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The thing is that I wont have the opportunity to continue modding until 18th January of 2017. So I will be revising on the things I will be putting in my mod. A beta of the mod is expected to come out on 25th January, (excluding fully functional AI and tons of bugs expected to be fixed)while the full version on 28th Jan - 8th Feb. (Bug reports etc) So, have fun while reading. :D

Edit 2: The release is delayed. The Early Access will be out around 26-31st January. :(

Edit 3: Updated the list. Removed Neutron Mines from North Korea. Added Mogjeog, a superheavy tank that launches Destructive Nuclear shells equipped with experimental Nuclear Armor. Infector Tank has been renamed to Banshee. Infector Tank has been moved from Arab to China. Added Rad Syckle to Arab. A Combat Cycle equipped with Rad Cannons to melt the enemy. :o

Edit 4: Switched the places of Mindblaster to Mastermind Division and Magganos Cannon to Deathstrike Division, as it makes more sense. Won't be appearing in the demo... But I'll just let you guys know. :3

Edit 5: Added each and every country/subfaction's flag. Each and every flag were different from their original counterpart in Yuri's Revenge. :D

Edit 6: Changed Corroder Tunguska's name to Medusa, function still remains the same.

Edit 7: Special Corps Division: Removed Gemini Platform. Added an enhanced version of Magnetron, Magnetron-A. Change the name of Mantra Disk to Mantra-B and Magnus Alpha to Magnus-C.

Edit 8: Deathstrike Division: Removed Grinder Rusher. Added a new tank, Armageddon. Acts like RA3 Apocalypse, except it is able to pull enemies while shooting its cannons.

Edit 9: Mastermind Divison: Renamed Advanced Psychic Tower to Brain Tower. Other than mind controlling units, it is able to act as a small radius Psychic Sensor and release Psionic Waves that damages surrounding enemies.

Special Corps Division: Renamed Mantra-B back to Mantra-Disk, basically a plasma magnetic hybrid Floating Disk. Renamed Resonator to Resonator-B. Acts as a intimation to Allied's Disruptor. Unlike it's counterpart, it does not release a sonic blast but continuously dishes out sonic damage exponentially to the time the enemy is exposed to the warhead.

Edit 10: Renamed Brainfreezer to Haze Generator. While Hazemaker's dusts are constructed on damaging components that continuously harms the enemy in the radius, Haze Generator's Haze is constructed as a support structure. The Haze Generator continuously generates Haze around itself. This Haze buffs Allies armor due of the chemicals composed to nullify damage caused inside the concentrated clouds. The Haze also helps covering your own Allies on being Invisible.

Edit 11: Special Corps Division: Changed the name of Mantra Disk to Mantra-D, and Overseeer Bomber to Overseer-E.

Mantra-D - The 4th experimental unit proposed by the Special Corps. Magnetic and Plasma Fusion infused into their Aerial Unit. It's core causes vehicles to be disabled when came close, and from it's core it is able to project a devastative Plasma Warhead that anhilates everything around the radius.

Overseer-E - The 5th experimental unit proposed by the Special Corps. By implementing the concept of the "human bomb" serum from the Travelers with their own technology of their Genetic Mutator, Overseer Bomber was produced. The ammo loaded is a genetical engineered bomb that is able to disperse huge amount of destructive damage towards the enemy, while any infantry that is killed by it turns into Brutes.

Edit 12: Updated the flags. :D

Edit 13: Mastermind Division: Dream Eater renamed to Avatar. A huge tank that draws chakra from other sources, ultimating ruining their life at the end.

Shadow Hand Division: Void Dweller renamed to Devil's Tongue, for familiarizations and also limitation of resource usage. :p Other than generating flames and travelling subterranean, the tank is invisible and when attacking, releases dark pulses around it that damages nearby units.

Edit 14: Britain: Removed Prism Lighter. Added another unit, Cryolancer, which fires a lance of concentrated Cryo Warheads on an enemy. Affected enemy would Immediately become "Frozen" among impact, which harshly reduces their armor, disarms and immobilizes them. This effect does not last long, and dimishes overtime. The effect is penaltized to 20% of the efficiency when used on buildings.

Edit 15: Russia: Fortified Tesla Tank renamed to Armored Tesla Tank.

China: Renamed Mig Corridor to MiG Lyudmila. An Iron Curtain H-Bomb hybrid Bomber.

Changed Stratosphere's function from a continuous damage dealer to an aerial-to-ground Iron Curtain supporter.

Edit 16: Added Main Battle Tanks and Main Infantry for each faction, my inner child will suffer if I kept on making cameos. :(

Changed the name of Laser G.I. to Railgun G.I., as Laser G.I. is the new main Infantry for British.

Changed the name of Nuke Conscript to Blaster Conscript, as Nuke Conscript is the new main Infantry for NK.

