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Cryptdidical Aug 31 2015 says:

The derailed tram is an excellent touch! Loving how much detail and atmosphere this mod has! You can tell that great care in aesthetic design and passion went into this all, that's what makes these mods that much more enjoyable!

+3 votes   media: New Shots for Your Perusal
Cryptdidical Jul 22 2015 says:

I played it, and loved it. That WON demo worked well for me! Thank you for that :)
As for the mod, it didn't faff about... once I turned my back to see hear the moans and gurgles (Damn them, they sounded like they had lacerated vocal chords, yet still urged to use them to make noises... disgusting!) of reanimated teddy-bear corpses I knew I was going to be scared. And I wanted to be scared. If there's one thing I truly loved about the atmosphere of the great They Hunger trilogy, it was the suicidal feeling of being alone. With the dead always being one step ahead of you (or behind you in the dark) you felt like pointing the gun at yourself to save the trouble. I loved that feeling of hopelessness. And this mod (albeit a demonstration of your progress) made me want to find somewhere to stay and hide. As cool as they were, I didn't want to see any more monsters, I wanted to feel safe. But sure enough in this fever dream, safety is a luxury none seem to be able to afford.
Level design complimented this atmosphere, as did the custom model work, sounds, voice acting. Hell it's just what a great horror mod needs. I see great potential for a truly memorable mod. Looking forward to more progress.
Thank god for Barnaby eh? :)
Good luck on the rest of the mod, Half-rats!

+4 votes   mod: Half-Rats: A Fever Dream
Cryptdidical Jul 18 2015 says:

Ah, I just ascertained that this mod seems to be for Steam Half-life... not WON.
I'll probs get it for Steam in the future, just a small boundry of mine.

+2 votes   download: Half-Rats: A Fever Demo
Cryptdidical Jul 11 2015 says:

Looking perfect! :D
Really acptures that beloved atmosphere of Bionicle so well!
You guys have done a brilliant job :)

+4 votes   media: Amaja Nui with logo
Cryptdidical Jul 8 2015 says:

Bless you half-rats! Greatly looking forward to playing this in the dark. Might even record my first impressions while playing, would be worth it. I get very impressed by mods like this, you'd only hear good things ;)
Cant wait!

+6 votes   news: Half-Rats: A Fever Demo Coming This Month for Half-Life!
Cryptdidical Jun 25 2015 says:

This mod is still top quality. Hoping that you'll return to it again soon enough to continue Dukes amazing adventures of badassery.

+1 vote   mod: Duke Nukem Forever 2013
Cryptdidical Jun 23 2015 says:

This looks great! I especially love the added detail of the sharp ridges, makes it look more threatening.

+2 votes   media: npc
Cryptdidical Jun 15 2015 says:

Was the previous idea of demons completely reworked?

+2 votes   mod: VilE
Cryptdidical Jun 10 2015 replied:

Lucky you! I always like my games in hard copy form, bit sentimental that way.

+2 votes   media: A Feast!
Cryptdidical Jun 10 2015 says:

Hmm, delicious ;)
Funny you speak of Gunman! I just binged the whole game yesterday and loved every second of it, it's such a hidden gem.
Really looking forward to this!

+3 votes   media: A Feast!
Cryptdidical Jun 8 2015 replied:

Mate, you're not alone. I also have a massive love for more Gunman.

+1 vote   member: Kire-Kitsune
Cryptdidical May 25 2015 says:

Progress! Excellent ;)

+4 votes   media: Le-Wahi jungle test
Cryptdidical May 20 2015 says:

Looks like Innsmouth or some Lovecraftian setting. In other words, a very excellent creepy atmosphere :D

+2 votes   media: FD
Cryptdidical May 20 2015 says:

Gah, dangit.
Massive shame :/

+1 vote   mod: The Hands Resist Him
Cryptdidical May 7 2015 says:

This game is brilliant, look forward to the next gen title if it comes through.

+1 vote   game: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Cryptdidical May 7 2015 says:

What the hell? Why was this abandoned?
It looks so great!
Why does this keep happening to Lovecraftian mods? Or just mods with great potential? Damn...

+2 votes   mod: The Worry of Newport
Cryptdidical May 5 2015 says:

I havent found a way to fix this mod, I like the custom content and atmosphere created. Because its been broken by the source update, I was wondering if anyone knows a surefire way to get mods like this to run again?

