A longer time period ago I was just a normal player like so many others like you. But now I'm a developer and mapper myself. I will update my modpage as often as possible. Should you speak german then make also sure to visit my website which is supporting a game named: Operation Flashpoint.

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23-down Apr 7 2014, 2:14pm says:

It looks good although a little empty also... :) Add more stuff.

+1 vote     media: Hazard Course
23-down Apr 1 2014, 9:25pm replied:

find yourself a skinner it's easy to import missing animation sequences of other HD models as long as the bones are identical which is the case for most of the models. I also hated it during my mapping experiences that some models of the different games didn't share all animations that existed.

I once found a nice HD barney.mdl that covers all Animations from Op4,Hl1,Decay & Blue Shift. A true Gem no clue where I found it though.

My vote still goes for HD - using hd textures should include using HD models.

+2 votes     media: common offices
23-down Apr 1 2014, 9:22pm says:

Idk this corridor looks weird. In my opinion the lights are out of place.

For instance the shadow next to the ceiling lights on the left looks weird probably caused by the yellow lights. I fail to feel the harmony in that room. Feels somewhat forced. This is probably an office section and not a pub with many colorful lights.

Other than that good work. Still little empty perhaps but not each room has to be fully detailed.

+1 vote     media: common offices
23-down Apr 1 2014, 9:18pm says:

Indeed wow nice entity usage. :)

+1 vote     media: Making Tornado
23-down Apr 1 2014, 9:43am says:

April April :P

+5 votes     media: new Scout
23-down Mar 26 2014, 4:59pm says:

Congrats to the patch builder.. It always was a huge issue in c&c tib sun. Now get rotor animations working and I think it'll be the best c&c engine to mod on.

+2 votes     article: Working Air Transports (And More)
23-down Mar 26 2014, 4:08pm says:

Fantastic work. I know that song from somewhere. ^^

+1 vote     media: New Intro preview
23-down Mar 26 2014, 3:45am says:

Fantastic the mod really needs a single player campaign. :)

+2 votes     media: New mission preview
23-down Mar 26 2014, 3:43am says:

Ah nice work... Always thought the original Saber looked somewhat cheap in comparison to the remaining models. Looks fantastic good work.

+1 vote     media: New Saber-class model
23-down Mar 23 2014, 8:34am says:

Nicely done.

+2 votes     media: Power Plant - Orange
23-down Mar 23 2014, 4:54am says:

Looks fantastic but get rid of those old LD models. :P

+1 vote     media: common offices
23-down Mar 20 2014, 2:38am says:

every second may be to much. Not sure but it could drain on the performance if there are 100 of squads on a map - every 5 or 10 seconds should be fine as well.

+1 vote     media: Battle damage and Fuel Auto Docking for AI
23-down Mar 20 2014, 2:36am says:

Still can't say which cube I like more texture wise. I would appreciate comparison screen. I think the green in the last version was little more intense and darker a thing I actually liked. Naturally both texture schemes are fantastic.

+2 votes     media: Upcoming Borg
23-down Mar 19 2014, 5:16pm says:

The file seems broken that's at least what it said when I was done with the extraction although my file size was identical to the uploaded version here.

Please upload it again.

+1 vote     download: Half-life: History v0.1
23-down Mar 19 2014, 4:48pm says:

Really nice planets..

+1 vote     media: Meanwhile at Pandora...
23-down Mar 18 2014, 4:07am replied:

Well in a manner of speaking it is from the show. Just modified:


+1 vote     media: John Eaves Station Concept
23-down Mar 17 2014, 11:41pm says:

Very cool indeed. I've seen the original concept art. A lovely recreation. I'm just curious to see how you will adjust the remaining dominion stations accordingly to that one by design.

+1 vote     media: John Eaves Station Concept
23-down Mar 16 2014, 5:11pm says:

Hope the bugs will be the frigates or even a late game cruiser. Bugs as miranda corvettes would be sad.

+2 votes     media: Victory is life
23-down Mar 16 2014, 1:34am says:

Blue bug ships ? Hm I don't know while it looks cool it seems wrong somehow.

-1 votes     media: Victory is life
23-down Mar 15 2014, 1:50am says:

I agree on all 3 suggestions. Still it looks good so far. :)

+1 vote     media: Groot-Kelder Inbound
23-down Mar 13 2014, 2:38am says:

Here some basic questions:

1. In your summery you mention that you will enhance upon the PS2 Intro scene. I loved that and remember that I first saw it like IDK 7 years later after HL1 was released. How much will you improve upon it? Can we explore new areas and eventually ride with a tram to the entrance where the ps2 session started?

2. What other enhancements did you do and what particularity are you especially proud on? (perhaps answering with few screenshots)

3. Will you add own puzzles as part of your hazard course while making sure all original places are still present and in tact?

4. What by your own estimates would be the current mod status in percentage? Any estimates for a possible release date?

5. You mentioned you're using custom models & props - some examples please?

6. Will G-man has an appearance in the hazard course?

7. Can we expect own unique easter eggs by you which may make it worthwhile to play it more than once.

+4 votes     article: Development Updates - Got a Question?
23-down Mar 12 2014, 1:21pm replied:

Oh interesting just by the time for release or for ever? If you don't intend to add it at all - well then this would make another wonderful outtake. "whistling" :)

Although it was such an important and iconic station by them. It should be included in one way or another. Perhaps as refinery or something similar & slightly scaled down.

+1 vote     mod: Star Trek: Armada 3
23-down Mar 12 2014, 12:58pm says:

What happens if one of the pieces gets destroyed how will you reintegrate?
And a lovely job indeed. Why they need to warp out before reintegration is a mystery to me but I assume it's necessary as work around?

+3 votes     media: M.V.A.M. Preview
23-down Mar 10 2014, 4:36pm says:

Guess you mean Fusion cubes as Tac cubes are already in the game. I hope not Fusion cubes looked weird and they would be to massive for the tiny soase maps.

+4 votes     media: You wanted it you got it ;)
23-down Mar 10 2014, 4:26pm says:

Wow! really nice work. How did you manage that? Some sort of work around (a game hack) ??

Very cool story.. :) Will it become a regular ship or a reinforcement vessel?

Is it working properly 'cause one of the main issues was that u said it would looks weird?

Thank you Lavo! You made many people happy.

+8 votes     media: You wanted it you got it ;)
23-down Mar 10 2014, 3:03am says:

This is just a demo to my knowledge he is still working on it.

+1 vote     download: Xen Assault
23-down Mar 9 2014, 9:14pm says:

Any chance that you may manage to include Rairders retreat within the storyline somehow?

+1 vote     media: HSHinhibitor
23-down Mar 9 2014, 9:13pm says:

Looks fascinating...

+1 vote     media: Mission 04 Development Shots
23-down Mar 9 2014, 12:38pm says:

I wonder what role the battery station aka research station has in their mod now as we still see it in that screenshot.

Welcome back Wildheart good to have you back.

+1 vote     media: Taiidan shipyard
23-down Mar 9 2014, 12:37pm says:

absolutely stunning!

+1 vote     media: Taiidan shipyard
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