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Good news everyone, Modern Warfare 3 will have dedicated server support for PC players!

Posted by Henley on Aug 17th, 2011

Back in 2009 a little game called Modern Warfare 2 disappointed pc gamers by removing everything that makes the PC version of the game superior to any of its console brethren. I am talking about dedicated servers. The act disabled any sort of real modding to the game along with the ability to make custom maps, build communities and not be forced into waiting for the develoepr to patch the multiplayer with extra content.

Good news everyone, Modern Warfare 3 will have dedicated server support for PC players! This was revealed today at Gamescom by the associate manager for Call of Duty Digital, Jay Frechette, and reaffirmed by Sledgehammer boss Glen Schofield on Twitter.

It is good to see developers learning from their mistakes, the mapping community will not be silent if you cross them! *fist pumps and so on*


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Cpt.Dann Aug 17 2011 says:

Wow, probably the first good thing I heard about MW3.

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macacos2 Aug 17 2011 replied:

Now it's totally worth those extra $60, right?

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7game Aug 17 2011 replied:


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LordIheanacho Aug 18 2011 replied:

With all the disappointing games Activision have already created, Modern Warfare 3 ought to be sold for $10.

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TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 18 2011 replied:

The last game from them that I think I enjoyed years after owning it...

Was the original Spider-Man movie game (rather good, and I think Treyarch actually was building).

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ZaliaS Aug 18 2011 replied:

****, I wouldn't even waste the bandwidth to pirate this crap for the single player campaign.

And that's pretty low.
'cause pirating is free...

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Spr09 Aug 18 2011 replied:

i wouldnt waste the bandwidth to watch the videos of it!

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Tibyon Aug 18 2011 replied:

Yeah, the original Spider-Man was really good, but developed by Treyarch.

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MasterArngeir Aug 20 2011 replied:

you mean infiaty ward and they the best i still play cod 1 myself and treyarch is crap even tho i have cod 1,2,3,4,6 and 7

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kjfytfkytfyt Aug 23 2011 replied:

you do know, everything after call of duty 4, isnt really 5,6,7, and soon 8, after modern warfare 3, they could make a game called Call of Duty 5, kind of like how grand theft auto had a few games after 3, and then they made gta 4...

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tenyuhuang Sep 13 2011 replied:

You ARE kidding me. What's the point buying an HD version of Quake 3 TDM and VitruaCops bundled together for 10 USD?

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EclipseStardestroyer Feb 22 2012 replied:

That's how much DLC should cost, but no! They have to be something like $15-$20! That doesn't even make sense for just 5 maps! It's like 25% of the price for the actual game which has everything in it, and just 5 maps cost THAT much! It's ridiculous!

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Dr.Worm Aug 20 2011 replied:


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MartyForEels Aug 25 2011 buried:


If i have to spend 60 bucks, i would do it on MW3. BF3 is pretty much the same arcade **** like BF3 except it isnt by EA and it isnt on Origin.

End Of Discussion.

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kjfytfkytfyt Sep 10 2011 replied:

dude, that made no sense at all....

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[TZP]LoNer1 Sep 26 2011 replied:

Yeah, not AT ALL, BF3 is making a NEW ENGINE, and COD is just making SOME MAPS ON A 4 or maybe 5 YEAR OLD ENGINE!!! DOH

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Ileftu4dead Aug 18 2011 buried:


yea i'll consider getting it after the PC gets decent support(im talking getting DLCs at a decent price at a decent time)

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Chompster Aug 18 2011 replied:

CoD DLC at a decent price? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA....ohh...ah ha... thats a good one..

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Anterly Aug 25 2011 replied:

Oh Chompster, you just made my day

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altercuca Aug 19 2011 replied:

keep dreaming

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TheUnabridgedGamer Aug 17 2011 says:

Glad they realized this was a logical thing to add. Now if only they allowed for modding and dedicated servers for Bioshock 2... oh, the possibilities...

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JohnnyMaverik Aug 17 2011 says:

What about Mod support? Also a good single player campaign. Also not being bugged to crap for months on the pc rendering it practically unplayable despite dedicated server support alla Black Ops.

Colour me Cynical -_-

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Ark_ Aug 17 2011 says:

Ok so let me see this week so far we have had:
Dice: BF3 64 player gameplay with jets.
Crytek: Releasing the CryEngine 3 toolkit.
IW: Um, we have reanbled dedi servers.
:/ Excuse me but im a bit underwhelmed.

