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DevilDog6 Jul 19 2009, 8:55am says:

I think that's pretty cool, But could be improved. For instance, instead of hitting the board just once, maybe click a few times before the board stays. Also just as a little thought, perhaps make it possible to pick up the wood from somewhere on the map before hand, instead of it just appearing, this would add a sense of realism to the barricade system.

+2 votes   media: ZP:S Barricading Preview
DevilDog6 Jul 17 2009, 8:31am says:

Why cant i download from the moddb Server, it just takes me to Filefront!! WTF?!

+1 vote   download: ZombieMod: Source v1.40 (FIXED)
DevilDog6 Feb 14 2009, 11:31am says:

This mod, is brilliant, alot of effort has gone into this over the years and it keeps getting better with every new update.


theres one thing that i have a problem with. The graphics in this game are just getting older and older as time goes on - i don't play this anymore purely because im a graphics freak - please, i beg you, give the game some graphic tweaking...bloom, anti alias, or texture imrpovement ! ive seen mods that have done this, and they look brilliant - Discovery will be number 1, mark my words. :) :)

+1 vote   mod: Discovery Freelancer
DevilDog6 Jan 28 2009, 7:43pm says:

these games are all good, some of them look apsolutely pants graphics wise however - why not make the same mod for a later game ? ZPS shouldn't be number one, but then again what will take its place, i suppose ZPS is the best "horror" but i think it's lacking some things.

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DevilDog6 Dec 23 2008, 10:58am says:

the zombies look unreal...literaly, all of them look the same, and look like they we're extracted from some playstation 1 game.

+1 vote   media: v0.3
DevilDog6 Dec 13 2008, 7:58am says:

the map looks very precise and very detailed, amazing !

+2 votes   mod: Dead Before Dawn
DevilDog6 Nov 22 2008, 12:23pm says:

Lol this looks quality. You must of been stoned to have thought up dinosaurs and robots going head 2 head.

+2 votes   news: Jailbreak: Source 0.5 - More Dinosaurs!
DevilDog6 Nov 5 2008, 9:31am says:

you must delete gta_int.img* to play after the mod is installed.

+1 vote   download: Gostown Paradise v.66c RC2
DevilDog6 Nov 5 2008, 9:10am says:

looks quite old fashioned...

+1 vote   mod: Dead Epidemic
DevilDog6 Nov 5 2008, 9:07am says:

Looks good. Been waiting almost a year for the release, when is this going to be finished?

+1 vote   mod: Resident Evil: Twilight
DevilDog6 Nov 4 2008, 7:28pm says:

Good mod, i thought it was supposed to be a ghosttown ? but i see people like in normal gta. have i done something wrong.

+1 vote   mod: Gostown Paradise 6 & 7
DevilDog6 Nov 4 2008, 6:46pm says:

Looks interesting =D

When can we say this will be available to play ?

+1 vote   mod: Resident Evil: Outbreak File # 3
DevilDog6 Nov 4 2008, 11:31am says:

Midnightmare i have the same problem. For some reason i can not find the gta3.img* file using an IMG editor. the only one i can find is the folder which has the same name. I used SAMI because it seemed to recognise the IMG, and edited it with the script editor, changing all the files in there (ballas1.txd etc.)to the ones located in the folder named FILES (provided with the download) which is in my documents. Still no results, game still crashes when it finishes loading.

0 votes   mod: BioHazard Alert
DevilDog6 Nov 4 2008, 10:44am says:

This looks amazing, i love resident evil, and the whole idea of a zombie mod for a box game like SA. Keep going with this, i would actually pay for such a mod to be brought out.

+1 vote   mod: BioHazard Alert
DevilDog6 Nov 4 2008, 10:40am says:

Drenwick lol don't cease development, this mod would be awesome, if you were to finish this mod would you update the textures and effects so they were more realistic and actualy build a new map ?

+1 vote   mod: I am Legend: Los Angeles
DevilDog6 Nov 1 2008, 11:36pm says:

after i install the mod, says i need at least direct x 9.0. Funny i thought i had 9.0c...yes i have 9.0c, can some help me out ? is it my version of san andreas causing the problem ? not that i know the version, am reinstalling now, and running the downgrader.

+1 vote   mod: GT mod
DevilDog6 Nov 1 2008, 10:28pm says:

Cant wait to play. D/Ling now.

