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J1mmmy Dec 13 2006 says:


especially the brick description.

+1 vote   news: FrozenFish - 1st Media showcase
J1mmmy Dec 7 2006 says:

thanks for coming back.

+1 vote   mod: QUAKE | System 4
J1mmmy Dec 4 2006 says:

looks awesome

+1 vote   news: Star Wars: Bloodlines released!
J1mmmy Dec 4 2006 says:

he's saying they look good.

+1 vote   mod: Void-Oblivion
J1mmmy Dec 3 2006 says:

Kyonshi looks really detailed.

Each version of OpenArena is better and better.

+1 vote   news: OpenArena 0.6.0 released
J1mmmy Dec 1 2006 says:

Trailer particle effects are awesome!

+1 vote   mod: Vengeance
J1mmmy Nov 29 2006 says:


+2 votes   news: Now Available on Steam
J1mmmy Nov 27 2006 says:

Looks quite effective, especially that top right picture.

+1 vote   news: Pillars
J1mmmy Nov 13 2006 says:

perhaps they were working within their limitations as a small company which doesn't have time for fancy animations.
or something like that.

+1 vote   news: Roboblitz released!
J1mmmy Nov 15 2006 says:

amazing, something really unique.

+1 vote   mod: Foreverhood
J1mmmy Nov 10 2006 says:

how about for the thief website?


+1 vote   news: Mod News Roundup #3
J1mmmy Nov 5 2006 says:


it's called an art style foo.


why not youtube your videos rather then make people download them?

i reckon you're justified slamming unoriginal projects, there's too many of them.

+2 votes   news: Dream Casters' Duel Week 10 - Marrish's renders and video!
J1mmmy Oct 2 2006 says:

This mod seems kinda post-modern or something :P

but not really

+1 vote   news: OIFY Mod - 3 Picture media release.
J1mmmy Sep 7 2006 says:

:redface: No no I don't have any problem with the post, I just think this sort of thing could potentially do that.

On another topic:
To Testament, l0d1z and the rest of the Team, do you have permission from the Guilty Gear creators?
Cause there's plenty of precedent for stuff like this getting shut down because of copyright issues. Something you might want to be careful with.

+1 vote   news: Let's Rock !!
J1mmmy Sep 6 2006 says:

My understanding is that the News Auths just accept the news or decline it based on whether or not they feel it meets moddb's standards or not.

I wasn't asserting my opinion, more attempting to explain how people like 3pidemiC could see it as not being worthy. Also people might suggest there's Inappropriate content in the form of the smilies and as one person described the text 'rambling'. Admittedly these are only two of the criteria I posted but the way I read it was 'It could be rejected for any of the following' so a new post had to only fail to meet one of the criteria. I think part of people's problem is that the news posting seems to be somewhat uneven, so one authoriser might allow something to be posted which another would not. Also potentially people might visit moddb and see news posts with bad grammar and spelling and dismiss the site which could remove potential productive members. I don't know how to reconcile this with moddb's community which extends to many people how do not speak English as a first language (and ideally any policy should not cause trouble for them).

I'm not sure what the solution to this is. Perhaps moddb could work on somewhat of a content guide (as many journalistic organisations have) which defines exactly (in more depth then the present criteria) what standard a news post has to be in order to be authorised which could then be used to provide a uniform set of standards which all news posts will meet. This would alleviate problems such as myles on the previous page where he feels discriminated against. I guess this sort of discussion is something for you and the staff to discuss in the private forums, If you and the other staff feel it is a issue at all.

I actual think that the brushwork in the lift is quite effective particularly in the corners of the lift in the top left screenshot and the floor patterns are simple but effective. I'm not familiar with the Guilty Gear games but I would try the modification if it is released. I probably should have said that before to balance out the other post but rash thinking and all that.

I apologise if my previous post seemed unnecessarily negative. :redface:

+1 vote   news: Let's Rock !!
J1mmmy Sep 6 2006 says:


"Only news deemed of a quality standard will be shown on the main page. It could be rejected for any of the following common reasons:

- HTML / Formatting Mistakes
- Spelling Errors
- Large images (over 15k in size)
- Inappropriate content
- Help wanted requests
- Too short
- Too long / too dominating
- 6 images maximum per post (suggested 4 or less)
- Irrelevant news (i.e. we have forums)
- Contains invalid links"


+1 vote   news: Let's Rock !!
J1mmmy Dec 6 2006 says:

i'm scheduling my next deus ex play through for this mod's release.

+1 vote   news: JC Denton - HDTP-ified
J1mmmy Jul 15 2006 says:

Syndicate Black Ops was crazy so it's great to see it's ideas are being expanded on.

+2 votes   news: I think, therefore I exist.
J1mmmy Jul 12 2006 says:

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

I didn't even know there was going to be a sequal to SI. :D

Some of my fav hl mod memories came from it.

+1 vote   news: S&I2 Update - Media Release
J1mmmy Jul 2 2006 says:

Started off great and is only getting better and better.

I remember playing BG with my friends and it was great. When BG2 came round we grabbed it immediately and were so happy to see the BG2 guys had managed to recapture the magic and fun of the original. And with every update it has only got better.

Many, many thanks to the BG2 team.

Ignore the nay-sayers like kat, they're just jealous.


+1 vote   news: Battlegrounds 2 - 0.17 release
J1mmmy Jul 12 2006 says:

Damn Raton beat to saying that. I think it's the combination of the knife and the beret. :D

Looks great.

+1 vote   news: Killing Floor 2.0 Release Date!
J1mmmy Jun 7 2006 says:

Wow, keeps looking better and better :D

+1 vote   news: OpenArena 0.4.1 released
J1mmmy May 8 2006 says:

Thought this project had disappeared.
Really glad you haven't. :D

+1 vote   news: New site and media update
J1mmmy Apr 27 2006 says:

I like the TheHappyFriar's idea of older mods even though many aren't interested in the older ones. Some of the original doom mods are wonderful. And the new ones are great too. Action Doom I'm looking at you.

And giggling at methulah's reference to one of Australia's awesomest movie reviewer combos.

+1 vote   poll: Mod of the Month - a good feature?
J1mmmy Apr 1 2006 says:

red is the new black

+1 vote  
J1mmmy Jan 14 2006 says:

The scenes are pre-rendered which gives the team the potential to put in far more detail than a real time scene.

+1 vote   news: Release date delay, and new screenshots
J1mmmy Jan 13 2006 says:

Looking great!

+1 vote   mod: 2027
J1mmmy Nov 22 2005 says:

Is that joke actually a cleverly disguised playing technique?

Looks great. Now you just have to release it :D

When it is done that is.

+1 vote   news: Iron Grip : The Oppression Updates!
J1mmmy Nov 20 2005 says:

Not quite, I'm waiting till holidays and then I'll continue my experiments with this. I'm fiddling with some new gameplay stuff.

+1 vote   mod: The Equilibrium
J1mmmy Nov 1 2005 says:

Mmmm..... Cannot wait for this to be released.

+1 vote   news: Iron Grip : The Oppression update : Structures!
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