My nickname is pronounced [kvoz/\luri]. Things I love: Dead Space, Propper (Hammer compiler), Win 8, coffee. Things I hate: TF2, Garry's mod, unnecessary graphical things like parallax and people who're praising these over anything else, and lack of real, widespread advancement in computer-user interface.

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Cvoxalury Nov 6 2014, 7:27pm replied:

**** no. I'm afraid of trains as it is.

+3 votes   media: Trainstation Update
Cvoxalury Nov 5 2014, 11:49pm replied:

The gallery here says it's been a bit more than 14 months since the last [content] update. And you've just had an update about Steampipe, that one dating back less than a month ago. Sure you're counting it right? You do know that specifically ignoring updates to say there are no updates is not a great idea?

+4 votes   mod: Missing Information
Cvoxalury Oct 29 2014, 12:38pm replied:

I could but I haven't decided which one I'm going to use. All of them are good in their own way (except for the cylindrical E3 one!).

+1 vote   media: Ugh or yay?
Cvoxalury Oct 28 2014, 5:42pm replied:

I'm not even sure for how many YEARS it's been there. Maybe... 50?..

+3 votes   mod: Missing Information
Cvoxalury Oct 26 2014, 4:05pm replied:

Is there a problem?

Я мог ещё озаглавить как Yay or nay?, но до меня поздновато дошло.
Believe it or not, это моя галерея, мои скрины, да и мод тоже мой - все 100% кастом-контента в нем. Я и его, прикинь, могу называть как хочу, если захочу.
Моих знаний достаточно для того, чтобы уметь выходить за рамки скучной формалистики. Заголовок тут, если угодно, есть пример крайней степени опущения [слов], оmission, что вполне уместно в инглише.

P.S. Минусовал не я.

+2 votes   media: Ugh or yay?
Cvoxalury Oct 25 2014, 5:57pm says:

Well I dunno guys. In this particular screenshot it looks nice but sometimes the clouds would pass before the Citadel and that's a huge 'Ugh' because fog effects and transparency and all are a bit terrible in Source 2013.

+4 votes   media: Ugh or yay?
Cvoxalury Oct 25 2014, 11:48am replied:

Not really. I'm not very good with making videos and especially with making trailers.

+1 vote   mod: Dark Interval
Cvoxalury Oct 23 2014, 7:43am replied:

Died? Who told you that?
Hope for the continued development... I am developing. You don't need to hope that I'll continue since I just am working on it. You can check my profile here, I post smaller stuff there from time to time.

+5 votes   mod: Dark Interval
Cvoxalury Oct 8 2014, 7:47am replied:

In terms of the concept - pretty much. Not so much in terms of details, gameplay, ambients, etc.

+3 votes   media: Getting there
Cvoxalury Oct 4 2014, 8:51am replied:

Is it you, Romanix? I did tell you not to come back, right?

>bed english

It's fine as long as you stay in the bed.

+2 votes   media: [Demo]nstration
Cvoxalury Oct 3 2014, 7:16pm replied:

Basically it's the Leak body with Retail head put on it (the head comes from that glass jar in the Eli's lab). You can use it however you want.

+2 votes   media: cremator_test
Cvoxalury Sep 18 2014, 6:33pm says:

Всему свое время, и российский триколор пойдет туда же. В очень скором темпе.

+1 vote   media: Russian Domination
Cvoxalury Aug 28 2014, 3:39am replied:

The archived thing is just an unfortunate nuisance. Bear with it a little longer. Oh, and while it says 'ceased development', the archiving also applies to mods that temporarily halted development (and I am developing at this very moment, so that's not the case either).

+4 votes   mod: Dark Interval
Cvoxalury Aug 27 2014, 11:56am says:


+1 vote   media: C-130
Cvoxalury Aug 22 2014, 10:57am says:

Resembles Dead Money's Ghost people very closely.

+3 votes   media: Outbreak Wretch, new skin
Cvoxalury Aug 4 2014, 4:52am replied:

I know what that error mean, but how can entity number vary from player to player? What changes it? If there is an answer to this question, it would be an answer to the error.

