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Half-Rats: A Fever Dream

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The Gate 2

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Since I played The Gate 1 for Half-life 1 I was stoked to hear about a sequel and was watching it for years, from what I could see in the uploaded sreenshots it looked amazingly exciting.
Given the chance to play it to the end I have to say that I'm ambivalent, very.
I loved the locations and the idea of Area 51 and the Aliens, being interested in UFOs myself. The maps were great, the little details were nice touches. Scripted sequences were fun, truck escape in Area 51 was brilliantly put together. Custom content, even if it was taken from other sources and other notable games, made it feel fresh if also a bit strange. Characters felt flat, never did see the Irishman again sadly, thought he would be more important. Kenny came out of nowhere and disapeared just as quickly. The Greys, dont get me started, out of nowhere they suddenly confess their entire plan of the gates and Earth, and tell you to "open your mind" in a friendly way. Then all of a sudden they are the evil masterminds, wait... EVERYONE was part of the New World Order. The story got messy so quickly it made me feel quite annoyed. Was nothing you did in the first half of the game important? Some levels never went anywhere, why would they send you to Area51 to burst their own plans? Why were you abducted as a child when you weren't even born in 1969 according to your grave stone? Why did you die anticlimaticly at the end? Where did the resitance come from? The story quite obviously did not flow. So many plot holes it made the writer in me genocidal. I wanted to love the story, with more revision it could have felt incredibly zany and fun. The voice acting was great in many ways, even though despite dialogue, the characters said very little of meaning or value to the plot. I could really go on, but I have little space left. Despite it's many many flaws, the mod was still fun. I appreciate all the effort you put in, I had fun. But it left me wanting more. This could have been something much much greater.


The Shadow Over Innsmouth

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Contrary to what others may think, I see that this mod had a lot of research, time and effort put into it. The addition of so many custom objects and props, textures and re-skins etc. create a very chilling environment worthy of Lovecraft's praise.

In case others do not know, and are wondering upon the origin of this mod. It is based upon "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" by renowned horror-writer HP Lovecraft. The story is all in there, and it is definitely worth a read for those that love a creepy story.

Being me, I took note of every detail (and found a few humorous easter eggs), and while granted there were a lot of things that could have been refined and fixed up I understand that it was a student project, and thus has it's limitations to how much effort can be put in before a certain deadline. Regardless of this minor constraint it has achieved greatly and does justice to Lovecraft's Mythos and legacy. A welcome addition in my eyes.

Good effort, I am impressed. Lovecraftian mods are few but this one like so little others succeeds where many have failed.

Cthulhu Fhtagn my friends, Cthulhu Fhtagn.


The Intern's Story

Mod review

I have always been a fan of HP Lovecraft's works. And although this is not completely connected to his Mythos, the influence and atmosphere is very much present from his stories.
First time I played this, I was hesitant to investigate the mysterious banging sound, a very ominous feeling takes hold that fills be with discomfort, but great satisfaction. And this feeling was persistent throughout the mod and I congratulate you for succeeding in that area!
I enjoyed the fact there was no combat, it emphasized that helpless, powerless feeling that requires quick thinking in the face of danger. It also meant that you had more of a reason to appreciate and soak in the environment and atmosphere of the story!
Going through the files, I found sound labelled with Shoggoths and Whippoorwills, I was very glad to see some links to Lovecraft that were not mentioned in the game :) The use of music and ambience by Allicorn was perfect, as well as the choice of vintage early 20th century music.
For me this mod has great replayability, probably due to my love for Lovecraft's Mythos, but even so it's a mod that I always enjoy and cherish.
Greatly looking forward to part 3, from what I can already see it looks as enjoyable and brilliant as the first ;)
Keep up the good work! I am always eagerly awaiting news!

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