My nickname is pronounced [kvoz/\luri]. Things I love: Dead Space, Propper (Hammer compiler), Win 8, coffee. Things I hate: TF2, Garry's mod, unnecessary graphical things like parallax and people who're praising these over anything else, and lack of real, widespread advancement in computer-user interface.

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Cvoxalury Jul 31 2015, 2:03pm replied:

There's a console variable for that

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Cvoxalury Jul 30 2015, 6:26pm replied:

Our AKM only has semi-auto and full-auto fire modes. Those weapons that have real prototypes, are being designed to closely resemble said prototypes in terms of functionality, RoF, recoil, accuracy and so on. This includes the AKM, OICW, GR9, etc.

+2 votes   mod: Raising The Bar
Cvoxalury Jul 26 2015, 1:39pm replied:

Does it matter who did you write that about?

>But it is you came here to see me and began to raise a stink.

I was browsing through HL2 mods and saw a dude with his low quality mod, who's pretending he's better than others. Good luck with your project, anyways.

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Cvoxalury Jul 26 2015, 10:11am replied:

Why do I have to interpret your words the way -you- like it? To me, it looked exactly like that - trying to elevate yourself above others by saying that other teams are greedy and uncaring. This is how -I- see it.

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Cvoxalury Jul 21 2015, 7:54am replied:

>Bring proof

How about reading your first reply here?

"[...]most of these people are too greedy. They do not want to share, or work with newcomers [...] they produce an error, and then long they can not solve. [...] but simply hide or delete all content. We constantly recruit [...] compared with other projects, it at 8 times faster [...]"

So stop backing off, you basically saying that other teams suck because - in your imagination - they're greedy and unwelcoming, and work too slow. You, on the other hand, are fast working and welcome newcomers. Pointing out these things only makes sense if you claim that you're different, ergo, better.
I'd say it's you who needs to stop slandering on other teams, and better reconcile your point of view with reality.

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Cvoxalury Jul 20 2015, 4:46pm replied:

They didn't have enough time... probably. For example, they could've really used more nodraw here and there, reducing compile time and map filesize... but it requires routine activity, i. e. more time.

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Cvoxalury Jul 20 2015, 2:55pm replied:

Физикс энжин ИМПРУВЕД. Нагрузка на процессор КРАЙНЕ МАЛА.

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Cvoxalury Jul 20 2015, 2:51pm replied:

It's optimised for its content, though. The levels are relatively small, and sometimes you can see the cheap optimisation maneuvers like with distance clipping. Plus it lacks expensive effects like true dynamic shadows (other than from player's flashlight), or the expensive particle effects (snow, rain, etc.)

Another really good point, imo, is that NO ONE needs 100-200 fps! And everyone can have 60 fps if you make your level right, WITHOUT the need to cut the quality below that of the vanilla (and episodes).

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Cvoxalury Jul 18 2015, 5:24am replied:

You can't see the trainstation from the Industrial anymore (too cluttered with factory buildings). The glass one was at one point intended as the main station, but I switched to the one with cylindrical roof (like the one seen in c17_01_** map series). The one you see above, the smaller one, is more of a warehouse-like station.

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Cvoxalury Jul 17 2015, 10:47pm replied:

Such cruelty.

// can you check PM? Thanks.

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Cvoxalury Jul 17 2015, 7:01pm replied:

It's 2015, most people play in FullHD, some in 2k and 4k, they have - unbelievably enough - quad-core CPUs and multiple GPUs. It's time to make picture acceptable, make it HD. For example, in RtB we're doing no less that 1k textures for world objects (unless they're really small), and 4k for close up objects - like weapons. For those who play on a potato, there's Low settings. When I recorded my DI Airex demo I had an old dual-core Intel and used Fraps (huge mistake). My guess is that you just use assets of very, very bad quality as an excuse for poor optimisation. Why do that instead of progressively learning Source, is beyond me.

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Cvoxalury Jul 17 2015, 11:28am replied:

It's one of the leak's brush versions. Certainly a placeholder, with it's low amout of detail and high render budget.

+1 vote   media: Latest progress with the Terminal
Cvoxalury Jul 11 2015, 1:05pm replied:

It is a solo project but if needed I can always ask my friends to help out in those fields I'm not adept with, such as texturing or composing - I am a level designed and programmer, more than anything. But I am very interesting in learning that and completing this project myself.
As for other mods, I believe it is benefitial to both sides at the end - e. g. I can re-use and adapt code I wrote for RtB in DI, and vice-versa. I'm writing all the code from scratch to keep it clean, up-to-date and legit, and don't use leak code (other than for guidelines, so to speak). Mapping - from scratch as well. Same goes for RtB mod.

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Cvoxalury Jul 11 2015, 1:00pm replied:

Надо делать текстуры максимум 1к. И правильно конвертировать, они должны не больше мегабайта весить. Я вот в принципе жду новую версию, но скачать-то не смогу. Вот был бы мод гигов 6, это ещё куда ни шло.

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Cvoxalury Jul 8 2015, 4:14pm replied:

Way to offend other teams who love their work and the game, congrats!

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Cvoxalury Jul 6 2015, 9:51am replied:

Sorry for this overwhelmingly late reply.

