-= Old Good S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Remastered =-

As our team breaks and Deathdoor left with the rights on O.G.S.E brand, we've forked the mod. It's now called Old Good S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Remastered and we continue our development. Soon we'll change our pages decor accordingly and will open a new forum, stay tuned. Take into account that our team is not responsible for any content published on www.ogse.ru and/or forum.ogse.ru anymore.

< Final 2.0>

Back in 2010 no one could imagine that a small update for R2 in the end, after four years, will result in the most high-tech mod for SoC. New technologies are outstanding, sometimes our programmers have done something that GSC wasn’t capable to do or what was considered impossible to do without access to the source code of the game.

Unfortunately, not everything was so remarkable: almost the entire 2013th year dropped out from the development for various reasons: tiredness of the game, personal affairs, technical difficulties, permanent bugfixes. All of this resulted in leaving of many talented persons out from the team, that’s why many ideas were not implemented.

Many ideas were abandoned due to lack of necessary specialists. Unfortunately, those who asked to join the team, quickly disappeared over the horizon. And we can’t made all by ourselves. To the end of 2013 modification was a kind of alpha-version with a bunch of bugs. But there were really creative and committed comrades who undertook the correction of that stuff. Now therefore modification became quite good product

There were much negative toward the GSC, which issued Stalker SOC in the form in which we all was originally played. During development OGSE constantly faced with terrible hacks, made by developers from GSC. Why is it so - not for us to judge, but believe me, we swore a lot, finding another bug from original game. Moreover, even before release we found another serious bug with suit protection system: to put it briefly, some of parameters did not work ever. What is even more interesting: the greater was the protection of the suit, the weaker he protected; believe it or not.

Locations were not good either - they were terrible. Holes in AI-map, untied nods, which are not good for mod stability. In OGSE all found bugs were eliminated

A lot of good words must be said about our programmers Alexander and Konstantin (Malandrinus and KD). One should thank them for the technical features of mod. Now playing STALKER, you can enjoy unprecedented visual effects and gameplay features that can’t be seen in other mod for SOC. And all this was done without the source code. We do not have anything to hide, and the majority of tweaks is available to anyone who wishes in a project “X-ray extensions” (https://code.google.com/p/xray-extensions/)

Of course, we had to make some sacrifices, such as deleting R1-renderer. But it was right: all the efforts went to develop "dynamic lighting" renderer, which is only capable for all new graphical effects like "sunshafts", "reflections", etc. In addition, we speeded up the work with shaders, as well as loading saves.

We also thank Roman (abramcumner) for quests bugfixing after Jek@n left mod team.

And of course, we can not forget about Yuri (Simply Yuri), the man who brought developers in anger not only with his opinion about what is good and what is bad, how to do and how not to do, but with his meticulous study of each inch of the location, each wrong deviation of NPC, etc. And constantly slotting about correction of these bugs.

And when I look back in the far year 2010 and look at the day today, I think it's safe to say that the time was well spent, though not always optimal:-)

Wish you a nice playing.

Georgiy (Deathdoor)

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O.G.S.E. Final 2.0 Standalone Patch 2.10R (revised)

This is the final update for OGSE mod of version It's a more stable and polished version of regular 2.10 update. We've fixed most common and annoying issues and CTDs.

WARNING! Right after you installed this update you should run the configuration utility which will create needed folders structure in mod's installation folder. Do not launch the game before you'd run the configurator as it will cause issues!

Please note what this is are last update in development of current version of OGSE so technical support will be limited. We aren't planning to release any additional patches or updates (with exception of only critical ones which can ruin the game) as we want to concentrate our efforts on ours new mod - O.G.S. Remastered. Thank all of you for your support and patience, we greatly appreciate it!

You can download this update from "Downloads" section or get it from mirror on Google Drive:

Update 2.10R on Google Drive

Also we want to remind you what we've opened a new official site and forum: OGSR team.

Soon we will create a new Moddb page for our new project, stay tuned!

Here are full list of changes in this update:

~ Semenov trader has the money without any limits
~ the list of weapons with a little damage when dropping out of the courpses is extended
~ stalkers group at the Pripyat does not loot the courpses anymore
! the absence of Kolya at City 32 is fixed, and there no more any CTD associated with it
! the repeating of jobs from the Hunter (kill the bloodsucker) and the Barkeep (a crow bar) is eliminated
! the direction of view when moving from the Cordon to Darkscape is fixed
* sniper Val is removed from game
+ sniper rifle Val in the stash at x16 lab is replaced by AWM with ammo
~ Chuk ignore fight and doesn't change his suit
! fixed indication of the anomalies on minimap after rmoving detector from slot
~ effector of the elite NVD is changed
! microphone will deleted after finishing of the Sidor's quest
! crossbow for Plichko now always is in the Freedom base
~ old APC model
! companions evade anomalies now
! fixed glitch with teleport quest art
+ companion can trade back AWM and crossbow
+ NPC in science monolith suit can change it to monolith exo
~ minigun is excluded from stashes
~ military trader doesn't become angry on actor
+ fixed AWM icon
! fixed AWM ammo spawn in stashes
! fixed indication of non-existing anomalies on the minimap
+ random reward money is rounded
+ companion can use AWM now
~ Guider renamed back
+ Guider can guide on other locations now
~ fixed icon of the case
! fixed crashes with fake grenades
! fixed tips for elite detector
! fixed function make_object_visible_somewhen in NPC hit callback
+ corpses with unic visuals are moveable now
! fixed repeat of task about second part of code even if Minor was saved
+ added AWM sniper rifle (thnx to W.A.S.P.)
! fixed disappearance of remkit if repairing car twice
! fixed repairing of APC
! fixed early spawn of art in Kolya's corpse
! fixed dialog of Sakharov about artefact in Darkscape
~ fixed weapon descriptions in english (thnx to Lypropos)
~ text fix of repair dialog
~ old models of Thompson and Guntrader
! fixed guider on Yantar
+ new translation
+ nik1967 addons: another option to obtain changers to Swamp, peaceful option with modified Fort pistol quest and x18 documents quest.
+ new grenade models
+ missed textures
+ old models of knife, binoculars, crossbow
! fixed gunner icon
! fixed radiation detection by detectors
! со Складов удален автомат, закрепленный на несуществующей кости
~ edited bump textures
~ deleted trash
+ new light faloff mode
! fixed repeating of Dick's phrase when dog in danger
! fixed resetting of Dick's dog logic
! fixed random crash when picking up supercontroller scalp
+ fixed english translation big thnx to lock_down and Filon!)
! fixed crash xr_gulag.script:613 on Freedom base (thnx tolock_down)
! fixed rong random anomaly spawn
~ psy-zones are changed after surge on all locations
~ guiders and gunners don't care about anomalies
+ added peaceful solution with Zheka Doublet
+ Kaligula can be fought with knife
! "robbing" layer doesn't affect quest items
! kaligula is hostile at Arena
~ Strelok's rifle IS in Strelok's stash
~ minor id editing
+ new inventory
+ new pistol animations (thnx to Anim_Rouge)
+ USP with addon system (addons can be purchased from Petrenko)
~ PB pistol exchanged to OTc-33
~ Gunner doesn't sell food, grenades are expensive
~ cnahged NVD effectors
~ minor editing of dialogs and item descriptions
* increased knife fight distance
* improved SVD handling with installed cheek
! fixed indication of anomalies on detector screen
* NVD can't be used during surge
! fixed constant spawm from Swamp Doctor even if player did both his quests
! fixed descriptions for some Barman monster parts quests
~ removed unused files
~ slighlty increased hit power of advanced SVD ammo
* increased amount of new addons in mod:
-- Sidor offers AK magazines with increased capacity for random quests
-- Barkeep gives SVD with doubled ammo capacity and AK-102 with custom kit and grip for hard quests; AK magazines of maximum capacity for easy quests
-- Voronin gives silencers for various guns for easy and normal quests; "Hyperon" scope for hard quests
-- Petrenko trades all the silencers, cheek for SVD and USP scope
-- Gunner in novice village doesn't sell Kobra collimator scope anymore
-- Added magazines, silencers and scopes in some of the stashes on Escape, Garbage and Agroprom
+ Screw gives night vision scope in exchange for vodka
~ Screw does repair instead of Freedom trader
~ disabled some debug output
! fixed Plichko's dialogs in quest with the crossbow
! fixed Tolik's dialogs in quest with vodka
! Kolya is in the City-32 now
! fixed anomaly evader scheme for NPCs
! an attempt to fix random appearance of hostile NPCs
+ added dialog for Lukash about Owl in case if player done with the missing scouts quests before activating Klondike storyline
~ aiiming with collimator doesn't affect hud
~ weather debug output is now activated by Shift+O
! only one radio window can be activated now
~ assault rifle in Gunslinger's stash now has maximum capacity magazine and USP scope (new game is needed)
+ thermovisor higlightes rats now
~ Deserter actually suits stalker outfit
! removed recurse in the script for vodka effect
+ added bump config for M16 rifle
! fixed wrong highliting of some surfaces in thermal vision
! bioradar shows fractures
= renewed lamp and other items in Gunner's room (new game is needed)
+ possible places in dialogs with guiders are sorting now (thanks to Charsi)
~ edited english translation (thanks to Filon and lock_down)
* fixed wrong hud offset after switching from grenade launcher mode
~ fixed dialog with old man in novice village
~ fixed russian and english texts. Fixed wrong gun description for Arena
+ new icon for Gunner in novice village
= fixed dialogs about Guider

List of feautres

List of feautres

News 10 comments

This is a list of features of O.G.S.E. 0693 mod. It's just what you might want to read before downloading.

