My nickname is pronounced [kvoz/\luri]. Things I love: Dead Space, Propper (Hammer compiler), Win 8, coffee. Things I hate: TF2, Garry's mod, unnecessary graphical things like parallax and people who're praising these over anything else, and lack of real, widespread advancement in computer-user interface.

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Cvoxalury Sep 18 2014, 6:33pm says:

Всему свое время, и российский триколор пойдет туда же. В очень скором темпе.

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Cvoxalury Aug 28 2014, 3:39am replied:

The archived thing is just an unfortunate nuisance. Bear with it a little longer. Oh, and while it says 'ceased development', the archiving also applies to mods that temporarily halted development (and I am developing at this very moment, so that's not the case either).

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Cvoxalury Aug 27 2014, 11:56am says:


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Cvoxalury Aug 22 2014, 10:57am says:

Resembles Dead Money's Ghost people very closely.

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Cvoxalury Aug 4 2014, 4:52am replied:

I know what that error mean, but how can entity number vary from player to player? What changes it? If there is an answer to this question, it would be an answer to the error.

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Cvoxalury Aug 2 2014, 5:18pm replied:

I'm getting the ed_alloc error on d2_aires_02 as well now (with ed_alloc 4096, 8192 and 16384 all the same). Heh. It's sort of inconsistent and different to track down. I'll let know if I find a way to prevent it.

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Cvoxalury Aug 2 2014, 3:10am replied:

You mean bright red crosses everywhere? Those should be rain particles but they're not being precached, hence the engine 'missing particle' effect. Use r_drawparticles 0 console command to disable particle rendering, I'm not sure if there are other workarounds; forcing the game to precache the file needed doesn't help, and I think the problem lies in the rain tutorial from VDC (I assume the team tried to follow that tutorial).

For the ed_alloc thing, try launching the mod with command line parameter -max_edicts 4096 or -max_edicts 8192 added.

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Cvoxalury Jul 30 2014, 8:47am says:

Looks nice. c17_03? Or just some apartment?

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Cvoxalury Jul 26 2014, 5:32pm replied:

Story mods? As in, with in-game storyline being present and played through? Don't know of any, actually. Other than Missing Info if you count Borealis chapter with narrating done by a couple of voiced bits from the leak.

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Cvoxalury Jul 23 2014, 5:01am replied:

We've already passed the ten mods mark actually. In more or less chronological order w/o the ones pronounced dead:
1) Missing Information
2) Project 9 (I dunno, ?)
3) Old Story
4) Vertigo
5) Conscript
6) The Origin
7) Dark Interval
8) Insolence
9) RtB
10) Cremation
11) Depot
12) Town 17
13) Dark Skies
14) Alpha Retaliation

And I might be forgetting some.

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Cvoxalury Jul 14 2014, 3:05pm replied:

I wonder why haven't you mentioned Raising the Bar mod.

Have you simply forgotten, or didn't know it's there, or were you only counting presumably dead ones?

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Cvoxalury Jul 13 2014, 12:58pm replied:

Машины надо заменять на американские 60-70х годов. Такие, как Ford Thunderbolt 1964, для него вот недавно обнаружили текстуру в бете, очень примитивную и неиспользуемую, но указывает всё на эту модель. Хотя, возможно, текстура для Thunderbird того же года, но это сомнительно, первая больше походит на остальные старые автомобили на картах стилем.

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Cvoxalury Jul 12 2014, 9:27am says:

See, that's one of my problems with posting stuff that's WIP. I post it, and almost immediately make it better in some way or other.
Well, still, I think I'm heading in the right direction. Gonna work on surfaces now.

+3 votes     media: Further progress update
Cvoxalury Jul 11 2014, 1:39pm replied:

There are just lots of things the meaning of which is... mysterios at best times. In such cases I just remind myself that is has been 10 years of alien regime, and some amount of time of constant Xen invasions prior to it. So, many things could have came up. It also applies to the way many things in concepts blend (or rather don't do this well) in original City setting. I kinda love that, too. In some ways it is similar to "Blade Runner", which had some urban set pieces which were basically effeciency/function-oriented nonsense, with no damns given about whether it fits its surrounding, plus this special thing when you see pretty old, classical may I say, 'overgrown' with future tech. Because the world ended and no one cares about protecting humanity legacy now. Kinda same deal in original C17.

This all being said, I don't think that's a rebel thing. Well, except if it's out of the city, but that's doubtful. It doesn't look well defended or even hidden. Probably just some proles hiding here. Or it used to be their shelter.

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Cvoxalury Jul 11 2014, 10:38am says:

mat_specular 0
mat_specular 1.

Also, try to learn a bit more about setting HDR up in Source. It takes a little more than just compiling maps with HDR settings, you also need to set up env_tonemap_controller entity to avoid the HDR getting too bright, as seen above.

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Cvoxalury Jul 9 2014, 9:22am replied:

Haha, but Source is old, too, to this matter.

