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Kyogreex Jan 31 2012, 10:01am says:

Looks like a good start. I like that the environment isn't all too stereotypical for a horror game as well.

+2 votes   mod: In Peremptorys' Shadow
Kyogreex Jan 30 2012, 9:51pm says:

H.P. Lovecraft + Half-Life 2 mod sounds like an excellent combination; good luck with getting things back on track.

+1 vote   mod: The Intern's Story
Kyogreex Jan 30 2012, 7:58pm says:

I'm loving the style of the artwork; no over-glossed artwork that seems to be so common among new games in the genre, just clean and modern. Looking forward to seeing more from this project.

+4 votes   game: Journey To Hammerdale
Kyogreex Jul 27 2009, 10:22am says:

It is interesting to see what experiences your team has had. Most teams generally get an idea and stick with it; by experimenting, you have had the opportunity to see what options are out there and why it might not work (I'm sure some of it could work, but only after a great deal of extra work that would not be worth the end result, as you indicated in the part about all of the co-op work for just 15 minutes of gameplay).

Good luck; I hope your team can finish this without too many more hurdles.

+1 vote   news: Dev Blog #3 - A History of Game-Play
Kyogreex Jul 25 2009, 10:52am says:

Not only is the content great, this trailer was very professionally done. You guys definitely deserve the points for going above and beyond.

+2 votes   news: Wilson Chronicles Official Trailer 1 released !
Kyogreex Jul 22 2009, 11:32am says:

Very intuitive and clean interface to get mapping done easier; very professional.

Good job guys.

+1 vote   news: Item browser progress
Kyogreex Jul 21 2009, 3:46pm says:

Your mod has the same kind of innovation that made Portal the hit that it was.

If Valve doesn't hire you, I'm sure somebody would.

+1 vote   news: RPS digs R&D
Kyogreex Jul 14 2009, 10:26am replied:

I don't believe that he meant for that statement to be taken seriously; instead, I think it was more of an attack on you.

At any rate, don't you think that it's a bit too early to say "what he is doing won't come of anything"? Even if this is "crap," people improve themselves.

Is this your first map that you intend to share, Aaagreen?

0 votes   news: Media Release 1 - Teaser
Kyogreex Jul 13 2009, 7:39pm says:

And I find the irony in what you just said incredibly amazing. Sure disrespect is rampant in this day and age. But that's no reason to be disrespectful yourself. He's only 14, and this is only a preview. At least give him a chance to show what he can do before you call it all "crap."

That said, I can sympathize with you. Narcissism is like a run-away freight train anymore: you can't stop it. Although this article is from the United States, I think it applies pretty well to at least most of the western world, and I think you would enjoy it:

P.S. "spin it around and you get "Potty" if you're British and have some decent geography skills you should know what it means" - That's pretty common in the States as well. Or at least I think it is.

0 votes   news: Media Release 1 - Teaser
Kyogreex Jul 13 2009, 10:21am replied:

It's kind of sad that when Mod DB is about helping modders, including helping get them up and running, people have to try to pull the new mods down by telling them they don't deserve to be on Mod DB yet.

Imagine how many great mods may have gotten started here on Mod DB, and then imagine what might have happened if people with nothing good to say repeatedly commented that there early work was terrible.

Of course there are likers and haters; the truth is largely subjective. But what I'm here to do is encourage this team to keep working, and keep using Mod DB for what it was made for.

+1 vote   news: Media Release 1 - Teaser
Kyogreex Jul 12 2009, 10:01pm replied:

It's Star Trek: Elite Force II, which has had a community plagued with problems.

Chriss: Even so, I think you should enter the co-op mod. It's bound to get at least some publicity because of the event, and that's better than nothing. At least, then, your achievements will not go unnoticed.

+2 votes   news: Summer of Mods & Indies!
Kyogreex Jul 12 2009, 2:28pm says:

You know, many people overlook the up-and-coming mods out there.

It's nice to see the evolution of a mod like this. Keep up the good work.

0 votes   news: Media Release 1 - Teaser
Kyogreex Jul 12 2009, 1:14pm says:

While I cannot help, I would have to say that your concept is quite interesting.

Good luck with your search for talent.

+2 votes   news: Portal: Combat is in development
Kyogreex Jul 11 2009, 11:43pm says:

This is excellent!

More developers need to release their old games for free like this. I mean, they aren't available in stores anymore.

It's always nice when abandonware is released by the developer, and it offers a good chance to relive good memories.

+4 votes   download: Daggerfall - Full Game
Kyogreex Jul 11 2009, 11:38pm says:

It's nice to see a game of this quality going open source this early in development.

Although I cannot participate, I do wish your team the best of luck on this project.

+6 votes   news: 0 A.D. Goes Open Source
Kyogreex Jul 11 2009, 11:31pm says:

I wonder how many players will actually have problems with this (would be an interesting statistics for many mods to know what percentage has HL2 but not Episode Two).

I do believe this will prove to be a good move, however, with how much you will benefit from the additional resources.

+2 votes   news: Modular Combat will require Episode Two
Kyogreex Jul 4 2009, 10:24am says:

Just getting the group for development set up; the site (with forums, etc) should be up soon.

+1 vote   group: ENLIGHTENMENT: Revelation Development
Kyogreex Jul 3 2009, 7:59pm says:

I would have to say that the movie, while not nearly as good as The Wrath of Kahn, was well done and refreshing.

The series needed a reinvigoration. If that means they have to change some things to attract new fans (not trekkies), then so be it. If you ask me, it's better to sacrifice some things and have Trek than have no new Trek at all...and there's always room for improvement.

+3 votes   group: Star Trek Fan Club
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