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Blaise90 Jan 25 2012, 3:09pm says:

keep goin guys,
Good luck

+2 votes   mod: Bleach X Slash
Blaise90 Jan 14 2012, 7:00pm says:

nice one you guys are the real deal :)

+5 votes   media: Survivor Infantry
Blaise90 Jan 13 2012, 4:43pm replied:

good to hear it's close to release :)

+1 vote   mod: Kung Fu Evolution.
Blaise90 Sep 23 2011, 1:39pm says:

purely amazing
you guys did a marvelous job with this modell o.o

+2 votes   media: Female Jedi and Sith UDK Render Test
Blaise90 Aug 5 2011, 6:12am says:

keep up, can't wait for it :)

+2 votes   news: Some news
Blaise90 Jul 27 2011, 3:11am says:

you're the god of max payne modding!

+1 vote   media: Some Particles
Blaise90 Jul 27 2011, 3:10am says:

epic, keep up the awesomeness :)

0 votes   media: Progress
Blaise90 Jul 27 2011, 3:02am says:

haha badass! :)

+1 vote   media: Ohhh...
Blaise90 Jul 11 2011, 5:28am says:

beautiful work

+1 vote   media: Knights of Lordaeron
Blaise90 Jun 26 2011, 5:58am says:

looks nice, great progression :)

+3 votes   news: WftO -- Weekly Update June 24
Blaise90 Jun 18 2011, 4:29am says:

again one for the home-team -> IN

+1 vote   media: Allies Rocketeer Concept
Blaise90 Jun 18 2011, 4:29am says:

definitely in :)

+1 vote   media: Allies Chrono Legionnaire Concept
Blaise90 Jun 4 2011, 6:05am says:

keep up the work, seems fine as these models called "WIP" -> Work in Progress for the whiners :P

I hope this will be something sweet :)

+2 votes   mod: Bleach X Slash
Blaise90 Jun 2 2011, 2:39pm replied:

good to hear it(I can understand it, as all of us i think), but you can understand us too, because it was about 4 months ago when the last update was posted

and as you see, if we see in general the mods altogether, after about half a year without news we can say that a mod is literally "dead" (i know technically this wasn't half a year..)

+1 vote   mod: Imperial Reign
Blaise90 May 31 2011, 2:36am says:

awsome job :)
Looks great, if you correct those small mistakes, it will be a perfect map :)

+3 votes   media: Early Cloud City WIP Images
Blaise90 May 30 2011, 7:31am says:

Swiss cloud you make a ninja bow unit? it would be sweet and accurate to have ninjas with bows not just grenades :)

+1 vote   mod: Additional Units Mod - Shogun (AUM-SHO)
Blaise90 May 27 2011, 12:29pm says:

nice :)

+2 votes   media: Generic Human Male WIP
Blaise90 May 27 2011, 11:33am replied:

hm, so sorry to hear it, maybe in the future it will change(I hope so...)
It's really bothersome that CA goes against mod-ability....
After M2TW they gone crazy and well I must say they lost many customers, because I myself as many of us i think didn't buy the last two TW game, but a glimpse of hope came for me, when i saw shogun 2 and i bought it, so I hope they'll change their policy and release a proper modding tool. After all they too could learn from modders in some areas and It's true I love shogun 2 already, they really made great job with it, but such mods like yours or other awesome modders are essential for re-playability.

So all that remains is hoping for better modding tools, better modability :(
Anyway keep up the great work, i love your unit ideas and job you've done so far :)

+1 vote   mod: Additional Units Mod - Shogun (AUM-SHO)
Blaise90 May 23 2011, 6:57am says:

Is this mod alive?
It was too good of an idea to die.. :S
Company of Heroes game mechanics would be really great for a Star Wars based game

+2 votes   mod: Imperial Reign
Blaise90 May 22 2011, 4:45am replied:

well it would be sweet :) a Chu-ko-Nu ashigaru unit :) with rapid fire :D Oda would rule with those :)

