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andurilmat Sep 4 2010 replied:

it is coming out gearbox software took over development, the game is playable at PAX this weekend and it will have a 2011 release date.

+1 vote   game: Duke Nukem Forever
andurilmat Aug 23 2010 says:

you do Know abydos was destroyed by apophis (as in the whole planet gone) before SG1 descovered Atlantis - infact it's in the same episode that daniel first descoveres writing that talks about atlantis. so i assume that this will be more of a sandbox experience and not follow a story arc in the series

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - SG-E
andurilmat Aug 9 2010 says:

what is this actually going to be about - your description says "In this game the Goauld will come back and you are here to fight them!" the video you uploaded are just the battle scenes from SGA showing the wraith and the image you uploaded has the symbol for the atlantis expedition. so its kind of hard to tell what you are trying to do, if it is about the goa'uld why are you putting up a video showing the wraith and usng the atlantis expedition Logo, an if you are going to base the game on the Wraith and the pegasus galaxy change the description to indicate that, as at the moment its just plain confusing.
but anyway you had me at stargate, so i'm looking forward to seeng what you guys can do
good luck!!! :)

+1 vote   game: Stargate-ROG Beta V2
andurilmat Aug 5 2010 replied:

the X denotes the protoype model, for example the protype 302 was X-302 and the mass produced model was the F-302. although prometheus was originally X-303 but when that entered active service it got the BC designation. i suppose it's safe to assume that the X-304 mentioned may be a prototype

+1 vote   mod: StarGate Atlantis MiniMod
andurilmat Jun 12 2010 says:

the shot gun is called a SPAS not a SPAZ
it actually is an acronym for Special Purpose Assault Shotgun

0 votes   mod: The Stargate - Call of duty 4
andurilmat May 2 2010 replied:

thanks mate that sorted it :)

+1 vote   download: Movie Battles II V0 - Full
andurilmat May 2 2010 says:

i can't get it to start i get this error message in the console
ERROR: filename length > MAX_QPATH ( strlen(textures/droidee/bd_dispender/bd_dispender_grip_barrel_circle.jpg) = 65

i'm using a clean instll steam version

+2 votes   download: Movie Battles II V0 - Full
andurilmat Nov 29 2009 says:

did anyone else notice that it should say BSG-75 and not BS-75

+1 vote   media: Screenshots
andurilmat Oct 27 2009 replied:

to get your maximum download speed in kb/s divide your advertised internet speed divide it by 8 then multiply by 1024

size comparison:
1 megabyte is equal to 8 bits
* = megabit
# = megabyte

8mb internet: 1024kb/s dl
******* 8megabit = 1 megabyte
# - 1 megabyte = 8 megabits

24mb internet : 3072kb/s dl
************************ - 24megabit = 3megabyte
### - 3 megabyte = 24 megabit

suddenly 24mb internet doesn't seem so fast

if you listen to the averts isp's use they never say or display the words megabyte or megabits they just refer to the connection speed as x number of megs - crafty buggers

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andurilmat Oct 27 2009 says:

it seems as though a lot of people posting here don't actually understand how the vast array of ISP's measure yore connection speed - its measured in megabits not megabytes (however not all isps do this but it is common practice for isps in the uk) therefore if you have an 8mb connection according to your isp that is an 8 megabit connection not 8 megabyte - you are actually getting a 1 megabyte conection as 8 bits are equal to 1 byte.
for example if you have a 1.5mb connection according to your isp your maximum download speed would be 187.5kb/s not 1536 kb/s, hope this clears this up for a lot of people

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andurilmat Sep 20 2009 says:

will we be able to use this mod with the steam version of Jedi Academy

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: Movie Duels II
andurilmat Sep 20 2009 says:

can this mod be used on the steam Version of Jedi Academy

+1 vote   mod: Star Wars: Movie Duels - The Original Trilogy
andurilmat Sep 16 2009 replied:

what i meant was that i had been to proclarosh taonas and i did not get the ZPM it turns out that it was because i had started GC war zone on easy it only appears on normal i knew what planet it should be on - i even tried sending Sg1 p3x-241 to find the ancient repository thinking it might trigger the ZPM

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
andurilmat Sep 16 2009 says:

i am sorry to hear this news this mod was truly unique and it is unfortunate we will not see you complete it, best of luck to you and yourteam in your future endevours


+4 votes   mod: Star Trek: Enterprise - M.A.C.O.
andurilmat Sep 16 2009 says:

just played this for 9 hours straigt and apart from me not being able to get the ZPM at all its a bloody amazing mod well done guys any one help me find the ZPM i've tried all 3 GC modes to no avail

+1 vote   mod: Stargate - Empire at War: Pegasus Chronicles
andurilmat Apr 4 2009 replied:

just tried updating Legacy and then installing the MOd, it still won't open UU tools and comes up with the same error message

+1 vote   mod: The Ultimate Universe
andurilmat Apr 4 2009 says:

i can't load UU tools everytime i click on the desktop icon of the icon in The install Dir i get the following error message:
the application failed to initialize properly (0xc0000135). Click OK to terminte this application.

Does anyone know how i can fix this
Did i nedd to patch the game to 1.2 before installing thee mod
I'll try reinstalling legacy and patching then istalling the mod see if that sorts it out

+1 vote   mod: The Ultimate Universe
andurilmat Jan 24 2009 replied:

If you watch TNG, VOY or DS9 all the text in the title sequence is in Caps so according to you all Star Trek intos = bad

andurilmat Jan 12 2009 says:

this mod sounds and looks awesome, keep up with the good work guys - i can't wait to play this

+1 vote   mod: Total Recall
andurilmat Jan 10 2009 says:

it looks like jack black in his mtv movie award spiderman parody

+1 vote   media: Preview
andurilmat Jan 10 2009 says:

this is going to be awsome, the First AVP was great, will you include any of the feature in AVP 2 such as the alien life cycle (facehugger,chestburster,xenomorph). this game will look awesome, and it will be popular as you can't play AVP on XP or Vista, and it is probably one of the best games ever made. i await more news anziously, also the hud looks great

+1 vote   mod: Alien vs Predator Gold 2.0
andurilmat Dec 27 2008 says:

this mod looks awesome, can't wait to see it

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa
andurilmat Dec 26 2008 replied:

it could be worse you could have my problem, i recently bought a new gaming PC, as my old PC wont't play half life 2 - old gfx card, anyway my my new PC turned up and it doesn't work, so now i'm waiting for a refund so i can go and buy a new PC, so now all i can do is drool over the screenshots and imagine what might have been

+2 votes   mod: Stargate : The Last Stand
andurilmat Dec 16 2008 says:

is anyone else having problems installing this, i used to beable to install it no problems on my old machine, but ow when ever i download the installer widows says that there is a problem with it and won't let me install, i've tried downloading with IE6 and the latest Firefox.
does anyone else have this problem or know how to solve it because i love this mod

+1 vote   mod: Stargate Total Conversion II
andurilmat Aug 22 2008 says:

i'll be studying games developmet in 3 weeks, thats when i start my course at uni, Yay!!!

+1 vote   poll: My game development knowledge is
andurilmat Apr 10 2008 says:

will there be any single player content?
such as a free roam mode

+1 vote   mod: Predator: A Crysis2 Modification
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