Previously referred to as the 'Doom 3 Engine', Tech 4 is id Software's current licensing platform. Powering games such as Doom 3, Quake 4 and Enemy Territory Quake Wars, Tech 4 revolutionized the use of realtime dynamic lighting as well as other technologies.

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Doom FTW

Clean code, extendable, cross-platform, unified lighting, decent tools, easy to mod, Blender <> idTech 4 art workflow. Good ol' engine with a lot of potential.

Great engine that brought a game that scared the s*** out of me as a little kid.

Great engine nice tools and games just wish making maps was easier.

Great modern graphics, and a very "simple" gaming engine (u know what i mean when i say simple)

Doom and Quake ROCK your computer, and if you play with this engine, then U ROCK BOSS!!!...

This is an excellent engine, with modern graphics. And has a few great games like: Doom 3, Quake 4, Enemy Territory Quake Wars and Wolfenstein. And finally this engine was made by the best video game company in the world, Id Software.

suffering ... this is your, callling ... . . .
if you are reading this, there is nothing i can do
something hath grown in mMy chesttt *

open source engine, which is totally modern and expanding, has the potential to become the de facto engine for Creative Commons game and for indie developers

Net code sucks...

The best game engine!

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