A longer time period ago I was just a normal player like so many others like you. But now I'm a developer and mapper myself. I will update my modpage as often as possible. Should you speak german then make also sure to visit my website which is supporting a game named: Operation Flashpoint.

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23-down Jul 5 2015, 1:42pm says:

I think the ceiling is to high other than that nice work.. Very empty though.

+1 vote   media: N
23-down Jul 5 2015, 1:40pm says:

Looks interesting...

+1 vote   media: RUINS OF CHRONOS
23-down Jul 4 2015, 6:53am replied:

Ya good call... The Orion would be interesting too. And perhaps even that Loki cruiser we've seen in it...

@ZombieRus5: After playing a bit more I noticed that half the music especially battle music doesn't seem to play properly. In most cases it's selecting the same few tracks over and over again while some are getting completely ignored. Perhaps you can fix that it's pity that some of the good songs wont play.

+1 vote   mod: Fall of Kobol
23-down Jul 4 2015, 6:19am says:

Looks good I like the lights in here.. Little clean though.. No damage - no dead bodies etc? :)

+2 votes   media: Safety
23-down Jun 30 2015, 9:06am says:

Nice render can't wait to see in game screenshots.

+3 votes   media: Battlestar Pegasus - New model
23-down Jun 29 2015, 11:14pm says:

Now that's a neat design. Wish I had thought of that when I was building my train line out in the mountains.

+1 vote   media: Making another grotto
23-down Jun 29 2015, 10:47pm says:

Now that looks lovely.

+1 vote   media: "At least they can't keep you waiting..." (WIP)
23-down Jun 29 2015, 10:46pm says:

Ah good Black Mesa as it looked in the 60s... Very nice.. :)

+1 vote   media: Slight Miscalculation... (WIP)
23-down Jun 29 2015, 10:43pm says:

Good logo.. nice work.

+4 votes   media: Core T-shirt Design
23-down Jun 29 2015, 11:29am says:

Thank you.. Glad you enjoyed it. :)

+2 votes   mod: Military Duty
23-down Jun 29 2015, 5:38am says:

The dl link is here:


+3 votes   news: Military Duty - Mod Release
23-down Jun 28 2015, 9:39am says:

hehe naturally ;) Anyway sounds good.. A scientist or worker in disguise. If you use the FDG you also require the opposing force dll. you do know that right or are you using a custom code? That would be even more epic then. :)

+1 vote   media: Hostile Depth's
23-down Jun 28 2015, 4:31am says:

Man wow.. You certainly know how to make people to want to play your mod. Nice promotion. As for the models why don't you simply use Romka models there are no better ones than these.


Anyway I'm looking forward to play your mod. But why are you fighting grunts? :( Thought this is an Op4 mod.. :)

+3 votes   media: Hostile Depth's
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:23pm says:

Yap rather poorly made. But well for a first map it's kinda ok as I've seen far worse.. Keep practicing good work.

+1 vote   download: Half-Life: The Day (WIP)
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:19pm says:

Full bright makes me sad.. Add some lights to the area and no more full bright.

+1 vote   media: Small office
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:18pm says:

Yap looks good. Perhaps add some rock formations behind some of the walls to make it looks less empty.

Also fix the leaks as this seems to be full bright. Add few more props to the area it's rather empty.

+1 vote   media: Outside area
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:17pm says:

not really a fan of the black pullover he is wearing of what ever that is supposed to be. I would rather continue with the camouflage of the uniform then.

But best not to mess around with it at all. The standard models are known and loved your mod plays during Op4 times so wouldn't make much sense to suddenly change models etc.

+1 vote   media: Ideas?
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:14pm says:

True... Perhaps separate the relaxation area with another ground texture..
Look how this guy did it:


Either the ceiling needs more work or the walls need more work. Add some pipes running behind the walls for example or a window onto the roof.



+1 vote   media: Explosions?
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:10pm says:

Looks neat. I like it.. Add some more details like boxes in the corridors or dead bodies etc..

