After years of conflict, the Allies are finally on the brink of victory. Cowering behind the walls of the Kremlin, the Soviets decide to turn to one last act of desperation - the use of an experimental time travel device. The mission: to go back in time to eliminate Albert Einstein before he creates the technologies that will lead the Allies to ultimate victory. After a successful mission, the Soviets return to the present and find the Allied position weakened. But before they can truly celebrate, they find out their actions have spawned a new threat and global superpower: the mysterious, technologically-advanced Empire of the Rising Sun. Welcome to World War III.

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Jackal16 had a set of tutorials on Hooked on CnC, yet they went down. With help from my friend and some save files, it is back. This Guide is not made by me, yet I will Use it! *Warning! This Tutorial is outdated. Sorry.

Posted by Jason_Zombolt on Jan 29th, 2010
Basic Client Side Coding.

Mod SDK Guide
Please note that when copying code from the tutorials, you may have to replace the speech marks with your own as this has been known to cause problems.

Starting Off
This guide will show you how to create a new mod and add a new unit to Red Alert 3 using the RA3 Mod SDK.
By now you should have downloaded and installed the RA3 Mod SDK, if you havn't then you can download it here:
Find where the Mod SDK was installed usually my computer - local disk C (or what ever your hard drives letter is) - RA3 Mod SDK.
Once you have opened that folder double click the mods folder and note the samplemod that is there, ignore that for now.
Create a new folder there and call it mymod and within mymod create another folder called data.

Modding Your First Unit
If you have read starting off then you are ready for this tutorial where we will add the new unit.

First off nagivate back to the RA3 Mod SDK folder where you first clicked mods, but this time click SageXml, then Allied, then Units and copy the file called AlliedAntiVehicleVehicleTech1, paste it into the data file you created. Right click on it and choose properties and then untick the read-only attribute if it is ticked.

Once you have done that re-name the file to mytank.

Ok now open the file using notepad and scroll down a bit to the text that looks like this:

Guide wrote:AlliedAntiVehicleVehicleTech1

Re-name the pink text above to mytank.

Now that we’ve down that we need two additional files. Go back to the RA3 Mod SDK folder and click SageXml, then GlobalData and then copy LogicCommand and LogicCommandSet into the data folder of your mod. As before untick read-only on both of them.

Open LogicCommand and paste the following line of text in. It doesn’t really matter where you paste it but for the sake of organisation scroll down a bit until you see the other unit builds and paste it there.

<span class="mceItemObject" >mytank/Object>

Save that and open up LogicCommandSet. Scroll down until you see the Allied warfactory commandset shown below, and add the pink line of text.

Guide wrote:



Under the logic command set for the warfactory add this:


Save the file.

Creating the mod.xml file
The mod.xml file tells the game engine what files we want to add to the game and hence all mods require one. Open up the sample mod that game with the Mod SDK and copy the xml file entitled Mod to the data folder of your mod. Next delete everything from the middle of it until it looks like the one below and paste in the pink text.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<AssetDeclaration xmlns=”” xmlns:xsi=”“>
mod.xml is the central include for mod setup data. 
<!– These includes need to be in all mod.xml files –>
<Include type=”reference” source=”DATA:static.xml” />
<Include type=”reference” source=”DATA:global.xml” /> 
<Include type=”reference” source=”DATA:audio.xml” />

<Include type=”all” source=”DATA:mymod/Data/LogicCommand.xml”/>
<Include type=”all” source=”DATA:mymod/Data/LogicCommandSet.xml”/>
<Include type=”all” source=”DATA:mymod/Data/mytank.xml”/>



Save the file.

Creating the mod.str file
The mod.str file is used to tell the game engine what the names of the units are, allows you to write a short description about each one and to specify its type. Copy the mod.str file from the sample mod into the data folder of your mod. Open it up using notepad and you should see something that looks like what is below:

Guide wrote:Name:AlliedGunshipAircraft
“Harbinger Gunship”

“Kills stuff with protons”


Change the pink text to mytank and write what ever you want in the name, description and type lines between the speech marks.