+1 vote   mod: Insolence
Cvoxalury Aug 2 2014, 5:18pm replied:

I'm getting the ed_alloc error on d2_aires_02 as well now (with ed_alloc 4096, 8192 and 16384 all the same). Heh. It's sort of inconsistent and different to track down. I'll let know if I find a way to prevent it.

+1 vote   mod: Insolence
Cvoxalury Aug 2 2014, 3:10am replied:

You mean bright red crosses everywhere? Those should be rain particles but they're not being precached, hence the engine 'missing particle' effect. Use r_drawparticles 0 console command to disable particle rendering, I'm not sure if there are other workarounds; forcing the game to precache the file needed doesn't help, and I think the problem lies in the rain tutorial from VDC (I assume the team tried to follow that tutorial).

For the ed_alloc thing, try launching the mod with command line parameter -max_edicts 4096 or -max_edicts 8192 added.

+1 vote   mod: Insolence
Cvoxalury Jul 30 2014, 8:47am says:

Looks nice. c17_03? Or just some apartment?

+2 votes   media: About time i posted some stuff
Cvoxalury Jul 26 2014, 5:32pm replied:

Story mods? As in, with in-game storyline being present and played through? Don't know of any, actually. Other than Missing Info if you count Borealis chapter with narrating done by a couple of voiced bits from the leak.

+1 vote   mod: Dark Interval
Cvoxalury Jul 23 2014, 5:01am replied:

We've already passed the ten mods mark actually. In more or less chronological order w/o the ones pronounced dead:
1) Missing Information
2) Project 9 (I dunno, ?)
3) Old Story
4) Vertigo
5) Conscript
6) The Origin
7) Dark Interval
8) Insolence
9) RtB
10) Cremation
11) Depot
12) Town 17
13) Dark Skies
14) Alpha Retaliation

And I might be forgetting some.

+2 votes   mod: Dark Interval
Cvoxalury Jul 14 2014, 3:05pm replied:

I wonder why haven't you mentioned Raising the Bar mod.

Have you simply forgotten, or didn't know it's there, or were you only counting presumably dead ones?

+1 vote   mod: Dark Interval
Cvoxalury Jul 13 2014, 12:58pm replied:

Машины надо заменять на американские 60-70х годов. Такие, как Ford Thunderbolt 1964, для него вот недавно обнаружили текстуру в бете, очень примитивную и неиспользуемую, но указывает всё на эту модель. Хотя, возможно, текстура для Thunderbird того же года, но это сомнительно, первая больше походит на остальные старые автомобили на картах стилем.

+2 votes   media: Industrial sector - the main area
Cvoxalury Jul 12 2014, 9:27am says:

See, that's one of my problems with posting stuff that's WIP. I post it, and almost immediately make it better in some way or other.
Well, still, I think I'm heading in the right direction. Gonna work on surfaces now.

+4 votes   media: Further progress update
Cvoxalury Jul 11 2014, 1:39pm replied:

There are just lots of things the meaning of which is... mysterios at best times. In such cases I just remind myself that is has been 10 years of alien regime, and some amount of time of constant Xen invasions prior to it. So, many things could have came up. It also applies to the way many things in concepts blend (or rather don't do this well) in original City setting. I kinda love that, too. In some ways it is similar to "Blade Runner", which had some urban set pieces which were basically effeciency/function-oriented nonsense, with no damns given about whether it fits its surrounding, plus this special thing when you see pretty old, classical may I say, 'overgrown' with future tech. Because the world ended and no one cares about protecting humanity legacy now. Kinda same deal in original C17.

This all being said, I don't think that's a rebel thing. Well, except if it's out of the city, but that's doubtful. It doesn't look well defended or even hidden. Probably just some proles hiding here. Or it used to be their shelter.

+5 votes   media: Little progress update
Cvoxalury Jul 11 2014, 10:38am says:

mat_specular 0
mat_specular 1.

Also, try to learn a bit more about setting HDR up in Source. It takes a little more than just compiling maps with HDR settings, you also need to set up env_tonemap_controller entity to avoid the HDR getting too bright, as seen above.

+1 vote   media: Kleiner's Lab
Cvoxalury Jul 9 2014, 9:22am replied:

Haha, but Source is old, too, to this matter.

