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Dec 21st, 2009
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//For those who already have the first installer, just apply the "laboratory crash" patch that is in the downloads section.// The installer for Flesh. Install inside your Steam/SteamApps/Sourcemods and then restart Steam. The mod probably starts in a windowed mode, that´s my bad. Requirements: Half-Life 2 + Source SDK Base Orange Box (under tools in steam!!)

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Flesh version 1.1 (no more laboratory crash)
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Headcrusher Dec 22 2009, 5:36am says:


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Leon_Kilean Author
Leon_Kilean Dec 22 2009, 5:46am says:

If someone finds errors with the install / running the mod, I´d appreciate a comment. I rushed the installer together and Im really paranoid if it works so well.

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cortez666 Dec 22 2009, 1:45pm replied:

dont get paranoid the installer works.
at least for me

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eightDash Dec 22 2009, 9:22pm replied:

Re-downloaded it and still got the error :(

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eightDash Dec 22 2009, 11:10pm replied:

Am I the only one it's not working for?

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eightDash Dec 23 2009, 12:37am replied:

Well I just tried with a different browser and it seems to be working now. I can't test the mod out tonight though.

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Jokerme Dec 22 2009, 6:15am says:

Yay, at last!

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Oscar123123123 Dec 22 2009, 6:40am says:

Downloading now

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phipe Dec 22 2009, 6:54am says:

Oh my.. i have been playing this a while now, and i say, i havent played a scary mod since Afraid of Monsters: Directors Cut!


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Xenoshock Dec 22 2009, 7:27am says:


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Deremix Dec 22 2009, 8:34am says:






This is possibly the best mod I've ever played. It's creepy too, doesn't even feel like source, I absolutely love the specular on all of your models and props. This mod is so much for the win.

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Leon_Kilean Author
Leon_Kilean Dec 22 2009, 9:58am replied:

Mmm, forward that message. =)

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the_simian Dec 22 2009, 3:53pm replied:

Thanks man. We worked really hard.

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Krennald Aug 27 2010, 10:50pm replied:

@Deremix I always read you're comments with Morgan Freemans voice lol.

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Hitelf Dec 22 2009, 8:44am says:

OMG OMG OMG! gonna download it right now and play it right away :D

il post a 2nd comment of what i think about the mod :)

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freredarme Dec 22 2009, 8:50am says:

I need Half-Life 2 Episode Two to play it ?

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Leon_Kilean Author
Leon_Kilean Dec 22 2009, 9:23am replied:

You need the Orange Box SDK, thats all.
In Steam, go under "tools" and install Source SDK BASE - Orange Box

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freredarme Dec 22 2009, 11:05am replied:

Okay thank.
Nice picture for install on moddb :)

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DaveTheFreak Dec 22 2009, 8:52am says:

So you finally made it? Congratulations, cause not that much mods make it to final. ;)
I'm gonna download as soon as possible, can't wait to play!

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Radu_IceMan Dec 22 2009, 9:12am says:

It's creepy.

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hakamutsi Dec 22 2009, 9:43am says:

nice *downloading*

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plasmasword Dec 22 2009, 9:53am says:

Awesome. The graphics are amazing, it's creepy, the gameplay is good, but the AI SUCKS. For a 1rst release it's good, but it's frustrating to be spotted sneaking through a wall, and it's strange to be able to sneak past a monster hiding in full light..

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Leon_Kilean Author
Leon_Kilean Dec 22 2009, 10:12am replied:

True. Thanks tho!

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lolwulf Dec 22 2009, 11:15am says:

holy **** this is the first mod ever to scare me and i dont get and i usually never get scared

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Metalspy Dec 22 2009, 11:47am says:

I lol'd when I saw the picture xD
Downloading now =D

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Chrissstrahl Dec 22 2009, 11:52am says:

No zip version ?

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Leon_Kilean Author
Leon_Kilean Dec 22 2009, 12:07pm replied:

Doh, sorry. I´ll add that now.

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ghostings Dec 22 2009, 1:32pm says:

Wait, so I don't need Hl2: Lost Coast to play this? I'm loving it!

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jjawinte Dec 22 2009, 2:17pm says:

Congratulations Leon ! It seems that the holidays will be a little brighter ( or darker :) )for a lot of us. Brilliantly done !!

