Nothing interesting to say really :D Massive fan of Command & Conquer (except number 4 in the Tiberium saga), especially the amazing mods available for C&C 3 TW which make it feel the way the game was meant to be in the first place! Also a massive fan of Sonic & Pokemon!

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10 Review

Mod Review on Jul 23rd, 2013

No review provided

Pokémon: Generations
9 Review

Game Review on Jun 30th, 2013

This game has HUGE potential! The most popular RPG game brought to life in an interactive and lush 3-D environment. This is the way players have been dreaming of playing Pokemon since the very beginning and now it will finally become reality! This game is still in it's early phases, so there is still a lot of work to be done but there is no cause for concern as it is in very capable hands.

Red Alert 3: Shock Therapy
10 Review

Mod Review on Apr 28th, 2013

So far out of all of the mods for RA3 I have played, Shock Therapy is the one that best implements the Uprising units as well as the campaign exclusives. There are even some Uprising maps in here to which is very nice. The game itself is so much more balanced which I found quite surprising considering all of the add-ons. I also found that the smaller models made everything look a bit better as I thought everything was a bit too big in EA's version. Fantastic mod that provides months worth 9maybe even years worth) of enjoyment. The addition of a Chrono Tank was also very nice!

Tiberian Apocalypse
10 Review

Mod Review on Apr 21st, 2013

This is a very well structured mod that combines the old CnC that everyone loves with the new one to create the perfect combination. The only thing missing is new stuff for the Scrin but since that is confirmed to be on its way it gives us all (me in particular as I absolutely love the Scrin) something(s) to look forward to! Brilliant work Sarge, keep it up:)

C&C 3: The Forgotten
10 Review

Mod Review on Apr 14th, 2013

This is a masterpiece! I was very saddened when EA didn't include the Forgotten as an individual faction vanilla cnc3. Everything is perfect. An entire new faction for the game (and my favourite at that). I would also like to note that the amount of effort that has been put into this mod. Even going so far as to include a brand new campaign with full motion video! Fabulous! Well done and Thank You!

Tiberium Wars Advanced
10 Review

Mod Review on Apr 14th, 2013

Very nicely done indeed! The combination of the Tib Wars and KW units is a thing of beauty and is surprisingly very well balanced, which I didn't expect since there are so many units. The addition of new units such as the Sandstorm and the classic Cyborg Reapers is also a nice touch. I hope this mod goes all the way. It truly is marvellous. Well Done!

Tiberium Essence
10 Review

Mod Review on Apr 10th, 2013

I think a lot of other people have said these things already but regardless, this mod is perfect. I have never played Tiberian Sun because I'm new to CnC but it feels as though I don't need to anymore because of this mod.

The gameplay is very well balanced, the new and old units come together very nicely, the mutants have been implemented brilliantly and the increased power output of the superweapons really gives them a reason to be called superweapons.

The graphics are absolutely stunning! Love the original Ichor model, the Scrin finally look otherworldly instead of a bunch of sick insects and, well, pretty much everything looks the way it was meant to.

Tiberian Fauna and Flora return in a spectacular fashion. Blossom trees, Vinifera Monoliths and many other kinds of mutated plant life make the Tiberium world so much more fascinating.

Evidently, Carnius has worked very hard on this mod and continues to do so to this very day, and he always takes the views of the fans into account, doing his best to please everybody. On behalf of all CnC fans (including myself) I would like to thank Carnius for the best Tiberium game I will probably ever play. I wish you luck in the future of this mod Carnius. Well Done!

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