Edit 17: British - Renamed Nova Tank to Guardian Tank, while renaming Guardian Laser Tank to Nova Laser Tank. (Names just doesn't sound right as if the Main Battle Tank sounds cooler than another tank with a higher tech tree.)

Edit 18: America - Renamed Marine G.I. to Ranger G.I., makes more sense plus pics I preferred were more related to Ranger than Marine. I did a bit of research and found out Rangers makes more sense for what I intended for the unit.

Nova Laser Tank - Fires a continuous beam of lasers, well rounded against all targets.

Edit 19 - Allied - Moved Gap Generator to become available to all Allied countries, changed it's function to the same as before. Also increases nearby's base defences armor by 20%. :] (Should I reworked it for France? Maybe, to be or not to be isn't helpful on this.) :p

British - Removed Gap Generator as it has become free-for-all. Edited Railgun G.I. and renamed it to Zone Trooper. Now requires a Tech Centre.

Added Zone Raider in substitution for Gap Generator. >:) Say hello to both Zone Operators ya lads~! :D

Zone Trooper: Equipped with tough armor and a mid range Pulse Rifle, (totally not stealing idea from a Blizzard FPS game,) that fires armor piercing railgun shells that are effective against armor.

Zone Raider: Fires Concussion Grenades that are effective against Infantry and structures. Concussion Grenades releases EMP that jams nearby vehicles and structures.

Edit 20: Main Infantry renamed to Basic Infantry. Edited several descriptions of MBT and basic infantry.

Edit 21: Iraq - Renamed KV-1 to Cobra Tank.

Russia - Renamed T-10 to Hammer Tank.

Edit 22: France - Removed Stealth Defender. Added Siegfried Gap Generator which has larger radius of effect and provides 50% of armor instead of 20%. It also cloaks nearby base defences as well as providing a Cloaking and armor up AOE Buff Superweapon. In return, has a build limit of one.

Firehawk Bomber's function is originally the same as MOAB Eagle known in Generals Mod 2.5. This however, is subject to change in order to fill in Stealth Defender's role, which acts as a support debuffer or healer, haven't decide yet. A part of me wish this unit will still be kept in the mod, poor fellow. :(

Author's note: On one hand, I have the urge to implement an advanced version of Gap Generator into France as it is more fulfilling to the purpose of creating the subfaction, but on the other hand I don't know any place where I can expand this without removing the 15 exclusive unit per subfaction (except China, because they arent bound to this rule. Why? Because this is what I want for the mod... That does sound a bit asshole-ish... :/ Well, if there's nothing else then let's get back to the main topic,) so, feeling reluctant, the tradition of MOAB Eagle might not be preserved, and I don't like doing this as I want to keep the tradition. I will think of something, just posted here if I didn't think of anything that could save this tradition. XD

Edit 23: Traveler Division - Droid renamed to Gull, as the Infantry isn't a robot. :v Edited its description to fit into a better form of grammar.

Edit 24: France - Firehawk Bomber renamed to Whitehawk Watcher, changed its function, now different from MOAB Eagle.

Whitehawk Watcher - A bit different from MOAB Eagle, as it is the prototype of Aurora Bomber. Like its decendant, its warhead has predelay before it detonates. Unlike its decendant however, Whitehawk is more fragile and does not have Supersonic tech which nullifies damage.

Edit 25: France - Whitehawk Watcher renamed to Whitehawk Harbinger... Rule Of Cool.

Edit 26: Cuba - Grad is changed to Strok, missiles are changed so that it is unable to target on ground units. Has an Incendiary enhanced Machine Gun to make up for this.

Edit 27: Traveler Division - Hero Unit changed from Masxyhur to Mothership.

Mastermind Division - Hero Unit changed from Phantasmagoria to Yuriko.

Deathstrike Division - Hero Unit changed from Mothership to Executioner.

Edit 28: South Korea - Templar corrected to Templer. Typo from the name given by the author of the Public Voxel. :/

Edit 29: South Korea - Changed Templer MBT's function. Removed higher ROF and revert back to passenger seats to 2 instead of 3. In order to make up for this, Templer now gains a Designator painter, which marks the target after a while. Designated targets receive 25% more damage from other sources.

Germany - Changed Predator Tank's function. Removed higher ROF. Now mounted with 2 rocket pods. Rockets are equipped with Heat Seeking function, aiding more firepower against Tanks and act as a countermeasure against Aircraft.

Edit 30: Not a change in text but a note: Templer MBT has only 1 open-topped passenger slot instead of 2, the same goes for other MBTs, as Generals Mod 2.5 originally has 1 slot instead of 2.

Edit 31: Shadow Hand Division - Renamed Shiftstrike to Vultur Fighter.

Mastermind Division - Changed Geomancer's function from a Kinetic Tank into a full-pledged Psychic Tank that is invisible, fires Psionic EM blasts and unleashes Psychic blast waves. It is very weak however. (To-be-changed.)

