He has waited for years. His dream finally achieved. The Emperor killed by Darth Vader and his new apprentice. Now absolute power is his! He will not stop until the Rebellion is crushed and all pretenders are destroyed. The Empire will bring peace to the galaxy. Vader will restore order. The Dark Side shall rule forever under Vader's New Order! Will you take up the reigns of the the Galactic Empire, now ruled by Darth Vader and Darth Caezar, and achieve the ancient Sith dream of total galactic domination? Will you fight for so-called freedom and justice as the Rebel Alliance and restore the Republic to the galaxy? Or will lead the Zann Consortium, led by Tyber Zann and the rogue Sith Lord Darth Ravager, and spread corruption to every corner and build a new evil Empire? Tons of new units, heroes, planets, and more in this new take on the Star Wars saga.

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You have correct your past mistakes giving the proper credits,Ilike your attitude.

To use anothers work is fine, but with out giving any credit out and in essence pretty much saying it's all entirely your own work makes it just a blatent rip off of someone else's hard work.

It's not original, it's not your work so my rating is very generous.

This mod is from Z3r0x and you only changed 4 things and said everything is yours.

this mod is keeping others work from going to waste as well as from being forgotten. as long as Caesar keeps his word and add's all due credits in the final version, this mod will do fine.

This is a rip -off of z3rox's addon mod, hardly any new stuff at all. my advice is to not to Download it


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This mod best mod to foc


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