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axis5 May 4 2014, 9:36pm replied:

I think that might be a colony ship or colony capital, not a carrier, but who knows.

+1 vote   media: Current Batarian Fleet
axis5 May 2 2014, 4:04pm replied:

I feel like it should be the other way around. Getting the quarians and geth to cooperate is such a long effort in hand-holding, and insistence on peace and forgiveness between the two bitter rivals. Given that, and the fact that some batarian military officers are known terrorists, makes an alliance with them seem more renegade-ey than an alliance with the geth.

+3 votes   media: Batarian Dreadnought
axis5 May 13 2013, 2:10pm says:

1 is by far the best looking. The other two are fine, but to be honest they look more like something I'd expect to see in a mech anime than in the Mass Effect universe. The first also just looks more Cerberus-ey to me.

+2 votes   media: Cerberus C.A.R.E. Package cannon Concept Poll
axis5 Mar 21 2013, 10:47pm says:

Like it, except for the giant spike. Covenant ships are always so rounded and smooth; having a giant pointed structure, especially one with a square base, just looks out of place.

+2 votes   media: Covenant Siege Frigate [Concept]
axis5 Mar 18 2013, 1:57am replied:

Because it is. It's in the concept art books from ME2, but I guess they lazily photoshopped it instead of making up something new. This kind of lazy re-purposing seems normal from Bioware though, I love them but it's not the first time they've done this kind of thing. That ship looks way too technologically advanced for Vorcha imo.

+2 votes   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
axis5 Mar 17 2013, 9:37pm replied:

That's not a vorcha fighter, it's early concept art for the collectors that someone photoshopped some blood pack symbols onto.

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
axis5 Mar 9 2013, 2:32am says:

Were the planet types made custom for this mod?

+3 votes   media: Cerberus Command Ship
axis5 Mar 8 2013, 1:36pm replied:

Yeah the normandy is supposed to be totally unique, and as it is co-developed by the turians I'd imagine it looks very different too. The giant cerberus logo is why she recognized who made it. Regardless it is a beautiful ship, no need to change it or anything.

+1 vote   media: Cerberus Frigate: Skinned
axis5 Mar 7 2013, 11:47pm replied:

Awesome! That's what I was hoping for.

+3 votes   media: Systems Alliance Dreadnought: Rebellion
axis5 Mar 7 2013, 11:11pm replied:

Almost forgot, to ask! If we turn off the option in soase that makes the team colors show up on the models what will the textures look like? Will there be some sort of underlying color in that spot on the model such as blue for the alliance or purple for asari, or just no color there at all?

+2 votes   media: Systems Alliance Dreadnought: Rebellion
axis5 Mar 7 2013, 11:07pm says:

I do not understand how some people can do so much work in such little time.

+2 votes   media: Systems Alliance Dreadnought: Rebellion
axis5 Mar 4 2013, 5:47pm replied:

I don't particularly feel like setting up an account on a forum I'll likely never use just for the sake of reporting a single issue with one patch release for one mod.

+1 vote   download: UNSC Beta Patch 1
axis5 Mar 4 2013, 4:10pm says:

Not complaining, just informing the devs:

Okay so at first I could not get the patch to install. Then i deleted the previous install folder entirely, ran the .exe for the patch, selected the remove option that it then gave me, and re-installed the patched .exe again. This finally got the patch installed, but in-game I noticed some issues. The sabotage engines ability of the cradle-class is still in the research tree, the new charon ability description shows a missing string error, and the Valiant has the same abilities as the initial beta release. There could be more issues, or none at all, but for now I just wanted to give a detailed report of what I'm seeing since I haven't found anything about it on the forums or moddb.

+3 votes   download: UNSC Beta Patch 1
axis5 Feb 25 2013, 1:58am replied:

Can't complain about that!

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Prophets
axis5 Feb 25 2013, 1:30am replied:

So I guess that means the remodeled phoenix isn't going to be in it then?

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Prophets
axis5 Feb 24 2013, 11:17pm replied:

Do we know exactly what is supposed to be in the patch? I looked all over the forums and couldn't find any condensed listing, or even a thread specifically about the patch.

