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AlliedG Aug 27 2015 replied:

Allied fuel air bomb tests during Counterstrike / Aftermath period.

Also black market nuclear warheads following collapse of Soviet Union, mostly in Africa, Middle East, Baltic states.

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AlliedG Aug 27 2015 replied:

It was also a coastal defence ship

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AlliedG Apr 3 2015 says:

Nice tanks :)

Always something to learn on D-Day.

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AlliedG Mar 18 2015 says:

Out of interest, what happens if you target water with the Russia Superweapon? - Does it still function correctly?

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AlliedG Mar 18 2015 says:

Might be interesting for a tower defence or survival mode.

Looks interesting though.

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AlliedG Mar 11 2015 says:

Awesome work mevitar :)

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AlliedG Mar 9 2015 replied:

It's a revamp yes, lots of old content was removed because was older versions and mentioned NPatch instructions, etc.

New version uses latest Ares build.

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AlliedG Mar 8 2015 replied:

Thanks - credit to the following

Music - The Empty World - Dark Post Apocalyptic Piano - Walid Feghali
Public domain footage and stock footage
Video Editing - Omegabolt

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AlliedG Mar 7 2015 replied:

Yes the goal is to remake all faction buildings at some point - this will obviously take a lot of time and resources since they need to be designed, modelled, textured, converted and implemented / tested.

Also I would like to add I do not have a dedicated "team" for the project so progress can have spikes of activity or inactivity.

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AlliedG Mar 7 2015 replied:

Buildings were created in 3ds max and are unique for this project - the goal is to have all sructures replaced at some point.

Tesla technology is part of the energy branch - you can see that the energy field hq has a tesla coil (with electric bolts) for cosmetic purposes.

I wanted to remind everyone that this project has nothing to do with ra2 and the "soviets" is merely here for lore purposes and explanations as to why PRA has access to soviet technologies.

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AlliedG Feb 17 2015 replied:


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AlliedG Nov 14 2014 replied:

In terms of RA1 timeline it's canon until the final allied mission - the allies fail to take Moscow resulting in a long stalemate which is eventually broken thanks to USA intervention.

China is neutral during this conflict but covertly steal technology from the soviets.

The pacific war also occurred during this timeline -

Following the "allied" victory over Moscow, USA acquires Europe's greatest minds in exchange for their military and economic aid (much like our own timeline where Nazi scientists went to USA and other allied nations).

During this period - Einstein was transferred to Trinty New Mexico - more information here -

AGSA is set about 30 years and a lot has changed due to the Dead Zone event.

Mod was influenced greatly by Axis of Time trilogy and also Philadelphia Experiment

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AlliedG Oct 27 2014 says:

Awesome environment effects :)

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AlliedG Oct 21 2014 replied:

Thanks for the follow and time spent to write a well written comment - it's much appreciated.

First I wil answer some questions regarding Ares it's going to allow some much nicer structure artwork (I have a really talented artist for this project now and once enough structures are done I will be showcasing some exclusive assets for the project).

This has the result of a more consistent look for the factions in terms of build icons and general interface.

It also allows some much more creative unit abilities and support powers alongside a much more stable gameplay experience :)

In regards to the mysterious paradigm - a reveal of their lore will be coming soon - possibly a promo video for them as well - their is a theme about order, new direction and a hive mentality.

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AlliedG Oct 16 2014 replied:

Conversion to Ares begins

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AlliedG Sep 23 2014 says:

Your awesome :D

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AlliedG Sep 17 2014 replied:


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AlliedG Sep 13 2014 replied:


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AlliedG May 19 2013 says:

Looks like it would topple under its own weight would be more logical

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AlliedG Mar 17 2013 says:

Cool stuff commander :)

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AlliedG Mar 7 2013 says:

Sweet stuff

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AlliedG Feb 22 2013 says:

Looks a bit out of place. The original Scrin ship from TS is Nod reverse engineered from Tacitus like Banshee -

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AlliedG Feb 1 2013 replied:

"Counterpart" would be Screecher.

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AlliedG Jan 30 2013 says:


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AlliedG Jan 27 2013 replied:

There not his ingames, there the previews azri originally did

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AlliedG Jan 13 2013 says:

Very professional.

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AlliedG Jan 12 2013 says:

Late reply but happy new year

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AlliedG Jan 12 2013 says:

1. Yes ingame it comes out of war factory
2. Stays static in location but bobs up and down. Circling logic not in ra2 at present - at least reliable methods
3. All experimental units have high durability but can be defeated if not supported by other units.

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AlliedG Dec 18 2012 replied:

Interesting feedback. When Japan invaded China in WW2 it pretty much had superiority in technology and weapons, etc.

However in AGSA interpretation of RA1 the invasion of China failed miserably when landing on a country fortified with soviet equipment (It would be like WW2 Japan invading Russia with T-34 and IS tanks waiting for them) so massacres such as Nanking etc would have not occurred.

Think of it like how Italy pretty much failed in its conquest ambitions during WW2. Also USA was a lot more aggressive in this timeline.

A lot of internal conflict still exists in PRA empire, mostly a feudal, tribal type system but when faced with extreme adversity the groups have banded together.

With a united Europe and much of Russia conquered alongside cybernetic creations from middle east and constant time quakes and what not disasters its a necessary means of survival.

In terms of PRA identity - the idea of nationalism has sort of faded away. Most people are struggling to survive and live in underground complexes (hence the breathing equipment featured in PRA infantry)

In comparison the ESDF are fiercely nationalist, even to the point of ironically being fascist.

Most of the imperial mindset and culture is in regards to comradeship, honour and other such noble aspects which are enshrined in idealised Hollywood scenarios I suppose and books.

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