+1 vote   mod: You Are Here
DevilDog6 Oct 31 2008, 5:58am says:

I dont like how the zombie players are so hard to kill. the game is good, but it has a few cons.

such as player moving to slow when carrying lots of items ? if i was to carry a shotgun and a pistol or two and a keyboard, im sure i wouldnt be moving that slowly.
the fact that all you have to do is hit someone 3 times as a zombie will kill them is a little silly, i might be getting ahead of time here, but perhaps some kind of biting sequence ?
I have an idea, when you click like you would to hit the player, you may instead be grabbing them, at this point the player can't move, then using the opposite mouse button, you will begin to bite them (i don't know how this can be done =]) the opposite player will click rapidly to try and escape. if the player was bitten but escaped, then the infection system will kick in.

+1 vote   mod: Zombie Panic: Source
DevilDog6 Oct 31 2008, 5:37am says:

Cops107 what are you on about ? lol you don't have to's on this page for download, look around.

This mod looks brilliant, still havn't looked into it in great detail.

+2 votes   mod: San Andreas Copland 2006
DevilDog6 Oct 31 2008, 5:33am says:

Hmmmm, not particularly amazing, can't see a great deal of improvement, But still a very good thought =D think of san andreas in DX10.

0 votes   mod: SanAndreas Retextured 3
DevilDog6 Jun 27 2007, 1:29pm says:

im a new comer, yes this helped me alot, my first map was still realy realy crap, but i will get better as i practice :) thnx

+1 vote   tutorial: Beginners Guide to Valve Hammer Editor
DevilDog6 Jun 3 2007, 5:30am says:

i notice only two problems with this zombie mod from the images on this site, 1. all the zombies on the screen look exsactly the same ! and 2. the zombies appear to have the same hands and stance as the original zombies from half life 2, which i believe to be rubbish. i think that if you made at least the zombies appearance to be unique on every zombie would be amazing, however i realise how long this will take, it would still be good if there was at least 10 different zombies, but for all i know, its still being worked on, you may of already realised. good work tho guys.

+1 vote   news: Zombie Emergence Announced!
DevilDog6 Jun 3 2007, 5:32am says:

o yeh also, why would you need slow motion with zombies ?? they are slow arent they ? unless there's some kinds of other creatures yes ?

+1 vote   news: Zombie Emergence Announced!
DevilDog6 Jun 2 2007, 1:42pm says:

so this isnt a mod...? and i reacon to play it you need to look for a server using this script on CSS ? so far all the zombie mods/scripts on CSS are realy this any good, i cant tell with no screen shots...

+2 votes   mod: Zombie Strike: Source
DevilDog6 Jun 2 2007, 1:30pm says:

sadly i was right, no work, unproffesional, this gets 2/10, crap stuff.

-2 votes   mod: God Damned Undead
DevilDog6 Jun 2 2007, 1:06pm says:

this...i havnt dl'ed yet but i am, it looks like one of those mods with no servers and those crappy zombies from the origianl half life 2, if it is...this is crap, i hope it has more than just shoot zombies with the orginal half life guns etc.

+2 votes   mod: God Damned Undead
DevilDog6 Jun 2 2007, 12:05pm says:

realy getting annoyed with this, i follow every instruction, and hae half life 2, i have downloaded the patch, but still no results !!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP

+1 vote   download: Hidden : Source Beta 4a Client Update
DevilDog6 Jun 2 2007, 11:51am says:

this mod looks realy good, and i want to download it, but when i do and i install it to the right folder, it doesnt appear in my steam games list, i have half life 2 and all that, can some one please tell what could be wrong ?? i have other mods installed that work e.g Zombie master, they work fine, but this one doesn't...

+1 vote   mod: Hidden Source
DevilDog6 Jun 2 2007, 7:32am says:

NIce review, exsactly the thing, when i tell my friend to download this, he says "it sounds crap; "zombie Master" but realy its a gr8 mod.

+1 vote   review: Zombie Master
DevilDog6 May 31 2007, 10:20am says:

okay, this looks like a mod that no one plays, most mods i download that are multi player dont seem to have any servers what so ever !!!! its realy annoying, does any one play this, please reply.

+1 vote   mod: DragonBall Source
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