+1 vote   mod: Sins of the Prophets
axis5 Feb 20 2013, 4:22pm replied:

Oh ok, I remember seeing those in ME3. Odd thing is I don't think they're mentioned in the codex, despite being shown firing in so many battles in the game. The way you included them in the models looks great though.

+3 votes   media: Cerberus Cruiser: V4
axis5 Feb 20 2013, 3:51pm replied:

In that, you are correct. If they are not being launched from the planet the standard variation would do.

+2 votes   media: Cerberus/Alliance Gunship
axis5 Feb 20 2013, 11:22am replied:

If its mass effect core was of sufficient power to get it into space there would be no need for a separate modified space-worthy version. The fact that the codex entry specifies this distinct modular variation of the standard design as being suited for this role, and not just any version, means that it is not efficient. Read the whole codex entry, not just whatever bits suit your liking.

+3 votes   media: Cerberus/Alliance Gunship
axis5 Feb 20 2013, 11:18am says:

Were those little protruding bits inside the insets at the end of the outer panels/wings shown in-game? Either way they look great, makes it look interesting and still more distinct from alliance designs. Actually are they GARDIAN laser turrets?

+1 vote   media: Cerberus Cruiser: V4
axis5 Feb 19 2013, 8:01pm says:

The codex entry says that specifically, so no its mass effect fields are not sufficient.

-3 votes   media: Cerberus/Alliance Gunship
axis5 Feb 19 2013, 6:10pm says:

These are not even spacecraft. They are never shown flying in space, and while their codex description does mention that they can serve a orbital defensive role, it seems like they'd be incredibly ineffective compared to actual fighters. Putting my reservations aside, I'd still have to say that it should look very different from the standard mantis. It is described as being a modular ship that can be modified to have single stage orbital launch capability.

+4 votes   media: Cerberus/Alliance Gunship
axis5 Feb 18 2013, 10:53pm replied:

It doesn't say, but they look extremely different from the Salarian concept art ships, and as the Krogan make no ships of any kind... well yeah. Most likely they are just civilian ships of some kind, modified to house dignitaries.

+1 vote   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
axis5 Feb 11 2013, 1:28pm replied:

In the game EDI says that the Geth dreadnought is "30% larger than an Alliance dreadnought" so no it is not 3km long, and not as long as a Reaper. It would be roughly 1.33 km long, a good bit longer than a dreadnought but still far short of the 2km length of a Reaper.

+2 votes   mod: Dawn of the Reapers
axis5 Feb 6 2013, 7:58pm replied:

I'll admit that only in the concept art is it bleach white, but even in-game it looks far closer to white than grey.

0 votes   media: Collector Scout
axis5 Feb 6 2013, 12:12am says:

I hate to nitpick, but the collector cruiser's metal parts were white not grey. It only makes sense that this would be consistent for all their ships to me.

-1 votes   media: Collector Scout
axis5 Jan 24 2013, 12:33pm says:

This looks incredible, I'm really glad you guys decided to go with rebellion, because the graphics make these ships look even better.

+1 vote   media: Systems Alliance Cruiser: Rebellion
axis5 Jan 21 2013, 1:29am says:

This is going to be... really damn big. No AA defense at all? Also, what is the current model that was in the release? Was it an older model, or just a placeholder of some kind?

+1 vote   media: Cradle-class Repair Station
axis5 Jan 12 2013, 1:52am replied:

Well as they are a council race the codex says they have dreadnoughts as well, as many as the treaty will allow for at least. In ME3 it mentions that they had actually managed to outfit a full size dreadnought with stealth systems like the Normandy had, allowing it to maneuver for favorable firing positions undetected.

+2 votes   media: Salarian Concept
axis5 Jan 4 2013, 5:06pm says:

In the games and art books it is referred to as different things. It is first called a heavy human freighter in the concept art of the first game, then as a model in the captains quarters I believe it is incorrectly named athbasca class freighter, despite that ship looking entirely different in ME1. In ME3 it is referred to as a human shuttle, like a large passenger ship of some sort. In any case it is a civilian ship,and so it would make more sense to me to use it as a colony ship.

+1 vote   media: Stealth ship
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