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alpha69a Apr 28 2015 buried:


I don't see any problems with paid mods. If you do 100 hours of work to create something and would like to charge people for it, you should absolutely be able to (assuming it doesn't violate copyrights).

The flightsim community has worked off this model for over a decade, and it works just fine. There's no shortage of new free content (some of which is absolutely fantastic). There is an entire industry built around creating and selling aircraft and scenery, most of which is worth every penny in terms of quality (even the expensive $70+ ones).

A lot of people attacked the Skyrim implementation making it sound like Valve/Bethesda were just gonna start charging for all of the popular mods in some kind of bait and switch scheme, but whether and how much mods would cost was left completely up to the mod developers (they even had a chose your own price option aka donate please). This isn't limiting, it's empowering. It gives those who want to publish their mods as products the power to do so, and allows those who do it as a hobby to continue as they always have. Modding as we know it doesn't go away under this model, it didn't with flightsim it wouldn't have with Skyrim and it won't when they reintroduce it.

All that being said, Bethesda's 45% seems large, especially for a game that's already sold a hefty number of copies. My guess is they were trying to establish a precident so that when they introduced the same model to their next (more expensive to produce and therefore smaller profit margins) game there would be less shock when they asked a similar cut. I see this as them trying to make up for increased development costs when games continue to cost $60, but still 35/35 at least.

Valve's 30% take is because they are handling the transactions and sales taxes for you. This is a service fee, you see them a lot in the real world (my college loved them), get used to it.

-5 votes   news: The uncertain future of paid mods
alpha69a May 18 2014 says:

Model and diffuse texture look good, but it looks like the bump/normal map is inverted (windows and shield grid lines appear raised instead of inset, escape pod covers appear inset instead of raised).

Still one of the best sovereigns I've seen, nice work.

+2 votes   media: New Sovereign model
alpha69a Apr 11 2014 says:

Well, there went my weekend :P

+1 vote   news: Message from mission critical craft...
alpha69a Nov 2 2012 says:

I looked at their forum, Shadows in Space is the name of a new map in complex 8.3. Nothing to do with actual graphics

+4 votes   media: Complex 3.0 Shadows In Space
alpha69a Jul 5 2011 replied:

which is exactly what publishers want, from a business standpoint mods are a very bad idea. it extends the shelf life of games and the publisher sells fewer of them. This is nothing but a marketing decision made several years ago that no mods and more games/expansions/dlc was a good thing for business

+14 votes   news: No mod support for Battlefield 3
alpha69a Feb 22 2011 says:

looks pretty good so far, are you replacing the smaller mesh detail with the normal map, or is it just stripped down for the render?

+1 vote   media: More WIP of the ISD normal map
alpha69a Feb 2 2011 says:

very cool, looking forward to the news post :)

+2 votes   media: Box Wing
alpha69a Dec 6 2010 says:

looks awesome, just wondering were you guys gonna try to do shadows too?

what you guys have done has already gone way beyond what i thought was possible in freelancer, keep it up

+5 votes   news: Deferred Rendering: Dynamic Lighting & Soft Particles
alpha69a Nov 26 2010 says:

a roll of duct tape and a manual with every kit

+1 vote   media: MWLL Playtest Impressions from 11-21-2010
alpha69a Sep 26 2010 says:

wow, just wow

+1 vote   media: Tactical Overview
alpha69a Sep 4 2010 says:

that color scheme makes it look a lot like a zergling

+1 vote   media: New Additions
alpha69a Sep 1 2010 replied:

i like it, means i dont have to memorize new icons :P

+1 vote   media: Pings
alpha69a Jul 1 2010 says:

that's bad ***

good job

+1 vote   media: Shields
alpha69a May 3 2010 says:

nice, thats a good Borg texture

+1 vote   media: Another Close Up
alpha69a May 3 2010 replied:

whatever it is... i want one

+1 vote   media: Fleet Operations
alpha69a Mar 30 2010 says:

wow, will this be an in game model or did you find out how to do normal maps in engine?

or am i completely wrong and this is for a cinematic?

+1 vote   media: Marine render
alpha69a Dec 18 2009 says:

i recommend darkening the water color here so that it doesnt appear to be glowing.

otherwise it looks good

+1 vote   media: Comparison
alpha69a Nov 26 2009 replied:

until the borg assimilate it ;)

+2 votes   media: Events From the Star Trek Vs. Star Wars Mod
alpha69a Oct 19 2009 replied:

or their trying to keep mods from competing with future dlc or expansions

+4 votes   news: MW2 getting no modding love? ** Updated
alpha69a Jul 24 2009 says:

thats awesome, cant wait to see this released

+1 vote   media: airwhale
alpha69a Jul 17 2009 says:

alright that was just about the most awesome thing ive played in a while. great job

+1 vote   mod: Research and Development
alpha69a Jul 16 2009 replied:

i think he means how its almost impossible to hit the right buttons on the keypad.
unless of course i missed the point of the puzzle and the keypad is just a distraction?

+1 vote   mod: Research and Development
alpha69a Jul 9 2009 says:

looks like yall have some professional competition :)

+1 vote   mod: MechWarrior: Living Legends
alpha69a Mar 28 2009 replied:

its for pc too, and being greatly optomized it should look better than CE2, though i guess no one can really tell how much better since they havent shown us

+2 votes   news: Engine Spec
alpha69a Jun 3 2008 says:

Or do both since current hardware can hardware is capable of handling it and then do it the other way for lower settings

+2 votes   media: MIA2
alpha69a Nov 14 2007 says:

actually the red thing is the top of the obelisk of light (nods giant lazer defense weapon

+1 vote   media: Beta Test of Reborn
alpha69a Jan 20 2007 says:

Id have to say the canopy needs more of a gold tint not blue and the front of the windscreen is shaped a little differently, but the thing still looks about a 1000% better than the original zero hour one

+2 votes   media: F-22 Raptor
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