Story: You're Alexander Shepard - Corporal and a soldier of the Hazardous Environment Combat Unit. You don't know exactly what's going on. But orders came in to pack up everything and head out for a highly classified mission. The destination - Black Mesa research facility. Nobody knows for sure what has happened down there but you will find out soon enough.

This map pack plays during the events of Half-Life, Blue Shift,Op4,Decay.

Mod features:

- 16 maps
- few custom voices
- many model props
- story plot based upon Op4, Blue Shift, Hl1, Decay
- Op4 music +1 custom music track
- Approximate game play time between 1 to 2 hours.
- Op4 entities
- Additional NPC custom skins

Mod download - exclusively hosted on:

Mod download

or here on moddb itself.

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Hi folks.

it's been a while since I released this mod. In fact over a year has passed since release. As you may guess real life interfered a great deal in regard of a patch that I promised a long time ago. But as the good old saying goes "Better late than never."And so here it is. Game play wise not a lot has changed since last release. How ever one of my biggest achievements is possibly making this mod Won compatible.

So if you despise Steam for what ever reasons now is your chance to download the mod and play it through. :) During WON testing though I noticed that some maps might crash if you launch them directly through the console. So better play it through the regular way. :)

How ever WON is still not perfect for example the mod would require you to have your opfor/blue shift CD in your DVD/Blue Ray drive in order to hear the music. Without it a lot of the good atmosphere is lost. So keep that in mind.

Anyway let me show you the patch notes so you can have a look on what has changed for yourself.


General mod updates:

-Made the mod WON compatible! :)

-Fixed various texture misalignment's'.

-Added few more details to numerous levels.

-Added more Ammunition for the Saw249

-Added 1 new ammo location for the Spore Launcher.

-Added 1 new larger Section in a level leading to a secret chamber.

-Added another larger section in another map. A follow up secret area of the 1st secret area.

-Added the displacer gun to the game.

-Added 1 entirely new map to the mod. Raising the count of maps to 16 total.

-Fixed numerous map transitions. So the player wont notice drastic changes in the environment anymore. Only Mil_Duty8 to Mil_duty9 & 10 to 11 maintain drastic changes in form of lightning. I Couldn't fix that for some illogical reason.

-Barneys still complain when you fire at them. But their chatter makes more sense now. They threaten you.


-Added more npc action in that map.

-Fixed disappearing model glitches.


-The map now fades in so that the players wont be so confused anymore about the radical changes around them.

- The Zombie playing it's animation is now kill able. He refused to die before while playing it's animation.

Mil_duty6, 13,14:

-Slightly different monster numbers in combination with WON compatibility.


-Fixed the bug causing ammunition to fall through the map near the train area.


-Fixed the Train stuck bug up to 80% in most cases it will work charming now. Just sometimes I noticed that it wont work as intended and the player can still get stuck after the map transition from level7 to level8. That happened mostly when beginning the mod at some later point in game through the console. So it works best when starting from military_duty1 all the way to the end.

There were plenty of more fixes but I can't recall em right now.

As you know it from me. Some screens + Dl link below to make the long text worthwhile.

Military Duty

Military Duty

Military Duty

Download Link:

Military Duty - Mod Release

Military Duty - Mod Release

News 13 comments

Hello people. Today I'm proud to announce you the release of a new Hl1 Opposing Force mod.

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Military Duty - Low Definition Pack

Military Duty - Low Definition Pack

Skin Pack 4 comments

Low Definition Pack for Military Duty mod! Hope you enjoy.

Black Mesa Helicopter set (reskinned)

Black Mesa Helicopter set (reskinned)

Vehicle Skin 5 comments

To my knowledge the first set of model props ever released which contains Helicopters in model format based upon the Black Mesa Research Facility. The...

Military Duty Version 1.0.1 Final

Military Duty Version 1.0.1 Final

Full Version 18 comments

This is the final release of Military Duty fixing numerous bugs which popped up during the initial release. I wish everyone fun and advice reading the...

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Quite possibly the best OpFor mod I've ever played. It's a shame that it's so short though.

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I'd had downloaded your mod, but in starting it report me a crash:

LoadLibrary failed on C:\Sierra\Half-Life\MILITARY_DUTY_V1\dlls/mil_duty.dll

There is no folder "dlls" in the especified location.
Thanks for your work. I'm a dinosaur. My version is WON.

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23-down Creator

Seems you're using a very old won version. In that case try copying the Opfor.dll from Opposing Force into my mod folder and rename it to mil_duty.dll and delete my version. Let me know if it fixed the issue.

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Changing the video mode to direct3d seems to fix the crash ...

But when i arrive in that gate whith the engineer the game returns "The engineer died". Where is my fault?

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23-down Creator

I can't tell either he died or it's some odd bug nobody ever encountered or reported to me. On different WON versions the game may behave very different.

It's the end of the map anyway. Just noclip through the place where The engineer usually starts his work. Then you will enter the next map disable noclip afterwards again.

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I did that folder "dlls" and i've followed your instructions, then the game start but ...
Half-life launcher has stopped working
Problem signature:
Problem event name: appcrash
Application name: hl.exe
Application version:
Application timestamp: 3aaabda2
Fault module name: sw.dll
Fault module version:
Fault module timestamp: 3aad4784

And it follow other report informations from O.S. (Win 7 home premium) 6.1.7600.
Thank you for your response!

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23-down Creator

Uff you people encounter all the bugs the regular folks didn't encounter. See if you got sw.dll in your half-life root directory and copy it into my mod folder. I'm unsure whether that will fix it or not but it's worth a try.

If you don't have it google for it half-life sw.dll and place it in your half-life main directory.

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do I need half life 1 to play this or just opposing force

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23-down Creator

Hl1 will be enough.

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witch file do i put it in? when downloading

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After downloading, you extract the files here:
[ C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam (or wherever you have Steam installed)]\steamapps\common\Half-Life.

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Well, what can I say. It was a long time after I played a decent GldSource mod set in the Half Life universe. And this one is more than decent. This is epic. From the very start, till it's climatic ending. The story simple: You are a HECU soldier, trying to cover up the whole Black Mesa incident and ending up fighting for your own survival. But, in this mod you can actually see the huge mobilization of the HECU military division (trucks, jeeps, tanks and equipment laying around) and their struggle…

Jun 29 2015 by Thanoshld

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