How to build your mod
Ea has provided a handy tool which allows you to build your mod relatively easily. Go to the RA3 Mod SDK folder and run the application called EALAModStudio. In the dropdown box choose the name of the mod, in this case mymod. Tick all the boxes down the side and enter the version of the game you have in the bottom box, then press build. The mod should then go ahead and build, hopefully without errors.

How to play your mod
Now that the mod has built we're ready to play our mod. To do this open the RA3 Contol Centre and click game browser. Then click the mods tab and then the name of the mod. Finally click launch and the mod should play. Go into skirmish and play as the Allies, you should notice that out tank shows up there and can be built. Now you have the knowledge to add your own units.

I Hope this Guide helps you out as much as it has helped me. I will continue to post the other tuts to keep ra3 modding going-Jason Zombolt

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PsychoticLoner Jan 31 2010 says:

Thank you, guys! I was considering tinkering with SDK, but without the tutorial's from Hooked on CnC, I felt too lost to try.

+2 votes     reply to comment
Jason_Zombolt Author
Jason_Zombolt Jan 31 2010 replied:

More of that tut is to come :D

+2 votes   reply to comment
Redcomet95 Jun 10 2010 replied:

If you want i can get all the writing off hooked cnc i think i have it somewhere.

+2 votes     reply to comment
samirabaza Mar 26 2010 says:

i made a unit which is a modified unit actually of AlliedAntiVehicleInfantry as a test and it works just fine but in skirmish mode the AI player do not build the unit both the co and enemy AI player so i got to the skirmishAI folder and i found a file named AlliedBaseStates.xml that seems to control AI player but i failed to edit it
so any ideas?
Please help!

+2 votes     reply to comment
danieldot Mar 31 2010 says:

We Want More :D

+2 votes     reply to comment
mpa12120 Jul 24 2010 says:

Second is out, i just realized. In the mod sdk do we change the game build to the current one or just 1.09?

+2 votes     reply to comment
Pvt.Grif Aug 10 2010 says:

I wanted to makea MiG bomber for the soviets but how do i change the weapons and whatever?

+2 votes     reply to comment
ApornasPlanet Aug 19 2010 says:

IT DOESN'T WORK! I have the game patched to 1.12 and I try to make the mod for this version but it doesn't show up in the mod viewer!!!

+2 votes     reply to comment
ApornasPlanet Aug 19 2010 replied:

I'm wondering about the following step in particular:

"Open LogicCommand and paste the following line of text in. It doesn’t really matter where you paste it but for the sake of organisation scroll down a bit until you see the other unit builds and paste it there."

<span class="mceItemObject" >mytank/Object>

Should it look like this?


How should I do it?

+2 votes     reply to comment
ApornasPlanet Aug 19 2010 replied:

should I save the build log somewhere? the mod doesn't show up!

+3 votes     reply to comment
ApornasPlanet Aug 22 2010 replied:

I can't understand what this is or what to do with it... Iäm now working with a xml-editor:

<span class="mceItemObject" >mytank/Object>

+2 votes     reply to comment
Jason_Zombolt Author
Jason_Zombolt May 12 2011 replied:

You are right, this is outdated.

+2 votes   reply to comment
biroyski Apr 30 2012 says:

How do you edit/modify the downloaded mod. I downloaded this mod from some website, it's good mod, except for there is a limit on how many apoc tank you can create. I'm wondering if I can atleast increase the limit from 6 to 10 units and change the build time as well. Please someone can assist me on how to that, or if someone can edit that mod for me, that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

+1 vote     reply to comment
skyteks Aug 9 2012 says:

I tried to add the special Mirage tank and the Coastel Gun from Aliied Campain but both doesnt work. WHY ?

+1 vote     reply to comment
s10055072 Jan 26 2014 says:

My EALAModStudio.exe still got the BinaryAssetBuilder.exe stopped working, WHY? Can anyone help me?

+2 votes     reply to comment
ForceAssaulter Aug 28 2014 says:

I got an error when I tried to build Mod. I have tried to use the samplemod without editing anything but still I got error: Error: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: startIndex must be less than length of string.

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