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LordIheanacho Aug 18 2011 replied:

what is IW?

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LordIheanacho Aug 18 2011 replied:

nvm, Infinity Ward.

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ZaliaS Aug 18 2011 replied:

Except Infinity Ward doesn't exist anymore... Its now called Respawn. Infinity Ward are the only ones who would actually make a GOOD CoD game. Take a look at the original and its expansion for example. Oh, and CoD 2. Then there was the LAST good thing to ever come from the name "Call of Duty" was the first Modern Warfare.

After that, its been Treyarch remaking the same damn ****, re-skinned, re-textured, re-mapped, and ******* re-cycled over; and over, and over, and over, and over... Then all sold at a full retail price.

But thanks for the effort Treyarch. Thanks for the attempt Activision. But I think I'm quite content with sticking to a game development company whom has NEVER disappointed me in the past, wouldn't ever in the future, and would stay true to the creed "Create games for the passion of creating quality and fun for gamers" and not "Create the same game 20 times to see how many loyal idiots we can keep making money off of."

A loyal DICE fan,

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claytonian Aug 20 2011 replied:

Did you forget about MW2? IW made that. That's not a good game.

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kjfytfkytfyt Aug 23 2011 replied:

Yes it does, Respawn Entertainment is made up of tons of people that were in infinity ward, but infinity ward still exists.

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Shoelip Aug 18 2011 replied:

Hey don't forget about Red Orchestra 2: Awesome grandpa trailer! Also all the other stuff that's been revealed about it through gameplay videos on youtube.

Hell, if Modthreern Warfarthree Thrthreethree is as good as the last gamthree it'll at lthreeast bthree worth playing if you gthreet it for frthreethree as a gift.

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Cpt.Dann Aug 18 2011 replied:

Yet they'll still have higher sales for using most of their money for advertising instead of using it on their games.

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altercuca Aug 19 2011 replied:

lol activision is the Apple of games software :P! take something out, then put it back in when demand rises, giving a fake incentive to customers so they buy their games. Its getting ridiculous and gamers need to stay away from it.

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Hell_Diguner Aug 18 2011 says:

Dedicated Servers: About go-dam time! All multiplayer emphasized games should have dedicated servers with a browse function, even on consoles.

Still won't be buying it though. The CoD games never appealed to me. Too much emphasis on 'twitch' based gunplay, you don't need any other skills to do well in the game. :-/

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SabreXT Aug 18 2011 buried:


I disagree in that twitch is just as important as any other game. To me, there is more tactics in cod than counter strike which is just "aim for the head".

I really like headquarters mode and that mode where you have to plan the bomb with respawns is ok. TDM wasn't for me though.

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macacos2 Aug 18 2011 replied:

Counter Strike has, as incredible as it seems, a lot more tactical based gameplay than CoD.

In Counter-strike you get many different maps with different approaches for each team, where the loadout actually matters, specially when talking about grenades. Walking slowly and silently works wonders when behind enemy lines, and sure, running and gunning also work in that game if everyone is doing so. But if a team is coordinated enough (or skilled enough) they're able to make the game interesting. Since you only have one life per round, some people try and make the best of it by not wasting it. The fact that you get rewarded with money for better weapons every round keeps the game playable for veteran and new gamers alike.

In Call of Duty Modern Warfare series, however, all you have is running and gunning. The ridiculously low penalty for dying and simplistic aiming system makes it, technically, a casual game. When killed you pretty much instantly respawn, so all you need to do is run, hold the ironsight button pressed and spray everywhere. It's a fast passed simplistic shooter and that's why most people like it, no one plays it for being tactical. In the CoD MW series there's also a levelling system, which gives you better equipment as you play the game, giving you an advantage over new players.

Of course, they had to add something to differ the "rookies" from the "veterans", and since the gameplay is not based on skill, the only way to do it was through the levelling system.

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SubZerp Aug 18 2011 replied:

yeah to bad 75% of servers de_dust2 eh

+3 votes     reply to comment
Gradius Aug 18 2011 replied:

Don't be ridiculous. I'm sure it's a larger percentage than that.

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SabreXT Aug 18 2011 replied:

That argument doesn't work because you are compairing a new MW player to an experienced CS one. You can do that with any 2 competitive games to make one sound bad.

