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Cryptdidical May 25 2015, 9:43am says:

Progress! Excellent ;)

+2 votes   media: Le-Wahi jungle test
Cryptdidical May 20 2015, 10:20am says:

Looks like Innsmouth or some Lovecraftian setting. In other words, a very excellent creepy atmosphere :D

+1 vote   media: FD
Cryptdidical May 20 2015, 10:19am says:

Gah, dangit.
Massive shame :/

+1 vote   mod: The Hands Resist Him
Cryptdidical May 7 2015, 6:07am says:

This game is brilliant, look forward to the next gen title if it comes through.

+1 vote   game: Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth
Cryptdidical May 7 2015, 6:04am says:

What the hell? Why was this abandoned?
It looks so great!
Why does this keep happening to Lovecraftian mods? Or just mods with great potential? Damn...

+1 vote   mod: The Worry of Newport
Cryptdidical May 5 2015, 8:41am says:

I havent found a way to fix this mod, I like the custom content and atmosphere created. Because its been broken by the source update, I was wondering if anyone knows a surefire way to get mods like this to run again?

+1 vote   mod: The Shadow Over Innsmouth
Cryptdidical May 2 2015, 9:30pm says:

Creepy as hell!
Cant wait! :D

+1 vote   media: Half-Rats: A Fever Dream Official Teaser Trailer
Cryptdidical May 1 2015, 5:16am says:

Hopefully this mod is not dead but dreaming...
Would like to see at least some news, even bad news.

+1 vote   mod: Cult of Cthulhu: The Great Awakening
Cryptdidical Apr 30 2015, 10:26pm says:

That's extremely off putting.
Nailed it Half-rats! :D
This is looking so promising! Glad to see such a engaging Halflife mod being developed, its been a long time since something on par with They Hunger showed its creepy face

+9 votes   media: Teddy Bear
Cryptdidical Apr 29 2015, 10:54pm replied:

A year, actually. Not that long considering how much I would like to hear news on his Cthulhu project more. But news in general would be nice.

+1 vote   mod: Crypt
Cryptdidical Apr 25 2015, 8:24am says:

Looking forward to this :)
Some of these great map locations with fortresses in Hell and cars in the street look great for some bloody mayhem.

+8 votes   news: BD v20 Trailer
Cryptdidical Apr 24 2015, 8:21pm says:

Awesome stuff Quinjet, just played the mod again a day ago, very stmospheric and immersive. You've done great justice to the works of Lovecraft.
Still looking forward to the part 3 conclusion!

+1 vote   mod: The Intern's Story
Cryptdidical Apr 24 2015, 4:58am says:

Well whatever it is, it sure doesn't sound like its coming from human vocal chords.
Exciting 8D

+2 votes   media: Half Rats - Phonograph from Hell
Cryptdidical Apr 24 2015, 4:42am says:

Man you've had me sold.
This looks incredible, anything that goes to the roots of classic Half-life mods like They Hunger is welcome in my books. God that Mod still gives me the creeps, makes me feel so alone and helpless. No new Horror games, as great as they can be, can make me feel that way. Incredible stuff!
This looks great! I am going to be watching this one very closely :D
Best of luck and hope your vision becomes a reality!
Especially that modding tutorial you spoke of, I've tried modding myself but the process has been slow and tedious. Any straight forward modern tutorials will be of great help!
Cheers Half-Rats!

+5 votes   mod: Half-Rats: A Fever Dream
Cryptdidical Apr 17 2015, 11:43pm says:

There's got to eb something to show for this, is there any way to get into contact with the team behind this redux? Would like to know about the porgress of it all, though I suspect that its dead.

+1 vote   mod: [Mini-Redux] Cthulhu: An Unspeakable Modification
Cryptdidical Apr 17 2015, 10:33pm says:

Hope this hasnt been forgotten, part of me still greatly desires to see this mod finished and to soak up all its splendor.

