

Too thin?? Look at the rest of his body.
I love the model though, good work.

+1 vote   media: Wireframe game character!
Lockdown323 Mar 6 2010, 12:42am says:

Woah, definitely a step further than the last image. With the direction you're taking with this it'll surely be extremely disturbing, which is completely awesome.

+2 votes   media: getting there..
Lockdown323 Mar 2 2010, 10:36pm says:

Looks wonderful. I can't see any misaligned textures, or any lack of details, etc etc. Nearly perfect.

+5 votes   media: Hasnain level (WIP)
Lockdown323 Feb 25 2010, 11:14pm says:

I'm impressed by these shots! Will the player be able to move around without a lot of hassle though?

+1 vote   media: Facility/Mine
Lockdown323 Nov 27 2009, 4:12am says:

You, sir, wow me with your maps.

+1 vote   member: Zorbos
Lockdown323 Nov 21 2009, 6:45pm says:

Could use some more interesting geometry and props, good shell here though.

+1 vote   media: B2B_Wasteland
Lockdown323 Nov 21 2009, 6:45pm says:

Could use some more interesting geometry and props, good shell here though.

+2 votes   media: B2B_Wasteland
Lockdown323 Nov 20 2009, 2:27pm says:

I gotta say, this looks really good! My only worry is ambience/immersion. Please please make it feel like you're really there!

+1 vote   media: Gizeh map WIP
Lockdown323 Nov 15 2009, 7:31pm says:

The perspective is a bit off, I know =D

+1 vote   media: -
Lockdown323 Oct 31 2009, 3:20pm says:

Is this an updated version of a previous screenshot? I remember something like this. If it is a revised version, it looks much better. But don't ever forget the ground! It doesn't look bad, yet it is really flat.

+1 vote   media: Be Sure To Read The Description!
Lockdown323 Oct 15 2009, 7:26pm says:

Holy crap. Admittedly I know nothing about guns, but this sure is a looker!

+3 votes   media: 2009.10.11 - weapon_ak5 high-poly
Lockdown323 Oct 12 2009, 12:03am says:

I wish I liked Halo more.

+1 vote   article: 117 followers
Lockdown323 Oct 11 2009, 4:40pm says:

Cool! This is very accurate, good job.

+1 vote   media: Kakariko Village -Source Engine port
Lockdown323 Oct 11 2009, 1:13am replied:

I liked it heaps more than the regular black one.

+1 vote   media: Screens
Lockdown323 Oct 8 2009, 6:02pm says:

Looks superb, nothing else I can really say about it!

+1 vote   media: L1a1 Self Loading Rifle
Lockdown323 Oct 4 2009, 9:27pm says:

Looking forward to your mod!

+1 vote   member: RavenITA
Lockdown323 Oct 2 2009, 7:52pm says:

Make something interesting with the ground, perhaps a large valley or something? Or try to get some cactuses (plural of cactus??) in there.

+2 votes   media: Transit System
Lockdown323 Oct 2 2009, 2:29pm says:

That actually looks pretty damn good, great work! I'd only suggest a few more minor details on the floor and walls. Overall it's quite good looking.

+2 votes   media: Lab Area
Lockdown323 Sep 30 2009, 2:12pm says:

Congrats! Now let's see some new in-game content! =D

+1 vote   media: Holy Crap Mod Rank Went up like Eminem's new album
Lockdown323 Sep 27 2009, 5:01pm says:


+2 votes   media: POTW 9-27-09
Lockdown323 Sep 26 2009, 4:14pm says:

Terrific. Good luck with the mod!

+1 vote   article: Update
Lockdown323 Sep 25 2009, 3:41pm says:

I don't like it. The fog looks good, but the ground is much too flat, the foilage too thin.

+2 votes   media: Urban
Lockdown323 Sep 23 2009, 12:43pm says:

Decent textures, but I think you should switch it up a bit, it looks like there's too MUCH concrete. I love how it's coming along though, good work!

+2 votes   media: Deleted : Pipeline Complex
Lockdown323 Sep 22 2009, 6:17pm says:

I'd like to see that rock wall a bit more... not flat. And maybe do a little something with the ceiling, that looks like it needs love too.

+1 vote   media: Deleted : Pipeline Complex
Lockdown323 Sep 15 2009, 7:58pm says:

Nice! Your indoor areas are really getting much better. I can only suggest you to try and focus on more interesting architecture in the hallways; I know it's only a hallway, but think grates, pipes, doors that don't open, anything!

+1 vote   media: September Mid-Month Media Release
Lockdown323 Sep 10 2009, 5:44pm says:

Looks great, only criticism I have is about the upper rock walls. You need to vary the height across the top, from the player's angle it looks very flat

+2 votes   media: Chapter "Intersection"
Lockdown323 Sep 4 2009, 6:38pm says:

=\ Spherize! On a noise backround.

+1 vote   media: Planet in PhotoShop
Lockdown323 Aug 26 2009, 10:28pm says:

Could use some more details.

+2 votes   media: Chapter One: 7 Years Before.
Lockdown323 Aug 24 2009, 9:37am says:

Of all the lighting screenshots, this is the only one I see a noticeable difference in.

+2 votes   media: August Update
Lockdown323 Aug 22 2009, 3:13pm says:

Looks superb, I love this mod so much for expanding on the HL1 engine.

+2 votes   media: Fureeeeezah Ingame
Lockdown323 Aug 21 2009, 2:19am says:

All of those (wow I just forgot the name of them...) wooden poles... they look kinda lonely without any electrical wires! And some seem to have the same angles... great displacements! BTW it's fun playing L4D with ya ;D

+1 vote   media: new wasteland map pics
Lockdown323 Jul 30 2009, 10:43pm replied:

Thanks, actually I kind of want to finish, hmm. I'll go work on it!

+1 vote   media: Screens
Lockdown323 Jul 22 2009, 12:50am replied:

Nah, all these screens are stock content.

+1 vote   media: Screens
Lockdown323 Jul 6 2009, 11:09am says:

I really think you should change the ceiling's texture, as it's the same as the floor. (And it looks better on the floor) Really cool looking mod though!

+1 vote   media: Piano News Update #001
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