Edit 32: Traveler Division - Added 'Artillery' behind Devourer's name, functions at highlighting it's role. :)

Mastermind Division - Geomancer: Removed Stealth ability, but gains immunity to EMP.

Edit 33: Germany - Renamed Phalanx Hover MLRS to Iron Lotus. Now fires up to a barrage of 16 rockets, these rockets uses an advanced heat seeking technology that increases the rocket's accuracy and deals more damage towards infantries and air units, adding the enhanced explosive warhead that chews off more armor! It doesn't end here, the recreation of the hover engine hybrid also grants bonus armor and allows the mounted platform to travel across land and sea with great speeds. The only downside being losing some of the range capability to the vanilla MLRS.

Edit 34: South Korea - Removed Enforcer GI (Invisible projectile Guardian GI.) Sidewinder GI now substitutes the place for Enforcer GI. Cost reduced to $500. Damage output is lowered. Able to deployed to switch weapons like Guardian GI. Primary missiles no longer targets air units and sends shrapnels upon impact, but acts like a cluster missile and bursts in mid-air, splitting it's warhead upon 3x3 cell range. When deployed, the weapon acts like the default version, sending heat seeking missiles that breaks into shrapnels with the same warhead upon impact. Shrapnel count Shrapnel range reduced from 12 to 3. Shrapnel count reduced from 3 to 2. Has a longer reload time than Guardian GI. Added a new unit, Javelin Soldier, in substitute the place for Sidewinder GI. Cost $1500. The unit is armed with a H.P.A.M. (High Powered Autonomous Missile) Launcher that is well rounded against all enemies. When the missile reaches mid-air, it detonates and splits into a maximum of 6 clusters that tracks nearby enemies within a 4x4 cell range, and detonates a deadly warhead upon impact. Due to the nature of the missiles, the weapon is, if not, more deadlier when used against air units. When breaking in clusters, the clusters also search for nearby air targets to slam through and blast them into smithereens.

Germany - Iron Lotus renamed to Lotus Hover MLRS.

China - Hammer Cannon renamed to Iron Hammer. Iron Dragon renamed to Ironhead artillery.

Deathstrike Division - Scourger Trike corrected to Scourge Trike. Typo... :v

(Respective functions still remains the same.)

Edit 35: Renamed the subfactions according to the newer version mentioned in the blog. Traveler Division changed to Traveler Dominion.

USA - Advanced SAM Site renamed to Advanced Patriot Missile. SEAL renamed to Ghost. (Already mentioned in my blog.) Function remains the same.

Edit 36: Soviet Union renamed to Russia or Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic (RSFSR)... I read the page on Mental Omega wiki. :/

Latin Confederation renamed to Latin Federation. Reverted

Edit 37: United Kingdom renamed to Confederate Britain.

Added new flags for WUDO, GDI, Confederate Britain, & Latin Confederation.

Edit 38: Added new flags for China, Phantom Prominence, & GLA.

Edit 39: Western Union - Behemoth Bombardment Artillery renamed to Behemoth. Function changed from a concentrated artillery for bombardment to a slow moving fortress armed with a mega plasma cannon that requires time to charge up. However, it is noted that Behemoth has a low turn rate, making it vulnerable from getting harassed from fast vehicles. To prevent from being fully exposed to ambushes, Behemoth is armed with EMP missiles to disable nearby vehicles.

Psychic Legion - Removed Psychic Sensor and made it available to all of Yuri's subfaction. Added a new defensive structure, Decimator Tower. When enemies are nearby, it charges, readying a blast projectile on the targeted area. Upon finish charging, it unleashes a slow but large orb projectile, decimating the area when detonated. Strong versus everything.

Global Liberation Army - Armageddon removed. Added Deathbringer, a heavy tank that has dual cannons aimed at taking out tanks surrounding it. The ability of it's penetration comes from its custom barrel that were able to load massive shells customized to maximize the penetrative ability, leaving huge holes towards anything that comes close to its turret. However, the tank sacrifices damage for range, as due to the nature of the shells, the devastative firepower of the tank are lost at long ranges, leaving Deathbringer the role of close killer. In aiding it's short range, it is armed with a strong magnetic projector that draws in, levitates and disarms vehicles, bringing it close to the massive tank before shredding them into pieces. Although the magnetic beam proves useful to its aid, it does not affect epic units such as Behemoth, Ultimatum or Zeus.

In making up for it's weakness, Deathbringer is armed with a strong magnetic projector that draws in, levitates and disarms vehicles, bringing it close to the massive tank before shredding them into pieces. Although the magnetic beam proves useful to its aid, it does not affect epic units such as Behemoth, Ultimatum or Zeus.

Edit 40: Added brief information on strategy for the Allied subfactions. (My grammar mistakes, sorry, but please bear with it.)

Confederate Britain - Mirage Turret removed, added Spectrum Tower, a small Cloak Generator that is able to strike with S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M warheads, which appears invisible to the enemy eye. The same warheads which is used by Mirage Tank MK II.

