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It has been inspirational and tough in the eyes of an anticipating child. From the mods I followed, many of them are being delayed. I anticipate the release of upcoming mods a lot. My highest hopes are Mental Omega 3.3, YR: New War, Tactius Revolution, Generals Evolution, Project Phantom, AGSA, EASB, Deep Impact, Contra, Generals 2 and so on...

Every passing day some of my emotions have been preoccupied with them, clicking the update page everyday and hoping that they may announce some solid data sooner or later. Seeing how promising these projects may deliver, is like anticipating a triple A rated game with their release date. The content is rich, however it's just that we cannot interact with them the way I wanted. A bittersweet feeling, with everyday passing like winds speaking calm before a storm. It's sweetening to see their progress, but quite bitter if the announcement is not download related. These things are the bright masterpieces that have high hopes waiting to be interacted. From the year 2012-2016, they have stayed underground being in development. Some even went silent without news for a year. However, time and nature are both unpredictable. Nature chooses its target and time shapes and transforms it. Once maybe a simple idea, but being refined with ambitious thoughts and effort, it may become a revolutionary masterpiece for others to admire.

Epic War, Revolution: Forgotten War, Contra, Shockwave, KW Reloaded, Robot Storm, YR Generals mod are the most successful, imbalanced, beautiful and fun masterpieces that have break through the barriers of our gamer's anticipation with blood sweat and tears of the developer(s). They have set standards again and again for the next level of masterpieces to be expected. Whenever you play them, your expectations will be set. These mods are the ones that give us gamers what we wanted from modding community in the first place, and is what DOOM concept is about. Conquering. The commanding aspect comes from the fun of being rewarded in commanding different types of units to surpass again and again the defences of the enemy. This is the core of competency, and is the driving fuel for single player games.

There are potential mods that have been long forgotten of abandoned, Paradox, and YR: Zero Hour. Most other mods are simple modifications that doesn't have the capability to take notice. However, its these small mods that are keeping the community alive. CnCD2K, One Vision, Mashup, Return of Scrin. It's these alpha's or partial conversion mods that are keeping the total conversion masterpieces alive. They also have the potential to be great total conversion mods.

The community is still moving, 2016 isn't a dead year. YR: New War, Mental Omega, Project Phantom and other old school 2D style have gave us promising hopes is the future. Timeless War and Renegade X have even ported into a new engine. Heck, even in the coming week there are around 2 more mods to be released, Dawn of Tiberium Age and Renegade Wars.

Sadness for the cancellation of Command & Conquer F2P aside, and also the dying of C&C franchise, I believe the underground has a stronghold for them. I believe they will strike back... And hard!

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