+1 vote   mod: Additional Units Mod - Shogun (AUM-SHO)
Blaise90 May 21 2011, 8:31am replied:

Thanks :) It's colorless, because I was almost late with it, when the idea came :)

+1 vote   media: Lego Wars - Geralt Edition
Blaise90 May 20 2011, 11:35am replied:

well, that's what's tracking for friend :)

+3 votes   mod: ZombieMod
Blaise90 May 20 2011, 11:32am says:

sweet model :)

+1 vote   media: E-11 WIP
Blaise90 May 20 2011, 10:27am replied:

I think it will be still an arena based multiplayer type game as it looks like, but I wouldn't mind it. But in unreal tournament games(as you know this engine is based upon UT 3 and its clearly visible in the video too) there are such gametypes as capture the flag/vehicle ctf/Warfare etc. which could be a nice base for such needs as yours(massive, objective based battles). But that would be a hell of a work to get together, so its too early on drawing conclusions.

+1 vote   game: Movie Battles III
Blaise90 May 20 2011, 3:34am says:

if you want to still try new variations i sortedo ut the weapons for you that were used in japan between 1500-1600.

Wakizashi: slightly curved, single edged short sword, worn at all times by samurai
Ninja-to: similar to wakizashi except straight blade, to be caught with one carried a death penalty
Boken: wooden sword
Shinai: splint bamboo sword, used in Kendo
Kama: Sickle shaped weapon, considered a suitable weapon for women
Kusari-gami: kama with a long chain attached to end.
Tonfa: parry weapon and club similar but thicker than present day police club PR-24
Kuroba: club
Jo sticks: fighting sticks
Masakari, ono: ax

Katana: slightly curved, one single edged long sword, worn outside by samurai
Tachi: straight single edged long sword from 300AD to 850AD
Shikomi-zue: staff with knife hidden with ends


Yari: normal spear, could be 5 meters to a little over 7 meters
Kagayari: yari with two prongs pointed downward away from head
Magayari: yari with two prongs pointing straight outward from head
Bisento: heavy headed spear, curved with a notch on back of head


Naginata: curved sword headed pole arm, size of base depending on if horse or on foot, generally height of user, weapon considered suitable for women
Nagamaki: similar to Naginata but longer blade


No-daichi: "horse-killing sword", about six feet long sword
Tetsubo: very large club with rivets hammered into it


Chu-ko-nu: 15 shot, repeating cross bow (subject to jamming)


Ninja bow: illegal, short bow


Daikyu bow: traditional Japanese longbow can be used on horseback or on foot

Hope it helps you gettin new ideas :)

+2 votes   mod: Additional Units Mod - Shogun (AUM-SHO)
Blaise90 May 20 2011, 2:54am replied:

and what will be your next additions?
I'm kinda eager to find out :) you also released/unlocked so many nice units :)

+1 vote   mod: Additional Units Mod - Shogun (AUM-SHO)
Blaise90 May 20 2011, 12:58am says:

My pleasure, it looks really impressive and have great potential in it.

+1 vote   member: Blaise90
Blaise90 May 19 2011, 6:48am says:

Well, this mod was always been a great promise to me. It's a sweet and unique idea bringing a real zombie survival and mix it with real time strategy. I watched it from the beginning and it's good to see it finally realizing before our very eyes :)
Thumbs up for the awsome work guys! :)
Keep it up! :)

+5 votes   mod: ZombieMod
Blaise90 May 19 2011, 4:55am says:

don't be so strict, it's great so far and surely you won't watch them from full zoom in the heat of the battle, i think in game you wont be even noticing it.
I think its good enough for a 5/5 :)

+1 vote   media: Protectors of the Homeland
Blaise90 May 19 2011, 3:00am says:

yeah, we got carried away with the "historical" fact... too bad :)
anyway i'm too a bit confused, because i thought Leon_Kilean would be at least second, he has a real potential in funny comics :)
Con.grats for the winners and thanks CD Projekt Red for the nice competition.

+2 votes   news: The Witcher 2: Alternate Endings comp Winners!
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