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Cvoxalury Jul 6 2014, 8:51pm replied:

Wow, cool! So you know your way around all tech stuff. You making you're own mod, then? Why aren't you making your own mod?

-1 votes     mod: Missing Information
Cvoxalury Jul 6 2014, 2:20am replied:

Wow, it looked like you smashed this dev guy in pieces, and he was all, like, flat, and bloodied! Did you really do that? It seemed so real. You're cool.

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Cvoxalury Jul 5 2014, 6:51am replied:

What was that?

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Cvoxalury Jul 3 2014, 3:30am replied:

У тебя же "кодинг" в половине случаев сводится к маппингу. Какая разница? Лучше бы просто оформил как мап-фиксы, и все. Как одиночные фиксы на хл-бете есть.

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Cvoxalury Jun 16 2014, 5:20am replied:

I'm not sure. Maybe it's 16? Source allows to have max 16 sounds per channel as I understand it, and amb_generics are on the same channel I guess. There are separate channels like CHAN_WEAPON, CHAN_VOICE, CHAN_BODY, and I suppose also for physics sounds and some else.

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Cvoxalury Jun 15 2014, 10:30pm replied:

Sure is. The same way as with editing any particles' color. I guess I'll look into it someday. Plus, there's lots of ways to improve the fire... assign it with sounds (default HL2/Epx fires don't produce sounds on their own, the sounds are placed by level designer), add heatwave particles, maybe add fire spreading. The sound part is tricky though, when there are too many fires (i.e. if 3 or 4 cremators are fighting someone at the same time), there would be too many sounds and other sounds would be silenced.

+1 vote     media: This is what I call a f**king flamethrower
Cvoxalury Jun 15 2014, 12:06pm replied:

I'm not really a person responsible for it... but yeah. The old fire just looked more alive, even. This one is just pale and... grainy, I dunno.

+1 vote     media: This is what I call a f**king flamethrower
Cvoxalury Jun 15 2014, 12:26am replied:

One problem (besides slowness) is that their walking is loud as hell, giving away their presense to you from miles away. Were they silent, they would be ouflanking the player and frying him in seconds (totally silent geth pyros from Mass Effect 3 come to mind). Proper level designing could help with that though, giving them sudden entrances, attacks from below and above, ambushes...

+1 vote     media: This is what I call a f**king flamethrower
Cvoxalury Jun 15 2014, 12:08am replied:

Luckily, they don't fire at you infinitely. They now have bursts, the length of which correlates with difficulty level, i.e. on Easy they fire at you for a few seconds, leaving you with about 30-40 hp, while on Medium and Hard they fire for a longer amount of time and, yeah, can just fry you. That, plus those spawning fires, which also deal their own damage.

+2 votes     media: This is what I call a f**king flamethrower
Cvoxalury Jun 8 2014, 7:37pm replied:

That's sad to hear, for me personally. Imo it has solid potential, at least with some of mechanics aspects being revised.

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Cvoxalury Jun 8 2014, 2:27pm replied:

He's been banned. I won. The work can now be continued. Everything went pretty well (except that his obvious bot, TheLeha69rus, hasn't been banned, for some reason)

>He's probably undercover for Missing Information or something

Oh, please... this is even less likely than him leaving us alone on his own.

>If you really want to cancel then at least release your work and pass it on to the Raising the Bar or Insolence team they could make good use of it

That would be the plan. Don't worry.

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Cvoxalury Jun 7 2014, 6:10pm replied:

What is made so far is way unfinished. I'd say, it isn't much different from just dowloading the Leak and play it, if only more fancy and a little more stable. So I'd really prefer not to.

The effort didn't have a solid and accurate vector, so to speak. A lot of small things were done, instead of bringing something to singularity of quality, readiness.

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Cvoxalury Jun 7 2014, 3:18pm replied:

Since I do care slightly for reputation, let's speak of two points here.

1) I never found an ignore button in PM settings. Don't believe it's there.

2) I wanted to wait a little longer, preferrably till I get the results I want, but here's the deal: I'm not doing anything until this person is banned. I contacted support staff, not sure I constructed my request correctly, feel free to advise how to do so. Until then, I wait.


As I understand, coolguy32 produced like HUNDRED times less headache. Trust me. romanix199's persistance and inability to understand could be rivaled to that of a schizofrenic person, yet the act wouldn't be so prolonged in this case. I honestly don't care if this is an actual brain damage we're talking here or trolling. The decision is made, I wait, and we all hope staff can see the root of problem, and take it out.

Besides, he isn't even 'spewing trash', he just GETS to me. Every day, every half a day even, there is new message about him making some apologies and pleading to answer, to which I already answered, numerous times, 'leave me alone'. He does not understand. And then he immediately goes into aggro mode, telling that he will not leave me alone until I answer. Which I did! But no. So, a no to a no.

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Cvoxalury Jun 7 2014, 10:29am replied:

Если я с кем-то соберусь поделиться, то определенно, наиопределеннейше, не с тобой.

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