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"I don't expect a vibrant [iD Tech 5] mod scene," says father of modern FPS game technology.

Posted by Varsity on Aug 11th, 2009

Polish game magazine CD-Action have published an interview with John Carmark.

I call it an interview, but it's really him talking non-stop for half an hour about iD Tech 5, Enemy Territory, Rage, Doom 4, and, from 1:26 in the third video, why he thinks that the golden age of modding has already passed by:

And while you're here, don't miss the four new Rage screenshots from SIGGRAPH 2009:

SIGGRAPH 2009 presentation images SIGGRAPH 2009 presentation images

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angry_bot Aug 11 2009 says:

Youtube picked the best still frames for those videos.

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Varsity Author
Varsity Aug 11 2009 replied:

Try playing them all at the same time. :P

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Varsity Author
Varsity Aug 11 2009 says:

Shame this was archived. There's a really good discussion of Carmack's modding comments going on at right now.

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snowdecay Aug 11 2009 says:

I think John Carmack is great! After reading Masters of Doom I have a great respect for the guy (and every other founder of ID software). Thanks a lot for posting this very insightful interview.

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NullSoldier Aug 11 2009 says:

God Carmack is the ******* god of game creation. This engine, and it's open Sourceness will be the answer to so many developers dreams.

Who the hell needs chuck norris? John Carmack only took one vacation ever and in that one vacation he wrote a mobile game engine. (True ******* story, the guy is a ******* genius) He is the reason you ALL have graphics cards that do what they do. He originally pushed hardware developers to create hardware to hardware accelerate games past the CPU. THANK THIS MAN.

I would give John Carmack a ******* no questions asked.

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sbnewsom Aug 12 2009 replied:

No kidding! :D

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Stealthrellik Aug 12 2009 replied:


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leilei Aug 12 2009 replied:

you give him a bj blacowicz

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Bj_Bob Sep 3 2011 replied:

You rang?

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ausbushman Aug 12 2009 says:

Thanks for the news!

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leilei Aug 12 2009 says:

Well really, there was two golden ages of modding: 1994-1997 and 2000-2002. All the other years feel meh, because almost every (the majority has a ton that don't quite make it) leader's lazy and over-ambitious and not thinking realistic enough.

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manhunt0r Aug 12 2009 says:

swappable engine? some one should give this man an old and moldy cookie, he finally arrived at the multitier concept in programming >_>
btw, hasnt that already been done in the ps2 and xbox to 360 period, or with the wii versions?

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Varsity Author
Varsity Aug 12 2009 replied:

He's not trying to hawk it as a new idea, you know.

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formerlyknownasMrCP Aug 12 2009 says:

After selling out to Zenimax I have no respect for the man anymore.

Modding really has passed us by because the more shiny and corporate the industry becomes, the less people want to try the basic stuff and the more they want to try and compete with AAA games..

The result is failure.. always- the other problem is that a lot of gamers don't want to give non-AAA mainstream games a chance.

I think though Indies are taking off where Modding has died down- this could be a good thing.. the fact is though that Carmack needs to keep supporting Modding else no one will use his engine.. no matter how pretty it looks. Everyone that mods the engine after all is a potential customer for a commercial license.

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kinesis916 Aug 12 2009 says:

That was rather interesting. Now where to I get me some of the CD-Action diet coke.

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Smoth Aug 12 2009 says:

jesus this dude, I could listen to him for hours. I bet he must be fascinating to work with!

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Afinda Aug 12 2009 says:

I don't know what kind of **** about mods he actually talked about but probably mods aint that good no more because half of these "professional" ******** that are way to overpaid to do their job steal ideas from the mod scene actually and sell them as their own...

Give moders money and time to develope their product and hey.. we got something "professional".

Seriously i simply Lol'd there.

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NullSoldier Aug 13 2009 replied:

I had to vote your Karma down. You may have had a good point to express but you expressed it terribly. =\ Lost in translation...

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Slayer_2 Creator
Slayer_2 Sep 2 2009 says:

I was too ADD to listen to this all, but please tell me this doesn't mean that ID is dropping their great tradition of supporting modders!

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Cuthberth Aug 3 2011 says:

Carmack you are my GOD!!!

Long live Carmack, long live Carmack ...

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