Super Office Stress is an action roguelike (yes!) where you have to climb your way to the top of big corporation. By the way you need to make use of any office equipment you can find by eating throwing and equipping it.

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tl;dr - if you never played a jam game, this is your chance. Feed a dev and have a look at one of the most interesting concepts in the indie world - 48h games.

Now, before you decide whether you're going to buy the game or not, or to rate it a 1 or a 10, there are two things you should know.

1. We're talking Sos Sosowski here. Like, you know: McPixel, Super Pig and so on. Google is your friend if you don't know those yet. Point is: don't expect sanity to touch this game even with a 5ft pole.

2. Super Office Stress originates from the Indie Buskers jam. It was basically made from scratch in 48hrs, complete with Sosowski making his sprites dance for the audience and having them guess what his first 3D asset would be.

Now you may judge it. 48hrs. Insane concept of an office roguelike where you make it to the top.

Down to the game then. The gameplay is fast, if too easy (well, by rogue standards, that is). The mouse has a tendency to overreact - but thank god it's tweakable in the options. You may play the game from a first- or third-person perspective.

Eat furniture, throw it at your coworkers, or equip it and become a... well a furniture monster is the best and probably only way to put it. Kill, kill, kill until you're at the top of ****** Ltd. - *literally* at the top. It's the nature of roguelikes. Except this time you're going up instead of down. Not a first, but it's still interesting, and you can really track your progress as you can always see the exterior.

So yeah, the game is very simple by design and nature. It doesn't stop it from being a highly enjoyable coffeebreak romp. If you really have to give it a negative, it's the music: only one very repetitive track (the one in the video). But then again that's what external players with your own music are for, and 48h fly by. It would rate lower if it were a "full-blown" game. But from a jam game... It wouldn't be reasonable to ask for much more. Now to wait for McPixel. You better not disappoint, Sos. :D

the people on the first floor are too freaken OP i died in two hits

Good way to spend a couple of hours. Can be a bit repetetive, especially once you start getting solid items later on; enemies may do well to be a bit more difficult.

Overall, good way to decompress after a long day at the office.

This game is the most hopeless attempt for entertainment in the whole known universe and is just crap overall, I could make a better game then this. Only benders play and like this game

I'm not sure what to say about this game. I'm not sure why I'm here. And I'm not sure why I'm doing this, this was one of the worst games I've ever played in my entire life, and I've played Superman 64 and Big Rigs.

The graphics, well, are creepy and just looking at it makes you puke, the commands? DOn't work properly, I mean, nothing in this game works properly. Every single move oyu make makes this game even strange, I just began and I was like "what were they thinking, were the smelling cats?!".

My Review ends here because there's nothing to say....

i love this game yeaaaaa

My mind is blown.Totally.

Literally unplayable. The Linux version freezes at startup (waiting forever with a blank window) if the user has chosen to abstain from installing PulseAudio.

(Which can't be THAT rare, given how prone PulseAudio is to bad interactions with Wine.)


I don't know what this game want me to do

Extremely fun. It gets a bit repetitive, and it lasts a bit too long without a save feature (that I have seen), but it is great in short bursts.

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