A longer time period ago I was just a normal player like so many others like you. But now I'm a developer and mapper myself. I will update my modpage as often as possible. Should you speak german then make also sure to visit my website which is supporting a game named: Operation Flashpoint.

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23-down @ Half-Life: My Test Maps Demos

verification usually takes up to 1 or 2 days during holidays it might be longer. ;)

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23-down @ Half-Life: My Test Maps Demos

Same rules apply here then... Startmap and train map need to be the maps you choose as well starting map for the mod and as training map.

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23-down @ Stuff

That looks lovely although I would add few model props to let it appear less empty around here. Or good old dead bodies covered in blood.

I'd probably change the angular of the shining lights so that they illuminate towards the ground and not straight 90 degrees east.

That being said the Ceiling needs more work. Add couple vents or fans up there sitting behind those vents. Or reinforce the ceiling with various support structures.


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23-down @ Surface Battle

Personally I think the cliffs look fine unless you get dozens of invalid brush errors.

What bothers me more is the opening towards the choppers direction. How about a huge Dam over there or even more cliffs with the chasm running into that future hill. Might look epic. Other than that I noticed in all your screens thus far a lack of model prop usage.

Check this out:


Might come in handy get got everything and all of it for hl1.

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23-down @ Half-Life: My Test Maps Demos

It's fairly simple actually:

Create a folder & call it for example "mytestmod" minus the quotes. In it copy-paste following files and folders:

cl_dlls --- inside your client.dll could be the default hl1.dll file
dlls --- inside your modified and compiled .dll with your custom code.
events --- inside all files and subfolders just take it outta hl1.
gfx --- See above "events"
maps --- containing your maps + graphs sub folder in case your maps use
media --- containing all music files your mod uses. Mp3 format.
models --- for npc, weapon & map model props.
resource -- containing the res files for your mod menu background + fonts.
sound --- containing weapon & map sounds.
sprites --- containing spries. Effects such as steam to simulate broken pipes etc.

liblist.gam <<<<< This is the heart of any mod in hl1. Open this file with notepad, wordpad and edit it like this:

gamedir "mytestmod"
game "mytestmod"
startmap "XXX"
trainmap "XXX"
url_info "htthttp://www.moddb.com/games/half-life/news/half-life-my-test-maps-demos"
version "1"
size "96000000"
svonly "0"
cldll "1"
hlversion "1108"
type "multi"
mpentity "info_player_deathmatch"
gamedll "dlls/my_mod.dll"

startmap, trainmap wont be needed as it sounds like you're building a mp mod and not a singleplayer game. My_mod.dll is your modified custom dll which you placed in dll folder.

Now copy the whole "mymod" folder into your hl1 main directory and restart steam. Now you should see your mod in the games library.

Tutorial for everything I just told you:

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23-down @ The surface

Looks cool so far.. Maybe little flat and obviously cliffs are needed outside so that you can't look into the sky so easily. Fantastic work.

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23-down @ Map 7

Hey that looks fairly well made...

Eventually disable few of the lights add couple damaged walls with fire coming out of some broken pipes.. Let some lights flicker to add some more destruction to the place...

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23-down @ Awakening of the Rebellion 2017 German Infos

Nice wusste bis eben gar nicht das der mod nach wie vor erweitert wird. Die letzte Version welche ich spielte beinhaltete die alten SW: Rebellion cinematics.

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23-down @ Signal map

Hm it looks good but odd.. More like some sort of portal you can step through or if the outside area screenshot was copy pasted onto that wall.

Play a little more around with the lighting ambient setting. If this is supposed to be some sort of window then add a proper frame to the window.

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23-down @ 23-down

Sure go ahead Kandara.. And I'm glad you like the mod.. :)

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23-down @ Church level

Not bad though I think real church benches would fit better than chairs in it. Chairs make it look more like a post ww2 church. Eventually play a little more about the roof textures but I know that the focus in your mod lays elsewhere so it's ok.

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23-down @ Promo 2017: The Foreshadow

Omg. That reminds me I still need to wrap up that report. I had it completely forgotten - damn 12 day work weeks..^^

Fantastic screenshot. :)

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23-down @ Demo is coming and some changes

There are no new "news" news in itself are just that "news" :) Made the same mistake many years back. A language barrier thing. :P

The screens look promising. Looking forward to that demo of yours.

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23-down @ Lambda Port: Demo Image 2

Indeed it does look very nice. Suggestion:

Let the Gnome play an eating animation over a dead corpse and when the player gets nearby you remove that eating animation per script and let him charge towards the player.

That gives the impression that he isn't just standing there waiting for the player to arrive. The eye always plays along.

Mapping wise does it look very nice. I got no complaints here. :)

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23-down @ Storage Areas update (in editor)

Well it ain't bad.. But I strongly suggest to play some other mods or the originals even. See how they texture their rooms which are huge. Huge in this case for the yellow worker drone.

Seeing walls that are huge but having the same texture x3 in a repetitive fashion makes this an amateur mod and most people sad. In a sense right now it's like showing a 1st map release. You don't want to release an unpolished first map ever.

Don't get discouraged by my strict criticism here but rather inspired to improve these rooms. :)

Some textures fit just nicely together with one another in groups. So I suggest to carve the walls of your huge rooms into 2 possibly 3 segments even and use different texture combos to get rid of that repetitive x1 texture choice look they currently have.