0 votes   mod: Town 17
Cvoxalury Jul 6 2014, 8:51pm replied:

Wow, cool! So you know your way around all tech stuff. You making you're own mod, then? Why aren't you making your own mod?

-1 votes   mod: Missing Information
Cvoxalury Jul 6 2014, 2:20am replied:

Wow, it looked like you smashed this dev guy in pieces, and he was all, like, flat, and bloodied! Did you really do that? It seemed so real. You're cool.

+4 votes   mod: Missing Information
Cvoxalury Jul 5 2014, 6:51am replied:

What was that?

+2 votes   media: Airex chapter start - gameplay
Cvoxalury Jun 16 2014, 5:20am replied:

I'm not sure. Maybe it's 16? Source allows to have max 16 sounds per channel as I understand it, and amb_generics are on the same channel I guess. There are separate channels like CHAN_WEAPON, CHAN_VOICE, CHAN_BODY, and I suppose also for physics sounds and some else.

+1 vote   media: This is what I call a f**king flamethrower
Cvoxalury Jun 15 2014, 10:30pm replied:

Sure is. The same way as with editing any particles' color. I guess I'll look into it someday. Plus, there's lots of ways to improve the fire... assign it with sounds (default HL2/Epx fires don't produce sounds on their own, the sounds are placed by level designer), add heatwave particles, maybe add fire spreading. The sound part is tricky though, when there are too many fires (i.e. if 3 or 4 cremators are fighting someone at the same time), there would be too many sounds and other sounds would be silenced.

+1 vote   media: This is what I call a f**king flamethrower
Cvoxalury Jun 15 2014, 12:06pm replied:

I'm not really a person responsible for it... but yeah. The old fire just looked more alive, even. This one is just pale and... grainy, I dunno.

+1 vote   media: This is what I call a f**king flamethrower
Cvoxalury Mar 24 2014, 6:02am replied:

Battles between two gargs could be just awesome. But I personally am not so sure about fighting one in the wastes, since they show themselves best in tight, closed spaces, and when out in the open, they become fairly easy to evade. So maybe place one (or more) in some caves? Where it would break rocks, roars going echoing through the tunnels, all that.

+1 vote   media: Gargantua
Cvoxalury Dec 4 2013, 3:38am replied:

Well, I know he designed the tech (which is SO resemblant of Combine tech), he made concept arts for game areas, dunno about characters. He is, what it's called? Art director, I think. Obviously there were other designers but you can say that Antonov made the look of the game, and it turn out to be absolute awesome. Some didn't like the game, which is totally unfathomable by me.

+2 votes   media: Did the valve team helped making DISHONORED???
Cvoxalury Dec 3 2013, 1:04pm says:

Erm… Dishonored is designed by Viktor Antonov who created the image of HL2 (except Ep2) back when he worked at Valve. Hence the visual similarity.

And this worked great actually.

+2 votes   media: Did the valve team helped making DISHONORED???
Cvoxalury Nov 24 2013, 1:20pm says:

A Sourse версия когда нбудь будет ?

+2 votes   media: Pre-Alpha Healthcharger / Old Suitcharger
Cvoxalury Nov 17 2013, 11:11pm replied:

I guess the Combine gets air support, choppers, gunships. Some unidentified flying vehicles dropping tripods, mentioned in the Weather control script. As I recall, the latter ones bombarded the Bradleys in the Arctic canyon rather easy.

P.S. The model is great looking. Hope there will be pretty dynamics as well; can it be destructible? Like, armor being blown off by enemy fire, explosive gibbing and such.

+2 votes   media: Bradley M2
Cvoxalury Nov 11 2013, 1:19am says:

The child's head texture is messed up.
The lamps are lit from the ceiling instead of their own lightbulbs. Recommend making a small room outside the map with dark walls and a dim light_spot pointing up and an info_lighting placed above it, then set Lighting origin for the lamp props with the name of the info_lighting, plus putting a sprite in the lamps.

+2 votes   media: с17_industrial_test
Cvoxalury Oct 23 2013, 5:50am replied:

That, basically an NPC dispencer. Bit of a crude brush work, should polish those, turn into models.

