An anti-social degenerate that loves C&C mods. <3 Passionate modder of Generals Mod 2.95.

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Edit 25/2/2017: I have edited 75/140-150 section of sounds. Why there's a "dash" between 140 and 150? It's because I need to recheck whether the sounds used are fitting to the game, and backtrack a bit whether I have forgot to include some for the units. (Even though I haven't tested it.) I have accumulated a total of... My goodness, over 4500 files and 600MB of them...! And I thought I could finished it in one day. How silly of me. It's no wonder I still can't finish it even with 5 days (laziness excuse, anyone passionate about it could had finish it in 1 day dumbass.) Oh well, I'm back to DotA IMBA gaming for the moment. Plus, university starts 2 days later, so tata for now I guess. :/

P.S. As long as I have not release the mod yet, and I will not upload a new blog until a version of my mod is released. I will be updating my progress in this current blog. It's 12.30 pm here, and I need my manly narcissistic beauty sleep, considering the fact that I haven't slept before 12.30 for one month. I don't like it. (Stop writing blogs and get your freaking body some shleep m8. You're a sucker you know that?)

Edit 18/2/2017: I'm getting lazier and lazier from modding day by day. Doing miscellanous sound files on today. ;) Awaiting Halo Wars 2 release date on 21st February. :D

Edit 16/2/2017: Today is the final day of my exam. If all goes well, I will release the early access tomorrow... And my planning always has shortcomings. :'(

Edit: I managed to get Evolution working. It won't be long before the early access is up after I am done with my exams... (I hope.) :/

Suppose I will release a demo version of Generals Mod 2.95 out around 8-9th of *February, but there are some codes of the game I need to fix and it involves Ares Unit Delivery and AI Targeting logic. Other than that... I AM FACING MY DOOM! My exams are on 15 and 16th of January and I still haven't even studied 15% of those 2 tests combined. (You can tell that I'm under high volumes of anxiety, and the irresponsible attitude I am exhibiting now and it just isn't helping.)

Other than that, what will be my future releases for the mod? When will it be released? It's not April's Fool yet so I won't be announcing the release on December. The mod will be released after learn to use W3DMax for a unit, got the codes working and the AI done. (AI is imbalanced for 2.75 version, even crashes the game.)

That will be... Around March? Well, I really hope I have the time to make it out at least on February. There will be no showcasing of my progress as the parts I am doing now are the coding. Ohh well, till then.

Well other than my mod, here's something that a Malaysian should know of, especially for me since I'm still in my 20's. :D

He's going to be the best... Like no one ever was.

Till then,

IamInnocent signing out~ freaking hell I don't like what I am studying. :(

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