News about translation

News about translation

News 24 comments

Some news about the progress in translation of OGSE

Current Progress

Current Progress

News 9 comments

News about mod development progress. New weapons, new quests and other.

OGSE Open Beta test and development report

OGSE Open Beta test and development report

News 36 comments

Hello, dear fans of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R game and OGSE mod! As you already know, we are now in the open beta testing of 0693 version. Today I want to tell...

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O.G.S.E. OGSR x64 1.0007 Engine Update

O.G.S.E. OGSR x64 1.0007 Engine Update

Patch 108 comments

This update brings improved OGSR x64 1.0007 Engine to OGSE. OGSR it's the result of X-Ray engine improvements by modding enthusiasts, it's a very stable...

O.G.S.E. Final 2.0 Standalone Patch 2.10R

O.G.S.E. Final 2.0 Standalone Patch 2.10R

Patch 73 comments

-= PATCH 2.10 revised =- This is the final update for OGSE mod of version It's a more stable and polished version of regular 2.10 update. We've...

STALKER OGSE 0693 Patch 2.10 Revised_fix2

STALKER OGSE 0693 Patch 2.10 Revised_fix2

Script 13 comments

Second cumulative fix for patch 2.10 Revised. This fix addresses the problems in the quest with unknown artifact from Sakharov and the issue with grenades...

OGSE bindings for Steam Controller

OGSE bindings for Steam Controller

Script 9 comments

This is are settings template for Steam Controller, so you can play OGSE in Big Screen mode from your sofa.

O.G.S.E. Final 2.0 Standalone - PART 6

O.G.S.E. Final 2.0 Standalone - PART 6

Full Version 4 comments

That's it. Here it is. Multilanguage standalone version of OGSE 0693. Long-waited, it's finally comes to your computers. Enjoy.

O.G.S.E. Final 2.0 Standalone - PART 5

O.G.S.E. Final 2.0 Standalone - PART 5

Full Version 4 comments

That's it. Here it is. Multilanguage standalone version of OGSE 0693. Long-waited, it's finally comes to your computers. Enjoy.

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I got this downloaded and installed, but a lot of the stuff is still in Cyrillic. Looking for a Mine Detector from Sid so I can find the portal to the Barman's stash (looking in the illuminated area hasn't worked for me). Anyway. All I see are some dark blue boxes, so is that the detector? I'll try to write down the Cyrillic from Google translate and see what happens. This is a challenging mod. You can die real easy if you're not careful and everybody seems to have a grenade launcher on their gun! At least I got the cars working. Is there a Youtube on how to find the portal so I can get back to Borov? All the ones I found, the player just wipes out all the bandits, but if you do the mission, the bandits can help you when you go to the lab in Darkscape. Thanks! Something new to try while waiting for STalker 2 or True Stalker to get done.

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Hello there, I've got a problem with the head flashlight. So, I've it equipped from the beginning when you get it from Wolf (or Sidorovich, I am not sure from whom you get the starting stuff). When I try to activate with default hotkey - L - it doesn't work at all, not even Misery light tick, considered by many as a bug on start. Anyone knows something? I've installed patch 2.10R without 64bit engine, because the engine doesn't work with old saves and no better.

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Is there a guide for this mod? some pdf?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The game runs great on my pc when everything is on high. Except the FPS drops ENORMOUSLY when it starts raining. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Cars are buggy and broke the quest of missing weapon crates. I found 3 of the crates and loaded them into the trunk of my Jeep. Then drove to the Agropom Institute and parked it there. I had another quest about saving the tech guy from the Spetsnaz and it had a timer, so I immediately rushed to the Spetsnaz HQ and saved the guy, brought him back to the Institute.

After that, I went outside of the building and couldn't find my car. Crates were in the trunk, and now they're all gone with my missing car.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The blue colored kit/case you can buy at vendors is still named in Russian. Can you tell me what is meant for? Or can you translate it also?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

If you're dying in ONE HIT from AK74 no matter your armor or how much bullet resist you have. go to gamedata>config>weapons>Ammo and change the 5.45 K_hit to match other guns. such as 1.17. for some reason on my install that ammo was set to 9000 K_hit!!! so no matter what armor or resists you had, you and everything hit by 5.45 dies in one hit no matter what.

took me hours and hours to figure it out. I at first lowered the damage of the AK74s to 000.17 and that worked for a while but then when I got stronger armor enemies shooting me with it did no damage at all. not being that well experienced with this type of crap it took me forever to narrow it down to the actual problem.

I just hope this helps someone in the future from going through the 60 plus hours of gameplay trying to figure out WHY I WAS DYING IN ONE HIT no matter my armor and resistances. very frustrating.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

Any way to disable head bobbing? There is the one that is controled by cam_inert command and I turned that off by setting to 0, but then there is the other one wich is actually way more subtle but still I would prefer none at all.

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