+3 votes   media: Canals updated
Cvoxalury Sep 23 2013, 11:54pm replied:

Actually, the fake (or rather, prop) look of the walls and stuff makes perfect sense for Skolkovo context…

Anyway, the picture looks real nice. I wouldn't complain about the textures at all. You've got a good taste in level geometry, I can say that.

+1 vote   media: collider
Cvoxalury Sep 18 2013, 8:38pm replied:

Yeah, I've probably overdid the vegetation on this map, but I don't think there can't be one at all. Ravenholm had trees, Xen flora and fauna seems more or less abundant in RtB scripts. But don't worry, the green life is made much less abundant already, and there isn't one really beyond the canals.

+3 votes   media: Canals Improved — part II
Cvoxalury Sep 12 2013, 8:28pm replied:

Actually I think that some colours may very well be quite uncomfortable for some people. I don't have problems with that sky (it's not very realistic, the way it lit, but in the same time it has some… intriguing and anxious feel in it), but e.g. the green-violet rocks texture in mappack makes my head hurt quite for real, and so does bright deep blue for example.

+2 votes   media: Canals_01
Cvoxalury Aug 26 2013, 7:41pm replied:

It's not actually that the testers were pussies, not by itself. I'd say it had more to do with Valve's perfectionism: "one person gets motion sickness - we can't allow it, cut it." And the Hydra deal was like that too - someone couldn't have fight it well, so Valve had decided that it doesn't worth polishing (hell, even I can dodge Hydra, and why not give it a more slow, swing-like attack?).

+1 vote   article: Jetski
Cvoxalury Aug 3 2013, 5:05pm says:

Quite a nice and precise work.

+2 votes   media: Jetski
Cvoxalury Jul 5 2013, 12:54pm replied:

Um, not sure that I got you right. Do you ask whether it's possible to make a day/night lighting change? Well, it is possible technically but looks rather ugly as the smooth light transition on light_envrionment is broken. And if there is a same single letter pattern (i.e. mmm or www) there will be no transition obviously. So what I'm talking about is the use of this feature as a tool for tweaking.

+1 vote   media: Consul's office of hurt
Cvoxalury Jul 4 2013, 1:54pm replied:

If you (or anyone who's working with lighting) have long compile times, you can also try that: name the light sources that you're tweaking whatever you like (presumably with a same name). Next, you change their brightness in-game using ent_fire <entityname> setpattern <a-z> input. That'll let you carefully tweak the light's intensiveness, and next you just put the corresponding input into logic_auto and recompile (maybe even with -onlyents).

Oh, and the default setpattern value is m (or mmm, no matter). So for a light with 100 brightness «a» will be 1 (I think), «z» will be… 200? And «m» will be 100.

+1 vote   media: Consul's office of hurt
Cvoxalury Jul 4 2013, 5:03am says:

Additional ambient lighting, in terms of… raising the brighntess of the background a bit, so it's at least visible (like in nightfall) wouldn't hurt. Like, 1-2 light_spots with RGBb 100 140 190 50, and Constant around 50 000.

+1 vote   media: Consul's office of hurt
Cvoxalury Jun 25 2013, 5:54pm replied:

Ну бэк-то так, за минуту сделан. Бэк для бэка. Хотя ничего особо дурного в нем не вижу…

+1 vote   media: zzz
Cvoxalury Jun 21 2013, 4:50am replied:

А я решил, что калька с бетовского — вон, спина же.

+1 vote   media: Almost done!
Cvoxalury Jun 5 2013, 10:59am replied:

That's not my business (or is it partly? we are the people of the site and… well anyway), but I personally take it as that you are a bit overreacting. Things can be settled in a variety of ways, some of them are counter-attacking (never work in my opinion), but why choose those?

+1 vote   media: Another old thing
Cvoxalury Jun 1 2013, 6:30pm replied:

It's fine for regular maps, but sometimes it is not enough for me. And it works badly with huge models since you can't see them unless you get close to a model's center. So for example my Airex reactor model would be just a yellow cube if I look at it in Hammer from the map's floor or move away some distance.

+2 votes   media: I think I'm doing it wrong
Cvoxalury Jun 1 2013, 2:19am says:

So I see that the entities' render distance is pretty small, hm. I always set the map render distance to about 30'000 (it is beyound numbers Hammer itself has lol, so I do it via reg manipulation).