Edit 41: Confederate Britain - Athena Cannon moved to higher tier because it has a prerequisite of Orbital Cannon Uplink. Cryolancer moved down as of indicating its lower tier.

Edit 42: Added brief descriptions on strategy for the Soviet subfactions.

Edit 43: Added brief descriptions on strategy for the Phantom Prominence, Shadow Hand Operatives & Traveler Dominion.

Traveler Dominion - Change from Alien Division to Extraterrestrial Division.

Edit 44: Added the remaining brief descriptions on strategy for the remaining Yuri subfactions.

Edit 45: Edited Global Liberation Army's brief descriptions on strategy, and fixed Phantom Prominence's.

usai3 United States (USA) - Air Superiority

United States places emphasis on air domination, with its strategical focus on air engagement and precision strikes. The United States emphases its experimental research facility on advanced jammer systems, which operates to disable enemy weapon systems. These along with Spec Ops division, which produces highly specialized soldiers occupying both in ground and in air, makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Their special unit, Hellhound, is an experimental chopper that is coated with reactive armor and armed with multiple devastative rocket pods and a destructive machine gun. With its rockets blasting enemy units or aircrafts and the machine gun tearing away multiple infantries, any units that dares to come across Hellhound will quickly meet their doom. As if these are not enough, Hellhound is also armed with a special jammer missile which disables weapons of affected units in an area for a certain amount of time, being it friend or foe.

Main Battle Tank: abraicon5 Abrams Tank, armed with a light machine guns against Infantry. Fires F.R.E.E.D.O.M. rounds that creates the illusion of higher damage output due to it's aesthetical explosions. (Note: Rule Of Cool)

Basic Infantry: rngiicon Ranger G.I., uses an advanced version of pump action shotgun, rekts through even the thoughest bulletproof vest. Able to fire it's deployed AP Machine gun against air units. (Note: Rule Of Cool).

Advanced Patriot Missile


Sky Enforcer


Air Drone




Advanced Stealth Fighter

Apollo Fighter

Blackhawk Launcher

B2 Spirit

Spectre Gunship

Nimitz Carrier


japi3 South Korea - Infantry Superiority

South Korea places emphasis on infantry, which aims to improve infantry weaponry and increase all units capability on infantry support. Their research focuses on infantry welfare and efficiency, which aims to improve all aspects that a normal infantry has, giving them opportunity to stand against tanks and aircraft with a more successful outcome.

Their special unit, Ziona, is armed with a custom sniper rifle and a jetpack, enabling her to be both airborne and take down enemy units in longer ranges. Her specialized sniper rifle fires special plasma rounds and is optimized for full auto, making her a dangerous foe to any units that came into her territory. With the advanced technology enhancements from the equipment provided, Ziona is able to take out the power lines of a structure with her weapon, disabling it for a short period of time.

Main Battle Tank: tempicon3 Templer, faster movement speed, lower damage. Equipped with a Designator Painter which marks the target after a while. Marked targets received 25% more damage from other sources.

Basic Infantry: sogiicon Spec Ops G.I., uses flashbang HE fusion grenades to slow, blind and damage Infantries and Tanks. The grenades are also able to clear garrison. Primary Shotgun weapon unable to target structures. Has a Tactical Shield to boost 50% of defense, but moves at a slower pace. Unable to deploy.

Propaganda Tower

Fortified Pillbox

Fortified Battle Bunker

Enforcer GI

Sidewinder GI

Mortar GI


Javelin Soldier

Delta GI



Advanced Chrono Legionnaire

Korean Battle Fortress

Nighthawk Fortress



wudoflag Western Union (WUDO) - Defences Superiority

Western Union Defense Organization or WUDO places emphasis on strengthening their choices on base defences, creating more advanced options of defending their base. Their technology facility further branches into artillery support, emphasizing on taking out units which came to strike from longer ranges and taking out enemies without engaging in direct combat.

Their special unit, Behemoth, is a giant artillery tank that is mounted with a large plasma cannon, given the enough time to charge up its weapon, Behemoth is able to take out large number of units from the targeted area. Due to the size of the tank, it moves at a very slow pace, even requiring acceleration for before reaching its optimal speed. This makes it vulnerable from getting ambushed, thus a countermeasure is added to prevent harassment of the unit. The top of the barrel is mounted with EMP rocket pods, disabling enemies who dare to come near to it, allowing the follow up from nearby units to take out the ambushers. As of this, the tank is dubbed as Western Union's ideals of a "moving base defence".

Main Battle Tank: crusicon2 Crusader Tank, longer range but slower ROF, warhead has a larger Cellspread.

Basic Infantry: rgiicon 1 Rifleman G.I., Longer Range, slower ROF. Unable to deploy.

