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The Torn Media Release 1 Teaser is now out. Feast your eyes on the crappily goodness of a hangar!

Posted by Aaagreen on Jul 12th, 2009

This is it, the first proper public showing of Torn's mapwork. This screenshot depicts one of many storage hangars of Area 51, but the only one you ever go in. It leads to a service lift which opens up an entirely new research facility, deep underground. The first chapter, Area 51, is merely an introduction to the game. Just like the first 2 chapters in Half-Life.

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Kyogreex Jul 12 2009, 2:28pm says:

You know, many people overlook the up-and-coming mods out there.

It's nice to see the evolution of a mod like this. Keep up the good work.

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Aaagreen Author
Aaagreen Jul 12 2009, 2:35pm says:

Glad to see someone looking on the bright side.

It's a freakin' teaser for crying out loud, what did you expect? If it looks crap to you, then the rest of the mod probably will aswell.

This is the highest quality I'm capable of, and if the team of Guard Duty/ Barney's Tales think it's good enough then there's nothing wrong with it, and you're just expecting too much of a 14 year old.

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DuckSauce Jul 12 2009, 3:55pm says:

Not much less as what my mod started with when creating a ModDB page(2-3 map screenshots and a video with a untextured holy nade animation)

It having one screenshot is no reason to say the ModDB page shouldn't have been created, who knows what kind of stuff will come up in the future!

Well good luck with the mod I guess :) I like the torn "icon" or whatever it is :D

Also this is much better then I'd expect from a 14 year old, if this is really you're doing it seems like you could be a very promising mapper.

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Kyogreex Jul 13 2009, 10:21am replied:

It's kind of sad that when Mod DB is about helping modders, including helping get them up and running, people have to try to pull the new mods down by telling them they don't deserve to be on Mod DB yet.

Imagine how many great mods may have gotten started here on Mod DB, and then imagine what might have happened if people with nothing good to say repeatedly commented that there early work was terrible.

Of course there are likers and haters; the truth is largely subjective. But what I'm here to do is encourage this team to keep working, and keep using Mod DB for what it was made for.

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BlueWolf72 Jul 12 2009, 7:07pm says:

Keep ya head up. Learn that the webz has likers and haters.

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Potteh Jul 13 2009, 6:16am replied:

And people who tell the truth.

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Aaagreen Author
Aaagreen Jul 13 2009, 10:36am replied:

There are indeed people who tell the truth.

And there are arrogant bastards like you, who expect huge amounts from a website devoted for people to show their work. This isn't meeting of the fantastic, where you put down the ones who are crap and congratulate the ones who are awesome. You show respect for both kinds, because they are all working their ***** off to learn, and create something for the public to enjoy.

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Potteh Jul 13 2009, 2:19pm replied:

Sorry, but the irony in what you said was incredibly amazing. I'm arrogant bastard sure, I know I am but I tell the truth. People here should show more creativity instead of something that a 9 year old could do, it's not amazing work I've seen work like this before, the mod will die you've ever admitted to it there for your logic flawed and what you've done is "crap".

I won't show respect for anyone, read my blog you'll understand why. I won't respect a kid who thinks placing things in a cubed area is "working their ***** off" for a guideline.

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dafatcat Jul 15 2009, 11:54pm replied:

PottehUK speaks the truth, no matter how ****-ish

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Afnopo Jul 16 2009, 3:00am replied:

I just want everyone to be happy :3

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Kyogreex Jul 13 2009, 7:39pm says:

And I find the irony in what you just said incredibly amazing. Sure disrespect is rampant in this day and age. But that's no reason to be disrespectful yourself. He's only 14, and this is only a preview. At least give him a chance to show what he can do before you call it all "crap."

That said, I can sympathize with you. Narcissism is like a run-away freight train anymore: you can't stop it. Although this article is from the United States, I think it applies pretty well to at least most of the western world, and I think you would enjoy it:

P.S. "spin it around and you get "Potty" if you're British and have some decent geography skills you should know what it means" - That's pretty common in the States as well. Or at least I think it is.

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Potteh Jul 14 2009, 3:04am replied:

Why should I give a 14 year old a chance to show off skills that I know won't become of anything? He even said it himself. Also, "That's pretty common in the States as well." It originates from here, so there's your answer, just another thing the US have stolen right?

I refuse to give anyone the time or day when they themselves has even said it won't succeed so you're basically wanting me to back some kid up when what he is doing won't come of anything. Idiot get real, I won't waste my time on trash.

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Kyogreex Jul 14 2009, 10:26am replied:

I don't believe that he meant for that statement to be taken seriously; instead, I think it was more of an attack on you.

At any rate, don't you think that it's a bit too early to say "what he is doing won't come of anything"? Even if this is "crap," people improve themselves.

Is this your first map that you intend to share, Aaagreen?

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Potteh Jul 15 2009, 3:27am replied:

I honestly don't care if it wasn't to be quite honest, he said it there for he has some doubt in his mind. People with that thinking will usually not succeed. I tell the truth and I guarantee that this will fail and you will look the huge muppet that you do now for sticking up for a 14 year old kid who thinks a brush and a pop placement is a great map.

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Aaagreen Author
Aaagreen Jul 14 2009, 11:29am says:

I cant say I have much else to show, development has been slow recently and has only just started to re-progress.

Potteh, it's safe to say you've wasted plenty of time on this trash. Stop making a big deal out of everything below your skill level.

I may be "crap" at what I do, but at least I have the ability to improve over time. You are always going to be an *******, and you would no doubt be more than willing to admit this. But just take other people and their feelings in to consideration before you waste your precious time ripping on them.

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Potteh Jul 15 2009, 3:30am replied:

What did I tell you? Development is slow, which in true terminology means it won't succeed just like I said from the get-go, you people on here are idiots if you can't spot the obvious on this one. I guess fan-boys stick to their word for being morons.

"But just take other people and their feelings in to consideration before you waste your precious time ripping on them."

That's the whole point of me being an arsehole, I refuse to be kind to anyone in this world or online. People will not respect anyone these days without being a **** behind their back which is why I stand true to who I am now.

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fgt Jul 29 2009, 12:18pm says:

This media release makes me disappointed. :(

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Aaagreen Author
Aaagreen Jul 30 2009, 5:56am replied:

It aint a media release, it's a teaser.

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fgt Jul 31 2009, 1:34pm replied:

Sorry, I misread it. My bad. ^^

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