+1 vote   media: I think I'm doing it wrong
Cvoxalury May 24 2013, 9:01pm replied:

Two reasons for it. The first one is… well, why not. They are awful, they burn well, and I plan cremators for Ravenholm as well. I also doubt that they should harass citizens just like that. How I see it is that's rather, like, cremators have their «work hours» and work zones, and usually citizens don't run into them, but if you aren't careful enough, you'll get it in a dark alley.

The other thing is… if zombies aren't priority, they just tend to get close and slash slash slash a poor cremator. ) So I made mister C turn its attention to zombies and eliminate them first.

+2 votes   media: Auto-da-fe
Cvoxalury Apr 15 2013, 7:32pm replied:

What about BM?

>The only time you will see a decrease of fog is beyond the Weather Control chapter, when the Air Exchange activity stop

And how about an ocean? Kinda figured out that the C. use the Weather Control to spread the Exchanger toxic fumes faster and farther and to get it over onto the City. Well at least that's my vision of the whole thing.

And the underground fog is… a weird stuff actually. Hot exhausts tend to go up in the atmosphere. And there were hobo camps in steam tunnels on some maps, should be breathable enough to live there… kinda. After all, think about a fog as a gameplay element too, or a gameplay _affecting_ element to be precise. I wouldn't like dwelling in a fog the whole damn time. As well as the game being almost monotone; it is obviously possible to make the picture both colorful and telling a player about toxic dangers.

+2 votes   media: d1_c17_01 - New Sewers
Cvoxalury Apr 2 2013, 4:57am says:

Already a noon of April 2nd here, so I didn't get it until the end of the article… :D

+3 votes   article: Now remaking the storyline, with a catch.
Cvoxalury Mar 30 2013, 6:55am replied:

Oh, I forgot to mention that the hollow brush should be converted to func_brush (guess you already figured this out from the fx alpha aspect, but anyway). It could be a simle hollow cube as well, but this being the case, the fog'll have a tendency to «condense» in the corners. An ideal thing will be a dome-shaped brush, but I think it doesn't worth it actually.

+1 vote   media: d1_c17_01 Update
Cvoxalury Mar 29 2013, 8:06am says:

The buildings with their European style don't look that much «repurposed and integrated», to be honest. Although this can pass. After all, there surely are some European buildings in America.

+2 votes   media: d4_assault_01 (aka thelook!wecanscript map)
Cvoxalury Mar 29 2013, 7:37am replied:

How could it not be? It's Source. It (well, the Hl2's one at least) looks nearly identical whether you run it 2013 top PC and if you launch it on… I don't know… a stone. Just like ScarT said, the deal is with the colors. A kind of solution here is to implement a partly opague, hollow cylinder brush with tools\toolsblack texture — so the fog «from» sky_camera also casts partly (because of the partial translucency) on the brush and, therefore, on all sky. This way both the Citadel and the sky texture will become fogged with the same color. The most important detail here is to not make the skybrush-fog too intensive so it wouldn't just hide the texture behind it. So one should set the FX Alpha for the brush for… I'd say, 150. Well, you can change it in-game realtime with env_fire *** alpha <0-255> input to see which one will be a better fit.

Hope this helps.

+1 vote   media: d1_c17_01 Update
Cvoxalury Mar 29 2013, 7:25am replied:

The map went through so many variations that I think it has bits from all maps. Underground shafts with scanners from e3_industrial, starting area with smart gates from e3, streets and factories from early builds… everything.

+2 votes   media: C17 Industial sector
Cvoxalury Mar 29 2013, 5:25am replied:

Well, it only looks like this because there isn't a normal map for the model texture. When an env_projectedtexture casts light on a model with texture without a normal map, a z-buffer effect occurs. Easily fixable and it doesn't even matter until the release.

Really, AI problems are much more serious for me. Those imbecile stalkers and all.

>I didn't say everything. Stop taking things so personal.

All right. Excuse me for being instantly rude, then.

+10 votes   media: Airex chapter start - gameplay
Cvoxalury Mar 29 2013, 4:48am replied:

That's why I don't post updates. There're always two users who say that everything looks like ****, the lightning, the textures…

And I am going to use this lighting wherever I want, actually. You probably should be more concerned about your HDR and E3 crap.