The cituation is as follows:
1) I do continue working on this mod. Not dead/cancelled. Still waiting to release it one day.
2) I've got less free time now than when I started, so there's that.
3) I restarted the project several times, so the '5 years in dev' is more of a formal thing. You can say that all the relevant content I've got now is about 1 year old or less. Constantly redoing lots of things, improving or revisioning.
4) I'm also working on Raising the Bar mod (check it out, the guys are amazing as a programmer, thus occupying two time-consuming positions on two mods. The experience I gain from this will come handy in the future, so I don't really subtract much from DI development!
5) Also waiting for Source 2, getting very tired of the old engine, hopefully with Source 2 there's much more freedom and convinience. And backward compatibility...

Thank you for still keeping an eye on my project, be sure to also check the RtB mod!

+6 votes   mod: Dark Interval
Cvoxalury May 20 2015, 1:29pm replied:

The downloads are safe. The mod itself, you may like it or you may find it revolting, depends. The game doesn't even need HL2 or Steam to run, thus it has nothing to do with HL2 files and such. It's somewhat big (5.0 is 10 gb archive, 26 installed, future versions should be of less size); also, I use Comodo antivirus, it didn't find anything, so, yeah, safe for that matter.

+1 vote   mod: Build 2046. Beta Edition (mod)
Cvoxalury May 6 2015, 3:33am replied:

IMO exes are less safe than archives with which you easily see what are you unpacking&installing;. Granted, archives can be infected, too, but I didn't have any installation problems with this mod, and it's pretty much identical to the way most HL2 mods are distributed.

+1 vote   mod: Build 2046. Beta Edition (mod)
Cvoxalury Mar 31 2015, 5:26pm replied:

Because this'll never work.
Also, why would you want to have just one mod instead of several mods? Even if not all of them are complete, it's interesting to explore different approaches they take.

+2 votes   mod: Build 2046. Beta Edition (mod)
Cvoxalury Feb 28 2015, 5:33pm says:

Well, you know, I was probably a little bit too excited to post it. :P
It's not much, but I already done additional work on this behavior, so it'll surely look better and finalised when it's done.

+1 vote   media: Cremator - keeping it clean (since you hadn't!)
Cvoxalury Feb 27 2015, 4:17pm replied:

Скорее всего это просто баг текстуры из-за ХДР. В текстуре отражений для глаза используется $envmapsphere 1, а этот параметр с ХДР сильно не дружит, получается засвет.

+1 vote   mod: Cremation
Cvoxalury Feb 26 2015, 10:23pm replied:

Thank you!
Boy I got so excited when all this code finally did what it was supposed to. So much bugs and revisions since I had something working just as expected.

While it may seem pretty modest (especially when you consider that all of this is done via standart AI tasks and routines, and could be achieved in any mod), and while fighting mobs is generally more fun, I believe it's small things like that which add believiability to the world of the game. So, yeah, it was worth it. I am going to extend it so that cremators would also react to the corpses that are left after a battle, not just the ones placed on the maps.

+3 votes   media: Cremator - keeping it clean (since you hadn't!)
Cvoxalury Feb 20 2015, 1:00pm replied:

Eager to steal another leak mod?

+9 votes   mod: Raising The Bar
Cvoxalury Feb 20 2015, 8:27am replied:

Thank you!

+2 votes   media: Env_lightglow, the underrated entity
Cvoxalury Feb 20 2015, 6:32am replied:

Combination of vmt editing and mapping.
To get real reflections on brushes, you need to
1) Change the vmt to use Lightmappedreflective shader, and put in a number of parameters (example:
Unless you want a perfect mirror, the material should also have a normal map or an alpha mask.

2) Turn a brush to func_reflective_glass entity.
Only one face of the brush should have the reflective texture, others should be nodraw.
You also have to avoid using multiple func_reflective_glass entities in the same PVS, and you can have as many brushes combined into one entity, as long as their shared mirror surface lies in the same plane.

3) $fresnelpower controls how far from the player the reflection starts to appear, at 0 you get the reflection right at your feet. E.g.:

+6 votes   media: Unnamed-2015
Cvoxalury Feb 19 2015, 1:11pm replied:

For a long time I used point_spotlight for both beams and underside halos, but now I recognise that it should only be primarily used for the former. Env_lightglow is a way more versatile method for halos, you can set its shape, visibility, it doesn't clip at the start like point_spotlight does and is generally very nice looking.
Now, the most important thing is to avoid overdoing it FakeFactory-style.

+4 votes   media: Env_lightglow, the underrated entity
Cvoxalury Feb 18 2015, 6:14pm replied:

You need 2007 a.k.a. AppId 218. I suppose the guest user brought "2009" up because the source code for Ep2 based mods became available that year and the mod was made for that Source branch.

+1 vote   mod: Missing Information
Cvoxalury Feb 16 2015, 2:44pm says:

Please stop removing comments from people who rightfully accuse you of stealing this mod. It was made by HGrunt from and, while based off Valve's work, does belong to him and not to you.
Be a man about it.

+8 votes   mod: Vertigo mod
Cvoxalury Feb 4 2015, 12:28am replied:

>512x512 texture for that? Oh my.
>Do you think that this is too big or too small?

I would say that's way too big. Since any texture on a level requires certain 'space', it's best to leave space for good world textures and such instead of paying a bit too much attention to tiny details.

+6 votes   media: Can Model/Texture
Cvoxalury Feb 3 2015, 1:10am replied:

Also, Cremation and D-team's mod. Although I haven't had the time to play the latter.
I will say however that Raising the Bar seemingly got the biggest team, and makes good progress.

+3 votes   mod: Raising The Bar
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