Dead Meets Lead is every bit and piece of what a challenging zombie-slaying action game should be. Enter the role of the 18th century commander who’s on a mission to obliterate evil, by fighting your way through the island of El Mirando. A mystic plague has consumed the inhabitants of this island and you'll have to liberate their souls by sword, and travel deep into the island to find and stop the dark minds behind the cursed disease. You’ll have to act, think and move fast if you want to survive the horrors of these wicked parts of the world. And do not hope for any rescue or help, it’s all up to you and you alone!

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A sword/gun isometric zombie hack-n-slash game set on a deserted island in a pirate age theme.

Easy to learn.
Rewards are not too hard to get.
Runs smooth on high settings with mid-range PC.
Rage meter gets higher the more you kill.
Rage kill gets more powerful the higher it gets.

Zombies get repeatitive.
Sometimes you get massly outnumbered.
Locations all have similair look/feel.
Not enough variety in weapons/maps or missions.
Some weapons you purchase are not useful and you have to buy them first to find out that some are too slow.

It's pretty fun, but i find the combat system pretty dull

Provides lot of zombie killing fun and has some nice features but sadly it feels repedative after some time of playing and my interest was no more. Overall I think the games a 7/10, It can be seen that lots of work was put into it's development and it's not all that bad. Multiplayer would be a great addon that would make the game much more successful.

I like the game, but the only way I can beat it is by hiding in houses, and even at that I still take massive amounts of damage, Its very fun but extremely hard I cant beat the level where you start out with about 30 ammo for your gun, the bullets go through the zombies sometimes, and there to laggy but I still love the idea of the game.

Its actually sad they closed shop, with 80k+ pirates playing according to their internal game statistics you would think this game would have at least minimaly sustainable sales.

That being said the game fairs well in the graphics and audio department, the overall presentation isn't bad tho it feels like a early 2000's game.

It is challenging and with no difficulty setting whatsoever might set some people off regardless it is a fun game, probably not the kind of game one would clock many hours in a row due to its difficulty.

I personaly won't say the lack of a multiplayer mode is a con but I think more could have been done with the game.

Still I give it a nice 7/10... games are supposed to be entertainment and this definitely entertains my time, given its now freeware everyone should at least give it a try.


It lacks only of a good multiplayer mode

I'm not sure why but I really like this game. Its dead simple (no pun intended) and I can just kind of zone out and play it. The difficulty is a bit crazy on some levels though.

A few things that I think could have made the game better

* leveling or skill system
* endless wave mode

Overall the combat is very simple, but the game is also really short. For the price I paid (free) it was great. Also really high production values, bravo to the (now defunkt :( ) dev team.

Nice game to smash zombies in another style.


awsome gameplay amazing graphics an overall just awsome

i love this game, bro

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