I`m a big S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Fan since release of the series. Have tried every mod that comes out for SoC, CoP and CS. I simply love this game. My other favorite games are the Fallout, Elder Scrolls and The Witcher series. Bioshock series, Dead Space 1, F.E.A.R. 1, C&C series and of course FarCry and Crysis series are my favorites. Beside gaming I try to spend my times to my family and friends. Yes I`m maybe an full time gamer. But to be honest, I need a timeout. Be it for my girl, who are also an videogames addict like me ( to my luck : ) Gaming is necessary for me after work or an long travel. You must know that I work on a Offshore Platform, and have an working cycle that I work 2 - 3 months in a row. And have freetime for again 2 - 3 months, sometimes work 4 months and free 3 - 4 months. So you see, I have a good amount of spending time. And Video games are the best thing to relax from this "extraordinary" type of job. Hope this leaves you an small mark about me.

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Kaveli Blog 2 comments

Hi everyone, my name is Kaveli. I like STALKER games and can highly recommend the following mods for an extensive STALKER experience :

For SoC

Autumn Aurora
very cool with the best graphics and shaders imo. My favorite.

a own STALKER world mod. Unique features and stable.

Photo Realistic Zone 2
what can I say, it´s the Photo Realistic Zone :) Amazing.

For CoP

the biggest mod for CoP with 9 map´s. 3 vanilla and 6 added from the other STALKER games.

the near to realistic classic MISERY. If you don´t know it, then you are probably from Mars.

like OGSE, a mod for it´s own. A own STALKER world.

There are some very nice Shader mods for both games.

Dynamic Shaders for SoC Moddb.com

Shaders Max for CoP Sites.google.com

Another mod´s I like is are :

Fallout Wanderers Edition for the Fallout 3 game, check it out here: Fallout3.nexusmods.com

SkyMomod for TES V Skyrim

The Forgotten for C&C 3 Tiberium Wars

I am currently playing and optimizing my own NS DMX Redone mod which will maybe released in one year. Maybe not, it´s a lot of work for one person. Main reason is, that the whole Mod must be retranslated and balanced again. Some buggy quests must be removed or recreated.

Some news about the NS DMX Redone. I have downloaded the 1.3.5 version of the mod and now I´m looking for the translated files first. It´s a Beta and the first impression is somewhat disappointing. They are many old buggy scripts and configs back again in the files. It need a new playthrough to sort out the old and new bugs again. The main work will be importing the 1.3.4 content to the new 1.3.5 DMX. A lot of work mates.
But it has an 1.0006 compatibility patch who needs also some tweaks though. One good news are that I have successfully merged and edited the OGSE Sun Shaft shaders with Kingo and Meltacs ShadersMax DDOF shaders. So there will be Sun Shafts in SoC NS DMX 1.3.5 Redone like in CS or CoP.

My 1.3.4 have an inbuilt S.W.T.C. and a own Particle Paradise feature with a fully working DDOF on every Stalkersoup Map. So I will port all of them to the new 1.3.5 DMX and made it playable on a 1.0006 STALKER game.

Good hunting STALKER.

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