Previously referred to as the 'Doom 3 Engine', Tech 4 is id Software's current licensing platform. Powering games such as Doom 3, Quake 4 and Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Tech 4 revolutionized the use of realtime dynamic lighting as well as other technologies.

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Prey extended, single player maps review

Prey extended, single player maps review

6 years ago Prey 2 comments

For those of you wanting a little more action out of Human Head Studio’s and 3D Realms gravity flipping game 'Prey', we have a small selection of reviews...

Prey - Pre(y)view

Prey - Pre(y)view

9 years ago Prey 27 comments

Prey, once thought to be lost in the endless chasm of vapourware alongside Duke Nukem Forever, is finally but a few weeks away from release. We take a...

G T X Interview
Quake 4

G T X Interview

10 years ago G T X Q4 0 comments

As much as the gameplay of Doom 3 split the community in half, there was little dispute over the graphics. However GTX plans to push dooms engine further...

Half-Life 2

First Epidemic Mod Interview!

11 years ago Epidemic 4 comments

There are quite a few zombie mods for so many different game engines. Most of these mods have a similar, if not even the same plot. However, breaks all...

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