Also make sure to carve segments out near doors and gates and apply special textures near those door ways to build certain frames for the doors/gates. It'll look x10 better and improve the experience for the players a great deal if everything looks polished up as much as it is possible for this lovely yet outdated hl1 gold source engine. :)

Last note: Make sure to do your mapping on the smallest possible grid size.. You can change that by pressing the buttons next to the 3D button in the top menu (below file). Increase / decrease grid size.

Many newcomers never knew about that. myself included in my very first level mapped in the maximum grid size and when I started spawning npcs in I realized that they had the actual size of tiny ants. Always when mapping place yourself a Barney in the map to get a somewhat solid and decent perspective on how large you want your rooms to be.

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23-down @ Lambda Port: Demo Image 1

Well not exactly but I admit it looks indeed very similar.. But that makes it even better then. Mixing original layout designs with unique fan made stuff in a balanced way gives us a good "Black Mesa Research Facility" styled mod.

Nice work. As for the demo I honestly don't think much about demos for tiny mods. Unless your mod will have a play time of 6 hours+ I don't think a demo is needed nor required. Unless you plan to abandon your mod anytime soon due to lack of time then by all means give us that demo. :)

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23-down @ Lambda Port: Xen

Kinda nice although I'd try to enhance the wall structure to the right a bit make it look lesser like a wall. Let it appear more round shaped instead.

The pillar texture - ya well could never get it fixed myself. 1 Thing I did do though is to cut these pillars into numerous sections and then align the textures which are at least at player height. Those which are further up doesn't matter that much.

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23-down @ Lambda Port: Teleport Lab Entrance

That vent texture up top looks wrong. I suppose that's intended as some sort of overlapping vent vanishing into the structure I once played myself with such ideas..

But it simply doesn't look good. Better to use the darker concrete texture on the whole vent section as well.

Other than that it does look lovely. Reminds me on the first Hl Decay level a bit.

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23-down @ Lambda Port: Desert

Might seem a bit low unless it's just about to drop troops.

Hard to judge the area itself as we can't see much but I do love any outside area so nice work.

Try to get away of having flat cliffs though.

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23-down @ Hazardous machinery

Indeed lovely to see an update from you and a pretty nice one on top of that.

I can only agree with Thanos here although I think the emergency textures look fine the way they do. Perhaps a little out of place color wise. I guess you're using lights near the textures. Perhaps try a lesser white light to illuminate the signs or perhaps even a slight yellow/orange instead it sure would fit with the textures.

But it really isn't such a big deal. Great work.

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23-down @ Elevator

Hm the elevator texture ain't good. It's a texture you place on near any edge of a brush or close to the ceiling. The texture is supposed to show some sort of dripping water or liquid form onto the wall itself.

So not that practical to choose as repetitive texture format. Best to take a look what textures they used in the original Hl games. That's how I did it then I simply recreated it. It also is closer to the original that way.

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23-down @ Storage Area 1 (Updated)

Don't worry about lag.. When you do a full compile (you do that when it's final) the compilers usually compile much better even though they take ages to compile. Anyway in a full compile the lag you usually get with flickering lights and so on will then vanish.

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Not bad although it's to bright and doesn't reflect the same atmosphere of the original...

I hope we get to see more own unique design choices sticking 1to1 true to original level design limits you in design choices not to mention that people could rather stick with the original then.

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23-down @ Executive Assault 2

Wow! Nice good luck with the game.. Your previous game was very unique.

Would love to see the games actually getting combined and this time with a proper SP campaign switching and swapping between planets & space. Pity that you're stuck with the unity engine in regards of modding support but other than that it's fine.

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23-down @ Observation Area

Hard to tell yet whether this room will server a purpose or not @3037.

But the way it is structured now makes it appear cheap. The stripe frame looks out of place.

Considering this will be supposed to be an observation room how about some monitoring equipment in it. Computer consoles and monitors along with sensory input stations of sort.

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23-down @ Storage Area 1 (Updated)

Something most certainly missing here.

Walkways for employees. A ceiling train to lift the boxes or perhaps forklifts. Eventually splitting things into numerous sections aka parking lots for the boxes with different name designations to make it appear more real life like.

Some yellow/black stripes might look good in this room somewhere and couple of warning signs for employees.

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23-down @ Storage Area 2 (Updated)

The lights are very interesting. The hall and ceiling itself are not though. To empty and unimaginative. A hall this size also requires a reinforced ceiling or support pillars to compensate for the mass and weight.

Keep working on it. Looking forward to see a more advanced stage of it.

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23-down @ Insecurity Update

Once again some nice work as usual I kinda agree though with The_Guardian and Hezus. Both of them a fine and known critics within the hl community listen to them.

In my own opinion:

I think the crack in the floor looks brilliant but I would make it slightly smaller than it is now.

The cyan colored chairs look somewhat out of place color wise. I'd change their color. Also the texture in it self looks rather cheap compared to the rest. It seems to have almost 0 detail other than the color pattern.

The lights could indeed require a slight overhaul. While pretty much accurate it feels monotone. In gold source it looked better than it looks here in source idk.

As details go in general I do think something is still missing be it a water bottle or cup on the table with the Cyan chairs or some cleaners equipment on the ground level.

All in all good work.

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23-down @ Living Quarters Outbound Update


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23-down @ Half-Life : Echoes

Amen to that. Same for me.

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