+1 vote   mod: Cthulhu 2: The Yellow Sign
Cryptdidical Apr 5 2015, 8:05am replied:

Bless you! Thank you for the link, the site looks familiar. It might very well be the same site I tried to learn mapping from way back. Seems like I was more or less on the right path.
Is Build or Mapster32 the more powerful program? I'm still uncertain what has more functions and extra utilities.
Best of luck to you, James! And to the rest of the team! Keep it up :)

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
Cryptdidical Apr 5 2015, 2:43am says:

Wow, I didn't realise there were so many EDF missions available! And the small tab for Episode 3 missions? Oooh this gets me real excited. So much more to spend my time playing. This mod was well worth the wait.
It's great to have so much more to explore and play with.
Really this Mod is perhaps the most precious under-rated gem on Moddb, deserves much more attention that it gets, this could very well stand as its own game.
This makes me want to learn how to create maps for DN3D. I remember Build being finicky to use.
This game continues to blow my mind in all directions. Is there a good forum or site that gives tutorials on how to make these all possible? You've inspired me to make some kind of contribution.

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
Cryptdidical Apr 2 2015, 8:51am says:

You exceeded my expectations once again guys! I loved the little details and updates to the AMC headquarters, the combat and level design is simple awesome! I cant express how much this makes me happy, its such a perfect mix and balances out so well. The mod never gets old, just when I think I've explored or discovered every thing in the mod, I find another great function of detail. Have to say, so far the level with the Mother Ship over the city has blown me away, it's so intimidating to see it blotting out the entire sky. I downright love how you stuck with Episode 2 for 4 years to get it finished, dedication and a passion for it, it shows through every bit of the mod. A product of love for sure.
I want to thank all of you for giving this wonderful game to us!

+3 votes   game: The AMC TC: Episode Two
Cryptdidical Mar 29 2015, 5:22am says:

When I get my hands on my PC again I will be sure to download this and play the nights away!
Some high quality mod development here, truly unique and fun. So much replay value it's beautiful! :D
So very looking forward to the next chapter of the story!

+2 votes   news: AMC TC Episode two released!
Cryptdidical Mar 22 2015, 6:40pm says:

Great model! This is looking very promising

+2 votes   media: Coming in 2015 ...
Cryptdidical Mar 19 2015, 9:06am says:

This is great news! Really, thank you very much for being dedicated to adding more to this mod!
I loved the first, it had a lovely charm to its design, especially as it was definitely a product of enjoyment and passion.
Very much looking forward to seeing what is next in store for the AMC team!

+2 votes   news: EP2 undergoing final beta testing
Cryptdidical Feb 25 2015, 8:03pm says:

We are being patient, it's all we can be, but a little update every now and then is not much to ask for just to assure us that it's not abandoned.

+1 vote   mod: Area 51 Remake
Cryptdidical Feb 6 2015, 7:44am says:

Why do people annoy you on your profile? You haven't done anything wrong to me.
I've seen you show up all over the place and act respectful to other users, you're all good in my books.

+1 vote   member: Willow.
Cryptdidical Feb 6 2015, 4:21am says:

No more content? Damn

+1 vote   mod: Vamanos Diablos
Cryptdidical Jan 17 2015, 10:55pm says:

Not scary for you perhaps, consider how it might be scary for other people, yeah?
It's also just considered a classic amongst fps horror mods. A pioneer for its day.

+1 vote   mod: Afraid of Monsters DC
Cryptdidical Jan 1 2015, 4:20am says:

Proof! Thank god :3
Was hoping this wasn't dead.

+3 votes   media: Typwriter
Cryptdidical Dec 4 2014, 5:06am says:

Very good! Though for full accuracy the inner block edge corners look like they touch the outside of the gun barrel edge.

+2 votes   media: Plasma Gun Remake
Cryptdidical Nov 22 2014, 11:37pm says:

Huh, from the Area 51 game?
Damn, we need more Greys in video games. More UFO conspiracies.

+6 votes   media: other aliens...creepy
Cryptdidical Nov 21 2014, 8:01am says:

This was great! I really look forward to a second chapter if you all are still interested in continuing these crazy stories :)

+2 votes   mod: Chronicles of Weedrow
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