You could easy say- "CS is all just the pistol round, lose that and it's almost impossible to gain the upper hand again. Plus skilled player have the upper hand simply by knowing the map, the best weapons to buy and where to camp."

and then say about MW- "the game rewards getting skilled with specific weapons. Spray and prey only works for the early game, a skilled team will steamroll you. Someone who dies alot isn't going to get the killstreaks to help the team win." ect.

A better example is look at TF2 fanboys. They will swear blind that the game is 100% perfectly balenced and then when they lose a game they will shout at you for not picking/having the 'right' weapons. So, to make TF2 look bad, simply bring up the weapons being horribly inbalenced and victory being determed by crits rather than teamwork. If you want to make TF2 look good, just say the opposate, it's perfectly balenced, and good teamwork beats lucky crits every time.

The truth is likely in the middle. Both CS and MW are a balence between twitch and tatics. To say CS is all tactics and MW is all twitch is disingenuous imo.

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Sev-RC- Aug 18 2011 buried:


For me MW isn't that balanced but cs/css is but tf2 is just crap.(balance wise)

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ESFER25 Aug 19 2011 replied:

Don't be ridiculous, who cares if you have overpowered weapons (only demoman's melee weps are OP in my opinion)? In TF2 the skilled players win, I know it, i've been playing it for over 200 hours (months before it became f2p) and i never get tired of it, default weapons are just as good as unlockables if you know how to use them. In the other hand, i bought mw2 some days ago, i'm level 27, I'm soooo bored now, it's easy to know how this works: noobtubers everywhere, campers in every damn corner, the first team who gets an AC130 wins, it's as easy as that...

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altercuca Aug 19 2011 replied:

you just made my day!

+2 votes     reply to comment
Spr09 Aug 18 2011 replied:

they arent gonna matter, looks at the players column on the photo.

that's how many people are going to actually play this terrible game.

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SabreXT Aug 18 2011 says:

I like dedicated servers, but I think people were to harsh on peer to peer.

The things I will miss from the peer to peer system is that you always get a full game, not a bunch of empty servers or servers with only 2 guys, and if a team rage quit, another instantly filled the void. Not to mention no quake sounds, no 30 players crammed into a 4v4 map, no motd spams telling you not to be racist and visit the forum every 15 seconds, no needing maps that are exactly like the stock ones with a barrel moved 3 inches to right for 'balence'. Oh, and it was easy to play with friends.

However, given the problems with peer to peer such as lag and disconnects, I prefer dedicated servers.

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Katana_ Aug 18 2011 replied:

Considering how most dedicated servers are in datacenters or are run by people with a decent pipe to the server, this is definitely a change back to normality. How many people were playing and hosting off of a DSL connection that probably couldn't handle a 2v2 game, much less 6v6?

Plus, the whole notion of having "host" is ridiculous, the advantage you gain is enormous.

Also, microwaves won't screw over EVERYONE playing now if the host is by one running, just the person near the microwave.

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Benjin Aug 18 2011 says:

Not like a care, I'm still not getting it anyway due to the fact that the gameplay will be almost exactly the same as CoD 4 and MW2, I've gotten tired of those two games' gameplay, so... not much point buying it if it's just for a few new weapons, maps and perks when you're not interested in the game itself anymore. The £40 price tag also just makes me want it even less.

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MartyForEels Aug 25 2011 replied:

Yeah. Same gameplay for years. Just like BF3 will have.

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sjaakster Sep 15 2011 replied:

except battlefield will be entirely new all cod mw3 will have is 1 new game mode, 2 new guns, 1 new map, 50 dlc's for 10 euros or whatever currency you have, wich are already done before full game release.
and the players will be even worse then in the older games.

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GunShip05 Aug 18 2011 says:

Thank God!

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son-of-lorgar Aug 18 2011 says:


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ebol4 Aug 18 2011 says:

This was totally front-page worthy on a modding website.

If you buy this game, you're ******* stupid, end of discussion. You're supporting the downfall of the industry. Stop buying rehashed garbage.

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Benjin Aug 18 2011 replied:

THIS is another reason why I won't get it.

+13 votes     reply to comment
KaiMan32 Aug 18 2011 buried:


Good job bashing people what they like.

-10 votes     reply to comment
SabreXT Aug 19 2011 replied:

"Like what I like, you're smart, cool and hip. If you don't, you're an idiot."

I'll be getting it if I hear the SP is any good. Not going to get it day 1 though.

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