All the Best to you for the Holidays !

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Leon_Kilean Author
Leon_Kilean Dec 22 2009, 2:49pm replied:

Thanks, and happy holidays!

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Statofarius Dec 22 2009, 2:50pm says:

Thanks creature.

Great mod! Definitely tracking.

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cartman360 Dec 22 2009, 3:59pm buried:


I wouldn't touch this mod again with a 100 ft pole

-9 votes     reply to comment
cartman360 Dec 22 2009, 4:00pm buried:


yeah it's out, I think it better go back inw herever it came from though because it's stinking up moddb

-9 votes     reply to comment
Habboi Dec 22 2009, 6:01pm says:

Cartman, your trolling isn't thick enough to clot up our hearts.

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Fragclone Dec 22 2009, 6:26pm says:

Downloading!! ^_^

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Hitelf Dec 22 2009, 7:44pm says:

played it alittle and i do gotta say
its better then i was expecting :D

altough scary but cool :)

the effects were awesome and so were the skins :)

i did found a glitch :P (well sorta)
in the 1st part where you have to get the 3 statue heads

the building in the right
the zombie lost control of its movements (on the places he walked over and over) he managed to get outside the warehouse and kept walking near the place where you had to place the heads...

so it was almost impossible to place the heads without getting seen :P

altough its 1 of the best mods i played so far ^^

oh and Happy Holidays :D

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eightDash Dec 23 2009, 1:21am says:

Well I got it all working but I couldn't figure out what to do. What am I supposed to do after I get out of the car and find the body and crashed car? I couldn't figure it out so I just wandered around but nothing happened.

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Leon_Kilean Author
Leon_Kilean Dec 23 2009, 5:16am replied:

Just wander deep into the forest.

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Leon_Kilean Author
Leon_Kilean Dec 23 2009, 10:30am says:

Im uploading a patch and a new installer today, but anybody who crashes in the laboratory ending with the barrel, for now do this:

"use" the barrel while you are IN monstervision.

Deeply sorry about that, I thought I got rid of that bug, but now I´ve made some major changes to the logic there so it works for granted... Sigh, what a letdown. The part after the rooftop is pretty wicked. =)

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PyroTheViking Dec 25 2009, 5:12pm says:

Will it work if I only have the SDK and HL2:Lost Coast/HL2:Deathmatch?

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madcat1030 Dec 27 2009, 10:19pm says:

Love it. Really long play through for so few maps. And it didn't get boring! Nice mapping in general.

I was honestly expecting the final level to be running back to your car or something, but it was great, nonetheless.

Glitches: Several times, after running to hide from a spirit who had seen me, they would...
A: Get caught in an EXTREMELY INCONVENIENT location making it impossible to progress.
B: Get caught in an extremely awesome position in which they posed no threat. The latter happened during the boss battle, making it extremely easy, and even when he ported to inside the barn, he stayed frozen.

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BiLL364 Dec 30 2009, 1:39pm says:

Thanks creature. :D

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EdOscuro Jan 10 2010, 3:00am replied:

I was going to post the exact same thing. Downloading the mod right now, keeping my swim trunks on!

+2 votes     reply to comment
DaveTheFreak Jan 22 2010, 7:18am says:

Honestly I haven't played through yet but still I'd like to thank you for the work you've done. It really is an amazing mod and very fresh, a new kind of stealth actually. I definitely enjoy playing it, so best wishes and we'll see if you have a new project in mind. ;)

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Rattlesnark Nov 29 2010, 5:59pm says:

The preview image is bloody amusing, very nice of you to provide such humorous AND helpful content.

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Standelone Feb 17 2011, 2:22am says:

Hm, I can't seem to find the Orange box thing. I have a few others, but not that one.

+1 vote     reply to comment
RetulAmora May 16 2011, 12:09am says:

Amazing mod, gameplay reminds me of playing Siren. I wonder, was that an inspiration for this?

+1 vote     reply to comment
SquigPie Sep 9 2011, 4:38pm says:

Eeehm, under my steam tools I don't have anything named Source SDK Orange Box. I have Source SDK, Source SDK Base 2006 and Source SDK Base 2007. I bought the complete Valve pack.

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JohnSmirnov Oct 11 2012, 12:20pm says:

Why it still says, that this is version 1.0 ?

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