Fusion Reactor

Advanced Grand Cannon

EMP Patriot Upgrade

Nuke Patriot Upgrade

Aegis Tomahawk Site

Pulse Cannon

Siegfried Gap Generator

H-Bomb Silo

Grabbite Anti-Armor Missile Launcher

Aegis Avenger


Gauss Robo Tank

Lockdown MLRS

Stealth Defender

Whitehawk Harbinger


gdif GDI (Germany Division Insurgency) - Armor Superiority

Germany Division Insurgency, or GDI for short, places emphasis on dominating the battlefield with advanced tanks. Their technological development further implements advanced features into heavy tanks, giving them enhanced weaponry and features, dominating their roles in terms of quality over quantity.

Their special unit, Ultimatum, is the prototype of the ultimate design for Mammoth tank, mounted with 2 large railguns on its turret. The unit isn't just show and tell, being GDI's perfective design, Ultimatum is a massive tank that its sole role is ground domination. Ultimatum proves to be able to sustain massive amounts of damage while delivering killing blows with its huge railguns that contains pulse blast warheads. Howeve, being its authentic nature of perfection in ground domination, it has no countermeasures against air units, therefore it still requires anti-air support for a perfect domination in the battlefield.

Main Battle Tank: predicon2 Predator Tank, higher firepower, harder armor. Mounted with 2 rocket pods that fires Heat Seeking Missiles. This adds more firepower against Tanks and acts as a countermeasure against Air units.

Basic Infantry: dfgiicon Defender G.I., higher firepower when deployed. Suitable to enter into garrisonable structures and open-topped vehicles.

Paladin Tank

Gustav Howitzer

LOSAT Robo Tank



Phalanx Hover MLRS

Lotus Hover MLRS

Juggernaut Artillery

Rail Tank




Bismack MK.II

Anti-Tank Mines

Nanite Control Center

Ultimatum Tank

united kingdom federation Confederate Britain - Laser & Light Superiority

Credits: AlternateFlags

Confederate Britain focuses on laser and light-bending technology which aims to deliver quick blows with quick efficiency. Their advanced technological development of lasers furthers their units with enhanced capabilities of delivering quick precision blows to their enemies. Their light-bending technology advances their units with more advanced laser warheads and stealth, enabling them to strike enemies from their blind spot.

Their special unit, Zeus, is an experimental unit that sacrifices its strength for stealth, power and manoeuvre. Zeus is mounted with a devastative railgun turret, when fully charged, it releases a powerful blast that burns through infantry and anything caught in it. Its design is focused on devastative harassment, as it is a stealth vehicle with a long firing range, classifying him as a heavy artillery with a hit-n-run role. Zeus is also immune to any decloaking weapons, as any sources other than firing its weapon cannot decloak Zeus, due to the properties of its core, although any unit with sensors may still able to detect its presence. Due to its lower pool of strength, it is vulnerable from getting destroyed by ambushes once detected.

Main Battle Tank: guaticon Guardian Tank, uses light railgun technology, slower ROF, deals penetrating damage.

Basic infantry: lsgiicon6 Laser G.I., uses Laser Rifle, higher damage output on Infantry. Deployed state uses light Railgun Rifle which is much effective against armor and less on Infantry.

Zone Trooper

Zone Raider

Concentrated Legionnaire

Nova Laser Tank

Prism Lighter

Prism Avenger

Laser Robo Tank


Mirage Tank MK.II

Prism Tank MK.II

Athena Cannon

Laser Comanche

Laser Stealth Fighter

Gap Generator

Mirage Turret

Advanced Prism Tower

Spectrum Tower


djbi2 North Korea - Nuclear Weaponry

North Korea uses powerful Nuclear Weaponry at it's disposal, emphasizing merciless combat against anyone they are up against. When further advancing their arsenal with nuclear weaponry, their units are able to rain down blasts of explosions via continuous nuking. Their experimental research development earns them neutron warheads, which kills any infantry and those inside of tanks that are caught by its explosion, leaving only a hollow shell which can be operated by any infantry.

Main Battle Tank: demticon Demolisher Tank, fires HE Nuke Rounds, effective against all targets, being group or individual. All comes with a price, longer reload time.

Basic Infantry: nconicon Nuke Conscript, Conscript equipped with Nuclear Arsenal, fires nuclear bullets, more effective against armor, explodes on death.

Blaster Conscript

Nuclear Desolator


Premier Apocalypse

Mobile Nuclear Cannon

Death Hand


Nuclear Akula

Nuke Kirov

Soviet Nuclear Bomber

Nuclear Reactor

Depleted Uranium Upgrade

Neutron Mines

Mega Nuke Cannon

Advanced Nuclear Missile

Terrorist Omega

arbi2 Arab Republic - Chemical Weaponry

Arab Republic uses experimental Chemical Weaponry at it's disposal, their warheads are equipped with deadly anthrax, earning them quick control with chaos over the battlefield. Furthering into a more experimental division, toxin beams were used to melt down the enemy infantry and armor with reliable engagement and precision, chemical warheads were further developed to unleash more lethal toxins that consumes anyone that comes near to it.

