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Evilonesix Jul 2 2014, 9:46pm says:

Everything works for me however, when i start the game and click on the forgotten campagins the do not show, the map comes up but it is empty, no scenarios, the old campagins show (aok / aoc)

How do i fix it?

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Evilonesix May 11 2013, 5:29am says:

Hey can some one help me whit the decels? I know that the one on the left is starfleet :P but the other i do not know, can someone tell me :P? Do not know much about about Star Trek lore.

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Evilonesix May 9 2013, 5:26am replied:

Thank you goa that workt! Finaly i can enjoy your mod! :)

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Evilonesix May 8 2013, 2:42pm says:

Hey GoaFan77. I have a problem that i can not figure out what is causing it. I have random crashes after 10-15 mins ingame, i am just doing random stuff and i hear a pling then the game crashes, and this happens to all the mods for Sins.

+1 vote     mod: Enhanced 4X Mod
Evilonesix May 8 2013, 12:17pm says:

I have random crashes ingame, after 10-15 mins, does not matter what i do :S

+2 votes     mod: Sins of a Galactic Empire
Evilonesix Sep 30 2012, 6:57am says:

The mod is looking nice, i am new to Sins and i love it! But i wonder does this mod work whit infinte space? mabey a noob question? =p

And also in the future are you planing any changes i diplomacy? I find it some what unrealistic, mabey it is only me? That you are already in war at the begining? I think all should be neautral, and that cease fire should come first when you are at war, not a trade agreement.

+3 votes     mod: Enhanced 4X Mod
Evilonesix Oct 8 2011, 1:40pm replied:

does the original game work?

+1 vote     mod: Republic at War
Evilonesix Oct 8 2011, 1:01pm replied:

I see, any more planets that will be added then? I am not complaing over 70,I like it, but I am just wondering.

Really like what you guys have done whit the ground combat that you can civilians moveing around =)

I have play for mabey 2 hours and I find the game really challanging even on easy. Well it be like this in 1.2? For exmpel on day 18 i repbulic attackt me whit 75 acculamtors or what there name is. It was a epic battle, I won but that just contined to attack me and do not have the ships to defend my self.

+2 votes     mod: Republic at War
Evilonesix Oct 8 2011, 10:18am says:

Have i installde the game wrong? My units have no names, it just say "missing" , factions names to.

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Evilonesix Oct 8 2011, 10:12am says:

How big galaxy map are you guys planning to make?

+1 vote     mod: Republic at War
Evilonesix Nov 23 2010, 6:11am replied:

Just wondering, they have history =)

+1 vote     download: Imperial Civil War v1.0 (Outdated)
Evilonesix Nov 22 2010, 6:28am says:

When i am playing the big GC whit 106 planets, i can help wondering why Kamino, Hoth, Geonises(?), Mandalore and Tatooine is not present? and i thinh they are some more. Is 106 max planets?

+1 vote     download: Imperial Civil War v1.0 (Outdated)
Evilonesix Jan 9 2010, 12:38pm says:

I am wondering, are they any ne things that we can expect from you guys? Have seen lots of spaceships, but on land? And mabey new maps and bigger on land and space.

+1 vote     mod: Ultimate Empire at War
Evilonesix Jun 27 2009, 8:01am says:

I have not playd ETW for a long time and UETW was my favorite mod. But i stoppt playing when both Rebels and Zann can build Super Star Destryoers. I have really dislikte that the factions have so many ship incommen.

I have always tried to give it a chance, but as soons as i here "Super Stars Destryor in prudoktion" for somebody elese then the Empire, i always turn the game of :(

How can I delete ships?

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