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Dead Meets Lead

Game review

The premise is cool, but with the simplicity of combat I need something like actual loot to keep me going. : /


5 Minutes RPG

Game review

It's functional, but it becomes samey in not even 5 minutes.


Super Office Stress

Game review

Graphics are unimpressive, the premise isn't explained, the controls aren't explained, items aren't explained, combat is weird, I can't even tell if I'm playing correctly...



Game review

Excellent metroidvania-style side-scroller.

Lots of loot, weapons, armor and customizability.

Good use of RPG mechanics in what would otherwise be a fairly simplistic side-scroller.


I Shall Remain

Game review

The premise of this game is something I've been looking for for the longest time.

The ability to improve your stats by using them, scavenge items, sell them, recruit people and specialize make this the kind of zombie game I've always wanted.


NEO Scavenger

Game review

I've been looking for a game with as much depth as this for quite some time.

Character customization sets the scene for the style of gameplay you're going to experience. A tough character can manage in combat, but more fragile characters will need to hide to survive encounters. A botanist can scavenge and recognize edible herbs.

The cities are some of the best places to scavenge, but beware what you might come across if you aren't careful.

Survival is not a certainty, but by fighting, hiding, scavenging and planning ahead you can get by.

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