Main Battle Tank: cobricon5 Cobra Tank, Fires bio shells that releases Toxins upon detonation, though not as effective as other conventional warheads, KV-1 does have harder armor, and their warheads degrades other hard metal. Quantity > Quality.

Basic Infantry: biocicon Bio Conscript, Conscript equipped with acid Spray and Bio grenades, easily rips Infantry by release using acid spray. Bio grenades also soften Vehicle armor for other tanks to tear through.

Rad Sniper

Toxin Tank

Rad Scykle

Corrupter Terror Drone

Medusa Corroder

Ravager Irradiator Platform

Green MLRS


Toxin Chopper

Soviet Toxin Bomber

Toxin Depleter Upgrade

Toxin Cannon

Toxin Burst Upgrade

Advanced Toxin Tank

Green Desolator

latin flag Latin Confederation - Incendiary Weaponry

Latin Confederation uses high explosive Incendiary Weaponry at it's disposal, developing their arsenal with relentless explosives that aims for sabotaging their enemy. When advancing their incendiary arsenal into heavy armor and artillery division, their explosive enhanced warheads provides greater damage radius, giving them the advantage of destroying infantry, structures and aircraft with ease.

Main Battle Tank: rtnkicon Rhino Tank, fires Incendiary rounds, well-rounded tank effective against both infantry and armor. (Unable to target aircrafts however, obviously.)

Basic Infantry: fconicon2 Flame Conscript, Conscript equipped with a Flammenwerfer, much more effective against groups of Infantry and structures, while sacrificing it's effectiveness against Tanks.

Molotov Trooper

Firestorm Desolator

Advanced Dragon Tank

Heat Terror Drone

Inferno Cannon




TOS-1 Buratino

Tsar Tank

Helix Hind

Inferno MIG Bomber

Soviet Firestorm Bomber

Firestorm Upgrade

Flame Mines

Black Hand

rusi2 Russia (RSFSR) - Tesla Weaponry

Russia uses highly advanced Tesla Weaponry at it's disposal, upgrading their warheads with deadly Tesla warheads that channels both destructive and unstable power into their arsenal. Further research of Tesla's technology upgrades their warheads to work with other elements, providing a new experimental Tesla infused technology, giving them an edge over the battlefield with a versatile displacement of units.

Main Battle Tank: hamticon Hammer Tank, Heavy Tank that the Motherland has the best to offer. Has Reactive armor which resists other sources of damage. Fires Tesla Surge Shells which deals more damage to Vehicles and jams them briefly.

Basic Infantry: tconicon Tesla Conscript, Conscript equipped with Tesla Grenades, able to jam Vehicles and buildings, deals more damage to infantries and tanks with their Tesla enhanced bullets.

Devil Tesla Trooper

Tesla Desolator

Tesla Terror Drone

Tesla Artillery

Armored Tesla Tank


Tesla SCUD

Dragon Storm Tank

Emperor Tesla Tank

Soviet Pulse Bomber

Advanced Tesla Reactor

Devil Tesla Tower

Tesla SAM Site

Giant Tesla Tower

Tesla Commando

china flag China - Irontech & EMP Weaponry

China uses Iron technology armory and EMP Weaponry at it's disposal, their strategy consists of defensive deployment and disabling warheads to take out their opponents slowly but with assurance. Further development on both sides of technology gives them further options for heavier arsenal deployment and a more versatile option on ensuring victory with advanced disabling weaponry.

Main Battle Tank: bmasicon2 Railgun Battlemaster, WTF.

Basic Infantry: rconicon2 Red Conscript, able to deploy to apply Propaganda and boost other Infantries to temporarily increase their durability, speed and firepower. *Stackable, *ahem.

Advanced Tech Centre

Iron Hammer

Tank Hunter

Red Guard Officer

Iron Desolator


EMP Bomber

Mig Lyudmila

Protector Stratosphere

Tarantula Terror Drone

Twin Flame Pyro Tank

Gate Six Gattling Tank


Luna Launcher

Lightning Tesla Tank

Overlord Tank

Ironhead Artillery

M.A.D. Tank

Black Lotus

phantom prominence flag Phantom Prominence - Special Technology Division

Phantom Prominence develops unconventional units that uses advanced technological weaponry to strike down their foes efficiently with aggressive tactical warfare. Going further into their experimental research facility, they created units that operates with advanced Magnetic technology, chaos and mutation warheads, turning their tides with manipulating locomotors, destroying stationary structures and turning enemies against themselves.

Credits: CaspianMortis

Main Battle Tank: insgicon Insurger, fires penetrating lasers like 2 other main battle tanks do. (I swear these are all coincidental from the clashing public of resources with my ideas.)

Basic Infantry: btrpicon2 Blight Trooper, borrows technology from British and fuses it with Inititate's concept to gain a concentrated rifle that fires concentrated of burning light into the enemy. Deals damage over time, has a longer range than most of the basic Infantry.

