Kung Fu Evolution is my idea of the ultimate kung fu mod for mp2.
After reading several hours of code from The Real World mp1 mod,
i started implenting a similar system into MP2.

I first thought it impossible to do as i was told that mp2 was a way more limited engine than mp1.
I thought to myself "that cant be", since mp2 is newer and better graphic wise, so i took on my coding hat and started writing it, and the results were stunning.

Features :

9 new story levels.

16 characters with unique fighting styles. One use katana while another uses a staff, and the rest is kung fu mad men!
Bruce lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Neo, Vergil, Wolverine, Wesker and Tao to name a few.
Most of these will have an alternative costume. or 2.. or 3 :P

Deep Kung Fu system by Me but from the idea of Kenneth Yeung and Jonathan "Maddieman" Hallier.

Mix and match some 20-30 individual moves, including Punch strings, quick and jump kicks, combo enders.

Dance around enemies with sidesteps, dodges, blocks, and parries.

Advanced kung fu enemies that can block your moves; and use their own variety of offence and defence moves to destroy you.

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You are about to play the Long Awaited mod:
Kung Fu Evolution!

Been working on this for 3 years straight now. And im very satisfied with the final product!
It's not The Real World for mp1 as MP2 engine limits alot in comparrison.
However i have the graphical edge and 14 unique characters.

How to install:
Put ALL files into your Max Payne 2 install folder.
Make sure to have set developer mode on.
Right click on the MaxPayne2 shortcut on your desktop and add: -developer -developerkeys -screenshot after maxpayne2.exe"
(Eg, "D:\Spil\RockstarGames\Max Payne 2\MaxPayne2.exe" -developer -developerkeys -screenshot )

Steam version:
Goto your games library and right click on max payne 2.
Select properties.
Select SetLaunchOptions and add -developer -developerkeys -screenshot

This has to be done so you can select alternate skins for some characters by pressing the PG UP og PG DOWN buttons.
I ran into limits of the mp2 engine that stopped me from making the alternate skins selectable from menu.
Start Max payne 2 and select Kung Fu Evolution from the drop down box.

How to play:
Customise your controls!
MB1 - Shoot (Standard combos)
MB2 - Bullettime Combo (Kicks and harder hitting combos)
E - Use (Finishers)
F - Bullettime Only (Slowmotion)

Is the setup i will recommend people for best controls.
Then go to Start Kung Fu Evolution and select Dojo where you'll learn the basics of the Kung fu system!

Feel free to report bugs, and ill try my best to fix them and send out patches:)
Enjoy the mod! and remember the F10 button for awesome screenshots :D


Decaps, Moves and Levels.

Decaps, Moves and Levels.

News 4 comments

Keeping people posted about the awesomeness happening on my pc as i write this.

Kung Fu Evolution v2

Kung Fu Evolution v2

Full Version 48 comments

Version 2 of Kung Fu Evolution. Hoping to have fixed most reported bugs.

Kung Fu Evolution 3.0 Trailer.

Kung Fu Evolution 3.0 Trailer.

Trailers 9 comments

This is the third trailer of my upcoming mod : "Kung Fu Evolution".

Kung Fu Evolution Demo

Kung Fu Evolution Demo

Demo 33 comments

The demo of the promising TC, Kung Fu Evolution. Go go go Download it :D

Kung Fu Evolution 2.0 Trailer

Kung Fu Evolution 2.0 Trailer

Trailers 18 comments

Trailer for my upcoming mod Kung Fu Evolution. Trailer is made by Vizard, who's doing fantastic jobs on his trailer. Take at look at Victoriously Enhanced...

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Mod amazing but when I play crash What can it be?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Awesome mod!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

I'm having an issue in the main story, maybe someone here can help: for some reason when I switch to fists, all of my weapons disappear? It really sucks and I have no idea how to fix it. Any help?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AndersenTheMuss Creator

Apparently one of the compromises i had to make :/ No way to be fixed, as the one thing that could've fixed it, messed up the combo system. So you're stuck with either going through the game only with guns or using fists and picking up guns and shoot until you have no ammo left and then back to fist, and so on.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

okay this time i went through the game so i could know exactly what levels don't work.
1. Dojo
2. Burly Brawl
3. Clubs 1&2
4. Wong Po

They all make the game crash saying it can't find the start room

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
AndersenTheMuss Creator

If it doesnt work you probably havent done what i wrote under "How to Install"

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Most of the maps i try to load make the game crash saying it "can't find jump room" or something

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

Hey i cant play it I use steam i enter the develper thing what do i do after that i try to do other things i dont know were to move it'

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

u could try making a shortcut of mp2 to the desktop on the steam version and then do it that way

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

The game runs with fewer bugs in highest configuration, although bugs remain unpatched. it's still fun to an extent, but after that, you really want this to be a little more accurate and perfect just the way max payne is.

the close to truth mod has good special gun moves for mona and works perfect in that, where kung fu fails, it excels. even the moves are accurate to some extent.
No disregards to anyone's work(just the truth), all I want is to see people like you work together and turn amazing piece of art into aawowamazingly spectacular game that could ever be. Matrix, Max Payne, Hulk, wolverine Boyka!! wow. *_*

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I had been following the mode for a while and jumped with joy after seeing its release. After 3 years I would be able to play it. Giving a good hour of play I feel I could have waited longer. From the read-me I was told to go to the dojo level first to learn the controls, I found that the text was unreadable due to part of it being cut off. It didn't help that the read-able text wasn't easy to understand. I then tried my hand at other levels, hoping i'll learn the controls through experience. For…

Jul 30 2012 by lordkameron

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