A Halo mod for the critically acclaimed Sins of a Solar Empire, that aims to capture the fast paced intensity of the Halo series.

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Covenant Siege Frigate [Concept]
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Lockerd Mar 21 2013 says:

Looks like It'd be "fun" to skin.

your texture artist is so good, I bet almost every detail(aside from the beam) would be included.

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jokamo Mar 21 2013 says:

How would you be able to get the ship to turn sideways to glass the planet? It would look odd if the beams came from the front of the ship

+1 vote     reply to comment
Unikraken Creator
Unikraken Mar 21 2013 replied:

We can't get the ship to turn, unfortunately. I'm sure you'll cope with a forward beam or broadside plasma bombardment.

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chakotay02 Mar 22 2013 replied:

If you can't turn the ships, perhaps you can lower the planets? Just thinking out loud here.

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-Defender0- Mar 21 2013 replied:

the beams actually come from the bottom of the front section of each covenant ship that is bombarding a planet. Think of where the advent radiance class battleship fires "cleansing brilliance", thats pretty close to where the covenant bombardment beam comes from on their ships.

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-Defender0- Mar 21 2013 says:

would this be comparable to the ogrov torpedo ship in terms of its role, but with planetary bombardment as well?

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Unikraken Creator
Unikraken Mar 21 2013 replied:

No, it's still expected to be a fleet-ready ship. Ogrov's can't attack ships, last I saw. It's more like a frigate that can jump near SMACs and other structures in order to give some siege breaking ability to the Covies, since UNSC is so strong at turtling.

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-Defender0- Mar 21 2013 replied:

ok, i saw "focuses on engaging orbital structures" and thought of the ogrov. Good to know this ship can still defend itself against UNSC ships

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CanadaMan7 Author
CanadaMan7 Mar 21 2013 replied:

Eh, not really. It's similar in terms of being an anti-defensive structure ship, but it's decidedly not long range.

Edit: Uni beat me by 25 seconds.

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Chaoslord_ZX Mar 21 2013 says:

This thing looks amazing, I really can't wait to see it once it becomes a model, and then textured and placed in the mod itself. This thing will be, and is, crazy cool.

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880Zero Mar 21 2013 says:

Don't like the temple on the back all that much, but if it were trimmed down a bit I think this ship would resemble a CCS matched with a Destroyer. Can also see as the energy projector charges, the arms move down to focus the beam and back up during idle. Of course Sins doesn't support animations. :P

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Unikraken Creator
Unikraken Mar 21 2013 replied:

Throw that trimming idea at Didact when you hand this concept off to him.

+3 votes   reply to comment
james340 Mar 21 2013 says:

Looks awesome!

+1 vote     reply to comment
axis5 Mar 21 2013 says:

Like it, except for the giant spike. Covenant ships are always so rounded and smooth; having a giant pointed structure, especially one with a square base, just looks out of place.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Defect450 Mar 22 2013 says:

This looks amazing.

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Hellstormer321 Mar 22 2013 says:

beauty n beast

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Mad_Phoenix Mar 22 2013 says:

cool design!

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sithpal Mar 23 2013 says:

someone explain please how it uses "pinpoint Slipspace jumps" to engage platforms? not ingame but lore wise i guess does it mean like it jumps from place to place so they cant hit it or what?

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Unikraken Creator
Unikraken Mar 23 2013 replied:

Have you read Fall of Reach? You really should. In the book, Covenant Frigates will do short term jumps, from just out of a SMAC's range, to right next to the platform (close in space distances). It fires it's plasma torpedoes and then is struck by it or another SMAC, thereby sacrificing itself to ensure larger ships are not killed by the SMAC.

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sithpal Mar 23 2013 replied:

i havnt read any halo books or any books in while. i really wish i would tho i just dont sadly...and yikes thx hope the ship will be able to do this in the game

+1 vote     reply to comment
IrishSpectre Mar 24 2013 says:

Since it looks like a scorpion (the tail-like structure), it better have a pretty nasty sting. Keep it up, gents!

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A concept of the Covenant Hierarchy's primary vessel in sieging enemy worlds. More interesting, while it's still more than capable of localized planetary glassing, it focuses on engaging enemy orbital defensive platforms using pinpoint Slipspace jumps.

Credit once again goes to Leviathan, illustrator of the acclaimed comic "Fistful of Arrows".

Mar 21st, 2013
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