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airith Jun 7 2011 replied:

Thanks, that got it working.

+2 votes   mod: Situation Outbreak Two
airith Jun 6 2011 says:

Where do I need to put the SVN download? (Common, sourcemods, or "username" folder) Cuz I can't get it to work.

+1 vote   mod: Situation Outbreak Two
airith Oct 20 2010 says:

I love the mod but I'm stuck in the mansion chapter. It's evil as the chapter name suggests.

+1 vote   news: RELEASED
airith Aug 9 2010 says:

No they mean baddies. It means bad guys, or enemies.

+5 votes   media: Modular Combat 2.0.1 (Press images)
airith Jun 7 2010 says:

the download wont work for me

+1 vote   download: Zombie
airith Mar 20 2010 says:

some of the cheats are V for noclip, P for all weapons and N for 100 credits Y for lightning Z for slowmo without using energy X enables wireframe skeletons and i think thats it but there may be more

+3 votes   game: Facewound
airith Mar 4 2010 says:

to play as the specimen in v2 its alot like L4D. you have to get out of the players sight and press your use button and you be spawned as a specimen

+1 vote   mod: Specimenation Versus
airith Jan 10 2010 says:

i love this mod. it packs so much epic in a pretty small file size

+1 vote   download: Modular Combat v1.76 Full Version (Zipped)
airith Nov 11 2009 says:

You sir, owe me one new pair of pants. Awesome mod.

+1 vote   mod: Afraid of Monsters DC
airith Sep 13 2009 says:

im sad. i got this mod a few months ago at like 3 in the morning so i decided to go to bed. when i wake up to go and play stalker my cd for the game is gone. i have a box under my desk that i keep games and stuff in, theres over 100 boxes in there i searched EVERY last one of them. to this day i remain without a stalker cd and i dont really feel like buying it again. i bet my cats took it. i cant enter the cd key on steam it says its not a real one. i looked through the box twice. sometimes i tell myself im not looking for it so somehow it will appear when i dont need it.... it never does

+1 vote   mod: STALKER Complete 2009 (2012)
airith Aug 21 2009 says:

Haunted is EPIC!!!!!!! 2.5 PWNS
im sad cuz there are no battle or demonizer servers cuz those are my fav gamemodes

+1 vote   news: The Haunted: v2.5 RELEASED!
airith Jul 31 2009 says:

for my game there is no other accept button there is only a "back" button

+1 vote   mod: Black Sierra
airith Jul 31 2009 says:

ive tried everything that everyone has told me to get my binds working with the reloads and the flashlight but nothing works i clicked accept 2 times but it still wont work
i think my computer just has something against custom commands and binds and stuff.

+1 vote   mod: Black Sierra
airith Jul 29 2009 says:

the second i finished reading the letter the first thing that flashed into my mind was the words : Penumbra:Overture.

+1 vote   news: Morning Faith Development Special #1
airith Jul 28 2009 says:

i am having some annoying problems here. i cant reload my weapons and even after i finally bound the keys it still wont let me reload

+1 vote   mod: Black Sierra
airith Jul 24 2009 says:

i think he took WAAAAAAAY to much crack in life.


+1 vote   media: First set of screenshots
airith Jul 24 2009 says:

the mod works with steam great. before my steam got an error and died this was my most played game. the mod didn't mess up steam there was this huge thunder storm and my computer just kept on going on and off and it messed up steam's start up program. it's awesome.100/100

+1 vote   download: The Haunted v2.0
airith Jul 21 2009 says:

The mod is ok if you like getting mauled in 10 seconds by a horde of monsters due to the fact that you cant reload. Fix this and make it so you can reload.

+1 vote   download: Black Sierra Alpha v0.18
airith Jul 15 2009 says:

I have the latest version of doom 3 and I'm getting the same thing CommanderNZ was getting.

Shutting down OpenGL subsystem
...wglMakeCurrent( NULL, NULL ): success
...deleting GL context: success
...releasing DC: success
...destroying window
...shutting down QGL
...unloading OpenGL DLL
wrong game DLL API version

+2 votes   mod: D3 DemonWars
airith Jul 5 2009 says:

i love the fight pub. i made a bunch of bot and nobody but me even went inside. so i went outside and punched them down with axes and spears and swords and flails and hammers :D.

+1 vote   news: Age of Chivalry, Update Released!
airith Jul 5 2009 says:

Also boycott people if Valve makes L4D2 a free update then how are they going to make money? Making games costs money people. So if Valve makes it free they wont might not have the money to make awesome updates for the games other people play or L4D. So think about the facts that nobody pays attention to.

-1 votes   group: L4D2 Boycott (NO-L4D2)
airith Jun 28 2009 says:

and also you don't have to play in daytime at every single moment you have to specify whether or not you want it in day time or not

Day time have specials effects also. At day the witch will walk around and still get ****** only if you shoot her or shine i flashlight (i don't know why someone would use a light in the daytime) you can still play night campaigns. so stop complaining and let it come out
if you don't like the game complain to valve for good updates

-1 votes   group: L4D2 Boycott (NO-L4D2)
airith Jun 28 2009 says:

why can't you boycott people get over the fact that your still going to be able to play the first one but you will just have to spend like $60 for the new one (which will be better). and if it gets released as an update for the first one then there is a chance you might not get to go back and play the old one.

-2 votes   group: L4D2 Boycott (NO-L4D2)
airith Jun 1 2009 says:

this was made using a program called FPS maker i have used it before.
i went through the screen shots to be sure

+1 vote   news: Prototype 5364 Demo(OLD!)
airith May 22 2008 says:

its ok but how do you start the mod

+1 vote   mod: Flat-Life
airith Apr 18 2008 says:

AWESOME MOD!!! i can't hear the souds on it though cuz my half life 2 screwed up my sound chip and killed all the sound on my computer. it's great even without sound

+1 vote   download: Resident Evil : Cold Blood Beta 2
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