+1 vote   mod: The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Cryptdidical May 2 2015 says:

Creepy as hell!
Cant wait! :D

+2 votes   media: Half-Rats: A Fever Dream Official Teaser Trailer
Cryptdidical May 1 2015 says:

Hopefully this mod is not dead but dreaming...
Would like to see at least some news, even bad news.

+1 vote   mod: Cult of Cthulhu: The Great Awakening
Cryptdidical Apr 30 2015 says:

That's extremely off putting.
Nailed it Half-rats! :D
This is looking so promising! Glad to see such a engaging Halflife mod being developed, its been a long time since something on par with They Hunger showed its creepy face

+9 votes   media: Teddy Bear
Cryptdidical Apr 29 2015 replied:

A year, actually. Not that long considering how much I would like to hear news on his Cthulhu project more. But news in general would be nice.

+1 vote   mod: Crypt
Cryptdidical Apr 25 2015 says:

Looking forward to this :)
Some of these great map locations with fortresses in Hell and cars in the street look great for some bloody mayhem.

+8 votes   news: BD v20 Trailer
Cryptdidical Apr 24 2015 says:

Awesome stuff Quinjet, just played the mod again a day ago, very stmospheric and immersive. You've done great justice to the works of Lovecraft.
Still looking forward to the part 3 conclusion!

+1 vote   mod: The Intern's Story
Cryptdidical Apr 24 2015 says:

Well whatever it is, it sure doesn't sound like its coming from human vocal chords.
Exciting 8D

+2 votes   media: Half Rats - Phonograph from Hell
Cryptdidical Apr 24 2015 says:

Man you've had me sold.
This looks incredible, anything that goes to the roots of classic Half-life mods like They Hunger is welcome in my books. God that Mod still gives me the creeps, makes me feel so alone and helpless. No new Horror games, as great as they can be, can make me feel that way. Incredible stuff!
This looks great! I am going to be watching this one very closely :D
Best of luck and hope your vision becomes a reality!
Especially that modding tutorial you spoke of, I've tried modding myself but the process has been slow and tedious. Any straight forward modern tutorials will be of great help!
Cheers Half-Rats!

+6 votes   mod: Half-Rats: A Fever Dream
Cryptdidical Apr 17 2015 says:

There's got to eb something to show for this, is there any way to get into contact with the team behind this redux? Would like to know about the porgress of it all, though I suspect that its dead.

+1 vote   mod: [Mini-Redux] Cthulhu: An Unspeakable Modification
Cryptdidical Apr 17 2015 says:

Hope this hasnt been forgotten, part of me still greatly desires to see this mod finished and to soak up all its splendor.

+1 vote   mod: Cthulhu 2: The Yellow Sign
Cryptdidical Apr 5 2015 replied:

Bless you! Thank you for the link, the site looks familiar. It might very well be the same site I tried to learn mapping from way back. Seems like I was more or less on the right path.
Is Build or Mapster32 the more powerful program? I'm still uncertain what has more functions and extra utilities.
Best of luck to you, James! And to the rest of the team! Keep it up :)

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
Cryptdidical Apr 5 2015 says:

Wow, I didn't realise there were so many EDF missions available! And the small tab for Episode 3 missions? Oooh this gets me real excited. So much more to spend my time playing. This mod was well worth the wait.
It's great to have so much more to explore and play with.
Really this Mod is perhaps the most precious under-rated gem on Moddb, deserves much more attention that it gets, this could very well stand as its own game.
This makes me want to learn how to create maps for DN3D. I remember Build being finicky to use.
This game continues to blow my mind in all directions. Is there a good forum or site that gives tutorials on how to make these all possible? You've inspired me to make some kind of contribution.

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
Cryptdidical Apr 2 2015 says:

You exceeded my expectations once again guys! I loved the little details and updates to the AMC headquarters, the combat and level design is simple awesome! I cant express how much this makes me happy, its such a perfect mix and balances out so well. The mod never gets old, just when I think I've explored or discovered every thing in the mod, I find another great function of detail. Have to say, so far the level with the Mother Ship over the city has blown me away, it's so intimidating to see it blotting out the entire sky. I downright love how you stuck with Episode 2 for 4 years to get it finished, dedication and a passion for it, it shows through every bit of the mod. A product of love for sure.
I want to thank all of you for giving this wonderful game to us!

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
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