Beam Cannon

Risen Inferno Upgrade

Risen Inferno Gattling Tank



Virus Mutator



Gemini Platform

Quake Tank



Chaos Bomber


Berserk Mines


shdi3 Shadow Hand (Shadow Hand Operatives) - Stealth & Rocketry Division

Shadow Hand Operatives develops advanced stealth technology and rocket science to instill uncertainty and dispose enemies quickly from the unseen. Going into an advanced stage of their technology, robotics and concentrated haze are involved in their arsenal to overwhelm their enemies and control the tide of the battlefield with sheer numbers. Heavy armor and stealth hybrid units were established to instill terror on the battlefield.

Main Battle Tank: scoricon Scorpion Tank, other than the main gun with longer range, also mounted with a rocket platform.

Basic Infantry: fanaicon Fanatic, armed with a deadly shotgun while equipped with a Stealth device and Haze grenades. Haze Grenades help reducing enemy firepower and movement speed as it clouds their vision. Lower firing range, but does not decloak when firing.

Stealth SAM Site

Advanced Stealth Cannon

Haze Generator

Rocket Trooper

Shadow Hand

Scarab Tank


Stealth Tank


Devil's Tongue


Recon Eye

Vultur Fighter

Vertigo Bomber


trvi3 Traveler Dominion - Extraterrestrial Division

Traveler Dominion are the division of extraterrestrials that lend their forces to Yuri's command. Their strategical approach focuses on erratic deployment with their diverse range of armory. Furthering their hybrid research facility unlocks phaseshifting alien technology for more unpredictable tactics and powerful air armada at their disposal.

Main Battle Tank: lshricon2 Lasher Tank, back with a vengeance, now enhanced with Alien technology that fires plasma rounds.

Basic Infantry: gullicon2 Gull,the frontline infantry forces of extraterrestrials. Armed with plasma cannons that bursts down enemies with relative ease, longer ROF than other basic Infantries.


Hall of Faith







Devourer Artillery

Reaper Tripod


Annihilator Warship

Zybolt Defender

Planetary Carrier



mndi3 Psychic Legion - Psychic Division

Psychic Legion develops advanced psionic weaponry which envelopes powerful units at their disposal. Furthering into their advanced technological development, psionics were not only useful in providing long range strike advantage, but also used in supportive technology for enhancing their durability. Their advanced psionic additions implement mind control capabilities on both the sea and air, giving them full control of the situation regardless of their locomotion.

Main Battle Tank: psyticon2 Psycho Tank, fires Psionic blasts against its enemy. Effective against armor and reduce enemies their movement speed.

Basic Infantry: initicon3 Initiate, induces concentrated heat energy via Psionic conduct. Very effective against enemy Infantry. Stealth when not engaging in combat.

Brain Tower

Psychic Sensor

Decimator Tower

Advanced Psychic Dominator

Psionic Shadower

Elite Clone






Brain Station

Psionic Bomber


Aqua Mind



gla flag GLA (Global Liberation Army) - Deathstrike Division

Global Liberation Army develops destructive and salvaged armory to engage their enemies ruthlessly. On synchronizing more advanced technology with their brutal weaponry, they formed area of effect warheads for mass destruction and units with high efficiency for take-down and hit-n-run purposes for spearing their opponents into a corner, leaving no ground for them to fight back.

Main Battle Tank: mrauicon Marauder, a double barreled tank tuned for destruction. Has heavier armor than most of the tanks, but trades it for speed and the function of a turret.

Basic Infantry: miliicon Militia, armed with a rifle that functions as a semi-machine gun with AP rounds, making it piercing through armor more effectively.

Viper Trooper


Confessor Cabal

Scourge Wasp

Scourge Trike

Deathstrike Reaper Upgrade

Deathstrike Gattling Tank

Leviathan Sub

Gehenna Hellcarrier

Grim Reaper

Magganos Cannon

DOOM Launcher



Grinder Rusher

DOOM Mines



OverPowered Units: (I don't have the motivation to implant this function into Generals Mod yet.) :(

United States (USA) - Air Superiority

Alpha Gyrocopter

Alpha Cryocopter

Alpha B2 Spirit

Alpha Specter


South Korea - Infantry Superiority (Shooting Nightmare Warheads which causes berserk and lower firepower.)

