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Return of Shadow

Mod review - 3 agree - 3 disagree

I didn't play it yet but because of the variety of factions that will be available (I hope) I give you a grade 10. Hope to see a full version soon.


Vader's New Order

Mod review - 4 agree - 2 disagree

It's not original, it's not your work so my rating is very generous.


Alliance at War

Mod review - 4 disagree

The ships are way too big. You could have at least put more turrets on them. When a ship is destroyed it falls apart way to fast for something that big so that should be adjusted a bit too.

Over all, it's a good mod, but the ships are just too big.


Homeworld 2 Complex Simple

Mod review

It's good but it still need's some fixes and changes :)


The Ridder Clan Mod

Mod review - 12 agree - 2 disagree

After Geel contacted me and provided the fix I gave the mod another chance. At it's current state the mod is doing good. There are some maps that do not support BFME1 and/or 2 mode so they end instantly and few other things that need to be tweaked.

All together, I have decided to give this mod a 10 only because the mod creator is personally taking his time to get the mod working for individuals and I honestly do believe that after few fixes it will be a mod worth playing.




Third Age - Total War

Mod review

Do I need to say anything? ;)



Mod review

I also give a 9 to you mostly because it's not being worked on the mod.


Edain Mod

Mod review - 4 agree - 1 disagrees

Screw it, you guys are doing a awesome work :D Keep it up


Thrawn's Revenge: Imperial Civil War: The Warlords

Early access mod review

Do I even need to say anything? xD
Keep up the awesome work.