+1 vote   media: Work, Work.
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:08pm says:

Idk the walls to the right side look weird. I know what you're trying to simulate here but technically it doesn't make sense. If you truly want it like that then I would rather choose some metal like textures instead of pavement textures for these formations.

In case you made it like because that on top is a bridge don't forget to add support railings for cars and people on food.

Other than that it looks nice.. Eventually add some army ammunition boxes near the truck.

+1 vote   media: Shootout2
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:05pm says:

Fantastic the ceiling probably needs some additional work though.

Either some support pillars in the middle of the room.
Or add like in Opposing Force a vent shaft in which you can walk in.. Remember the place where Otis was hiding in one of these vents while below Black Ops fought against Aliens.

Other than that lovely. One more thing most of your presented screems so far seem rather dark. Make sure to find a good mix between dark and bright areas. Because if to much plays in the darkness people will rate the mod down at a certain point.

+1 vote   media: Storagefacility
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:01pm says:

Indeed good work. Perhaps add some support pillars somewhere or extend to walls somewhere to simulate some sort of supportive ledge.

+2 votes   media: Pit2
23-down Jun 27 2015, 6:00pm says:

Oh nice nice.. I wish you best of luck with this.. If you ever got any questions or problems feel free to write me a private message here on moddb.

Tracking. Are you using a custom code or the one from Opposing Force?

+3 votes   mod: Half-Life: Omega Protocol
23-down Jun 27 2015, 12:15am says:

Hm I rather think you should polish up your current mod - fix the map_changelevels. Etc.. Better to keep it simple and first learn the few entities you got in regular Half-Life. Svencoop comes with tons more of stuff. Although also with more possibilities to create something epic.

+1 vote   media: Gina's Adventures
23-down Jun 27 2015, 12:11am says:

Hm I actually liked Induction. I like all Pre-Cascade stuff. But ya it's much harder providing something meaningful when there're no aliens around to kill. :P

+2 votes   media: Two Einsteins and a TV
23-down Jun 26 2015, 9:15pm says:

Good work on the new update I like the little changes and additions you made to it..

Feels and plays well if there would be 1 critic point it might be that voice that tells you about Dradis contact the pronouncing is wrong and it's a slightly annoyance to the experience. But that's just a minor thing. Still would be nice if it gets corrected.

+1 vote   mod: Fall of Kobol
23-down Jun 26 2015, 7:40pm replied:

Well perhaps write a news post about that topic. Ask for help. I'm sure there are many capable people out there who would love to build and enhance upon your models. Considering that it is pretty much the only active and finished BSG mod that plays in a RTS/4x environment.

Many people around the world loved the series. Surely some of them were model & texture artists. New models wouldn't even necessarily be required either as they're good the way they are.

Basically just some mapping effects on the textures are missing. So that the ships appear more lifelike with reflective surfacing, glowing effects etc.

+2 votes   mod: Fall of Kobol
23-down Jun 26 2015, 10:46am replied:

the mod is complete... Implementing the final voice acting now... Expect a release today, tomorrow or whenever my server host gets to it uploading it to his webspace.

+4 votes   mod: Hl Opposing Force - Firestorm
23-down Jun 23 2015, 9:48pm replied:

That would be lovely indeed. Perhaps also make use of the tons of new props and textures Black Mesa added.

As for implementing it into the main game ya why not. If a believable way to implement it into the main story can get inserted. May need many lines of additional voice acting.

+1 vote   mod: Black Mesa: Uplink
23-down Jun 23 2015, 9:34pm says:

You're really fast with your updates... Now that actually looks fantastic..

Idea to improve the looks of that room even more: Add little cables going of those lights to some main generator since they're placed onto rock you would assume that the cables wont go through the rock. I did something similar look here:


Other than that this place looks really good... Perhaps some barrels as well not just boxes?

+3 votes   media: Improved area
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