+13 votes   media: Airex chapter start - gameplay
Cvoxalury Mar 28 2013, 5:32pm says:

Well, that I like.

+1 vote   media: canals_01
Cvoxalury Aug 31 2012, 1:50pm replied:

Ah, wait, I mistook it with Camocity.

You just put them in the mod's root folder.

+1 vote   download: Color Correction Patch
Cvoxalury Aug 31 2012, 1:44pm replied:

There is the readme file.

+1 vote   download: Color Correction Patch
Cvoxalury Jul 27 2012, 10:25am replied:

Huh. I would say that this is actually based a little too freely on the concept.

+1 vote   media: WIP Concept remake
Cvoxalury Jul 27 2012, 3:28am says:

Erm... which concept is remade here?..

+1 vote   media: WIP Concept remake
Cvoxalury Jul 10 2012, 5:21am replied:

Correct, so this is a start (or pre-start, so to say) to the Airex chapter. After the train crash Alyx leads us through a riverbed to a dam (under a pressure from Combine patrols in the region) and then through tunnels to a cliff road which leads to the Alyx's stash, by the time Gordon exits the stash it's evening with red dying sun, so time on maps is correlated.

+2 votes   media: Scrapland
Cvoxalury Jul 3 2012, 5:12am says:

The Sector 17 logo is on a wrong side of the tower, like in ШЛЫК's mod. I did'nt have a chance to tell him in the time, but I will not loose this chance this time.

P.S. I love the sky.

+3 votes   media: d2_airex_01
Cvoxalury May 14 2012, 3:39am replied:

Em?.. it's in RtB... p. 142.

+3 votes   media: xxx
Cvoxalury May 13 2012, 3:09am replied:

Well, snipers were nothing like that. They were either robots or like soldiers but with more massive camo suit, and a sniper on Borealis makes even less sense then a cremator, while it is not absurd for Combine soldiers to bring a cremator upon the ship to clean up the mess if Combine were planning to re-use the ship. And they did bring stalkers and alien assassins with them.

+3 votes   media: xxx
Cvoxalury Feb 6 2012, 8:41am replied:

Размытые текстуры это олдскульно же. Древний графон.

Вообще, мы не показыаем слишком хороший графон, чтобы он оставался козырем на будущее.

+1 vote   media: The Old City
Cvoxalury Jan 3 2012, 2:08pm replied:

Брашь пола\стен\чего угодно должна быть вот этой ентитью, и текстура на ней должна иметь соответствующий шейдер и параметры. Для примера смотри materials\glass\reflectiveglass002.vmt

+6 votes   media: The Arcade hall (WIP)
Cvoxalury Jan 3 2012, 12:55pm replied:

func_reflectiveglass же! Это совершенно реалтаймовые отражения.

+5 votes   media: The Arcade hall (WIP)
Cvoxalury Dec 29 2011, 10:11am says:

Самая что ни на есть совьет скамейка. RAZOR1703 очевидно не признаёт её потому, что СССР закончилось задолго до него…

+2 votes   download: Bench
Cvoxalury Nov 22 2011, 2:23am replied:

Мрамор для Вертиго-Паласа, ржавь и грязные окна для города, камни и кости для Пустоши…

+1 vote   media: Dark Interval — Intro
Cvoxalury Oct 25 2011, 7:10pm replied:

Nope. Какой это спойлер, это же и так все знают.

+1 vote   media: «Hyperborea», part I
Cvoxalury Oct 22 2011, 4:14pm says:

а) я таки не заглядывал на крематорскую фабрику.
б) они не нужны. Зачем?
в) они будут сделаны потом. Бесайдс, в Разломе им особо делать нечего, да и по улицам шляться не положено.

+3 votes   media: Dark Interval — Combine Factories (WIP)
Cvoxalury Sep 14 2011, 8:50pm says:

Great, reminds me of some of Antonov's steampunk works like Vulcanobros.

+1 vote   media: City of Overwatch
Cvoxalury Sep 10 2011, 6:20pm says:

It's really NOT another beta mod.

+6 votes   mod: Dark Interval
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