An anti-social degenerate that loves C&C mods. <3 Passionate modder of Generals Mod 2.95.

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Edit 16/3/2017: The mod isn't on hiatus yet, it's going in a slow, so slow that even the demo is 95% finished it require me to finish it at the end of the month. (Hope not, because I need to sacrifice 6-10 hours a day for university, including the stress relieve component of watching Youtube videos. Dee Ecks.) In the meantime, have fun with kenosis's update of EASB Hour v1001. :)

Anyhow the good news for yesterday is that I managed to get the Helix Hind Deploying problem away! (Alternative solution.) :D Now rather than deploying to drop Napalm Bombs, it be get to the direct spot while firing it's main HE guns. (Uses Gattling Cycle logic, thanks Ares.

For the compilation of music for Generals Mod 2.95, I will be using music from Quake 2 & 3, (We need the epicness of electronic metal to come back.) the Command & Conquer franchise and also songs that are available for public or modding usage. I have already set 54 tracks on the compilation, not including the RA1 and RA2 soundtracks yet, but will soon.

Anyhow, here's the list of stuff that I planned to do at the moment.

Archangel fix
Infiltrator and Spy fix
Grinder Tank fix
Avengers fix
Enforcer cameo
Helix Bomb projectile fix
Implant Stolen Tech Units
All loops of sounds being renamed
...Other stuff

P.S. I looked into sakuzyo, Feryquitous and Xi, and the new albums from 2016-2017. <3

Edit 9/3/2017: Good news, I have managed to plan out 75 units for the 5 new Yuri Divisions. :D

That's only the good part. Sad thing now is that I need to arrange the voices, FLH and make new cameos for them... And back to uni work. :/

Updated with the planning of the unit lists. Here's the link: :D

Edit 8/3/2017: Finally managed to get through the horror renaming 540mb of sounds while getting on with my uni life. There's still cameos, MissingName, FLH and Soundtracks to do. However this is not the end. I have been thinking about applying a major change for the mod that, and that is, every sides will have 5 factions, especially Yuri.

China will be added to Soviet's side as the fifth country joining the Soviet Union. It's speciality is Advanced Technological Weaponry, using less guerrilla and more on overwhelming conquer tactics. Unlike all other factions, China has 19 exclusive units as opposed to 15.

Yuri's army are organized into 5 divisions, namely Special Corps Division, Shadow Hand Division, Mastermind Division, Traveler Division, and Deathstrike Divison. From their name and if you are a true C&C fan, you can already guessed what each division do.

Because of this extension of my planning, I will be again releasing a demo of my mod. The demo will be containing America, South Korea, North Korea, Cuba and Yuri faction as I work on the full version of the mod... While trying to get a grip with my university assignments. T_T

Edit 1/3/2017: So, university starts 2 days ago, and the free time left for me to mod takes on a huge discount. Ohh well, so what's the plan for my mod?

1. Scrap the alpha version, I'm not into releasing a demo version of it anymore.

2. Develop a full version of the mod and release it.

3. Update the mod regularly, either changing the mechanics or adding new units.

For the progress and plans for the mod:

- Since I'm going to develop a full version of the mod, I am gonna sacrifice more time on making the cameos for the units.

- There are bugs around the game, and I am still fixing them.

- Making an AI is working on modding Yuri Revenge is not difficult, it's just about the part about planning to give the players rewarding experience while playing against it that matters.

That's all for now. Don't stay tuned~ XD

Edit 26/2/2017: Reduced strength of Premier Apocalypse from 3500 to 2250. Cost reduced from 4000 to 2500. Now requires only Battle Lab and War Factory to build instead of Battle Lab and Industrial Plant. Lowered the firepower and CellSpread for its weapon. Now replaces Apocalypse for North Korea.

Added a new unit, Mogjeog, an upgraded version of the experimental Object 279 used by the USSR. Its experimental armor gives him immune to bullets and many types of heat and radiation, this also gives it additional resistance to cryo, incendiary, chemical and nuclear weaponry. It's weapon is cannon that fires a deadly infused Nuclear Shell at point blank range. Has a long reload time, thus it has an Ammo Pipscale for indication. Cost: 4000, Requires Industrial Plant to build. Due to the set rule of 15 exclusive units per country, this will replace Neutron Mines for North Korea.

Edit 25/2/2017: I have edited 75/140-150 section of sounds. Why there's a "dash" between 140 and 150? It's because I need to recheck whether the sounds used are fitting to the game, and backtrack a bit whether I have forgot to include some for the units. (Even though I haven't tested it.) I have accumulated a total of... My goodness, over 4500 files and 600MB of them...! And I thought I could finished it in one day. How silly of me. It's no wonder I still can't finish it even with 5 days (laziness excuse, anyone passionate about it could had finish it in 1 day dumbass.) Oh well, I'm back to DotA IMBA gaming for the moment. Plus, university starts 2 days later, so tata for now I guess. :/

P.S. As long as I have not release the mod yet, and I will not upload a new blog until a version of my mod is released. I will be updating my progress in this current blog. It's 12.30 pm here, and I need my manly narcissistic beauty sleep, considering the fact that I haven't slept before 12.30 for one month. I don't like it. (Stop writing blogs and get your freaking body some shleep m8. You're a sucker you know that?)

Edit 18/2/2017: I'm getting lazier and lazier from modding day by day. Doing miscellanous sound files on today. ;) Awaiting Halo Wars 2 release date on 21st February. :D

Edit 16/2/2017: Today is the final day of my exam. If all goes well, I will release the early access tomorrow... And my planning always has shortcomings. :'(

Edit: I managed to get Evolution working. It won't be long before the early access is up after I am done with my exams... (I hope.) :/

Suppose I will release a demo version of Generals Mod 2.95 out around 8-9th of *February, but there are some codes of the game I need to fix and it involves Ares Unit Delivery and AI Targeting logic. Other than that... I AM FACING MY DOOM! My exams are on 15 and 16th of January and I still haven't even studied 15% of those 2 tests combined. (You can tell that I'm under high volumes of anxiety, and the irresponsible attitude I am exhibiting now and it just isn't helping.)

Other than that, what will be my future releases for the mod? When will it be released? It's not April's Fool yet so I won't be announcing the release on December. The mod will be released after learn to use W3DMax for a unit, got the codes working and the AI done. (AI is imbalanced for 2.75 version, even crashes the game.)

That will be... Around March? Well, I really hope I have the time to make it out at least on February. There will be no showcasing of my progress as the parts I am doing now are the coding. Ohh well, till then.

Well other than my mod, here's something that a Malaysian should know of, especially for me since I'm still in my 20's. :D

He's going to be the best... Like no one ever was.

Till then,

IamInnocent signing out~ freaking hell I don't like what I am studying. :(

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So, you're carrying the torch of modding Generals Mod for Yuri's Revenge?

You've sparked my curiosity about this. I do hope to see more from this.

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IamInnocent Creator

Yeap, sorry for the late reply. My university semester starts last week, so I might not update as often as I used to. Plus, I'm trying to keep up with my beauty sleep, men needs them too. XD

If you stay here long enough you might find something that may surprise you. :)

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come join

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