Nightmare Fortress

Nightmare Stalker

Nightmare GI

Nightmare Trooper

Nightmare Bunker

Western Union (WUDO) - Base Defences Superiority

Blue MOAB Bertha

Blue MOAB Silo

NASA Space Mercury Ion Uplink

Blue MOAB Eagle


GDI (Germany Division Insurgency) - Armor Superiority

Disruptor Shatterer

Pulsar Rail

Tomahawk Phalanx

Quasar Salamander

Aegis Bismack Destroyer Carrier MK.V


United Kingdom - Laser & Light Superiority

Prism Avenger MK.X

Prism Tank MK.X

Mirage Tank MK.X

Athena Cannon MK.X

Concentrated Legionnaire MK.X

North Korea - Nuclear Weaponry

Mega Nuke Tunguska

Mega Nuke Conscript

Mega Nuke Premier Apocalypse

Mega Nuke Kirov

Mobile Mega Nuke Cannon

Arab Republic - Chemical Weaponry

Death Toxin Tank

Death Desolator

Death Toxin Bomber

Death Terrorist


Latin Confederation - Incendiary Weaponry

Exile Conscript

Exile Missile Trooper

Exile Rhino Tank

Exile Dragon Tank

Exile Buratino

Soviet Union (USSR) - Tesla Weaponry

Monsoon Apocalypse

Monsoon SCUD Launcher

Monsoon Tesla Tower

Monsoon Tesla Trooper

Monsoon Tesla Tank

Yuri - Special & Stealth Technology









Triton Rex


Stolen Tech:


A - Aurora Bomber
S - Talon Iron Titan
Y - Thor Ion Platform


A - Dragunov Dreadnought Destroyer
S - Kamkrat Ster Gun
Y - Shistav Stealth Tank


A - Chrono Prison
S - Kamos Antimatter Cannon
Y - 'Fallen' Vexorator Disk


Impressive. Hopefully, more will be seen in due time.

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IamInnocent Author

Just updated. Neighehehehh

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IamInnocent Author

Thanks for your encouragement btw. :D

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You're welcome, and good luck.

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Too many crazy units here also nice subfactions info

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IamInnocent Author

Crazy, just like Generals Mod 2.5 itself! >:D

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IamInnocent Author

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? :D

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Here's to hoping to see more Screenshots of Gameplay as well as In-Game Footage one day. It seems there's going to be a lot more to add in the near future. All in all, it looks promising to some degree.

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IamInnocent Author

Thank you for the review, but as of now, I'm currently helping on developing DotA IMBA. There might be no news until late of November, depends on where my semester has it's free time.

I really thank you for continuing on supporting the mod. :) Today, Ares 0.E has been released, and I already have a few ideas in mind of what I will be implementing.

One of these is a more versatile IFV. >:)

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how download bro ??????

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IamInnocent Author

Not yet release bro, it's on hiatus :/

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I've been liking what I've seen here, mostly. It's certainly getting into that unique and more experimental side of things, as far as the naming goes with units and the Sub-Faction names. Hopefully in the future, you'll upload a video Showcase or more pictures when it's in a Feasible state to show more off.

As far as the Gap Generator goes, I'd say rework it for France to bolster the Armor of Base Defenses, since France is quite defense orientated.

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IamInnocent Author

Sorry for the 3 month late reply. I have just finished the last assignment for my university courses yesterday. :)

Regarding Western Union's Gap Generator, it will do such a thing as you stated, and it will cloak nearby structures and units as well, as that's what I had in mind in the first place. It will also have Mental Omega 'consume-more-power-for-more-efficiency-tradeoff' kind of function, increasing the gap and cloaking radius in exchange for more power consumption. However, the downside of it being having a BuildLimit of 1.

Regarding updates on the mod, the mod is currently on hiatus. So there won't be any updates or showcase maybe in near future, sadly. :(

Bad news aside, I'm currently doing a personal mod of a mod on Zero Hour. It won't be public since a lot of assets were taken from other mods as I don't know the boundaries of modding Zero Hour. Plus, those ideas were also blatantly taken from other mods, along with the codes, if I were to confess more honestly. However, I'm not planning for my personal mod to remain with assets taken from other mod. If the mod of the mod comes clean, you may hear some news about it. ;) For starters though, I'll tell you that what I'm doing isn't related to this mod. :p

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It's okay, I won't be around in the future for things regarding RA2 mods anytime soon, or ever again.

It's a shame that your mod is on another hiatus.

I do wish you the best of luck, and I'll look forward to the day of being able to play the Successor of Generals Mod 2.5, whenever this gets a public release.

As far as your Zero Hour mod, I wish you good luck to that as well.

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IamInnocent Author

You really are more eager to have the mod finished than I do, I can tell you that. As for how the mod will go, I would say the design is 95% complete, however the tools and materials plus the coding are around 50% of completion, majority of the unfinished work were that of the cameo making and the guilt trip I have to experience to decide whether or not a material comes up from google images used for the cameo would be eligible. This would the most challenging part for making the mod, plus the university workload that drains my motivation for working on the mod that has limited room for new inspiration to the faction design. This is the major reason why I switched to modding another YR mod and now to Zero Hour.

I have some good news for the mod though. The chinese community have provided more public assets which I could use for the mod, you could check them out at PPM or ra2diy if you would like to dig in. Other than that, Project Phantom and Red Resurrection has been carrying the torch of RA2 modding, along with the rumor of MO2.0 remaster.

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this mod is ... dead?

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