Since early 2002, Shee Labs has been a group of individuals working to produce free game and media downloads. With ever-fluctuate staffing, Shee Labs continues working behind the scenes on various exciting projects for a bewildering array of areas. Shee Labs ceased to exist in September 2009.

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Mutator Week Roundup
Unreal Tournament 3

Mutator Week Roundup

Unreal Tournament 3 4 comments

One month and two mutator weeks down the line, we step back and take a look at Shee Labs Mutator Week.

Want to learn Unreal? Dive in at the deep end with Shee Labs!

Want to learn Unreal? Dive in at the deep end with Shee Labs!

News 21 comments

If you want to mod Unreal but have little expertise, then you may find yourself working alone for a very long time before having a valid skill. Have basic...

Total Kommando is Back!

Total Kommando is Back!

Total Kommando 6 comments

An intense sci-fi action experience, Total Kommando is not for the faint of heart. Featuring 25 outlandish weapons and powerups, and a host of fantastic...

Epic Generals: Tournament Edition Announced
C&C: Generals

Epic Generals: Tournament Edition Announced

Epic Generals 3 comments

It's been over a year since the final version of 'Epic Generals' was released. However, fans of the mod will be glad to know that a new...


Total Kommando Released!

Total Kommando 3 comments

A mod for Soldat played obsessively by some of the games programming students at the university of derby. We've decided that, as it's now very...

C&C: Generals

Download Fix!

Epic Generals

In short, Epic Generals is now available to download, and if you've been having problems with it before, then you should now be able to retrieve...

C&C: Generals

Epic Generals News

Epic Generals

A fair bit has been going on in the Epic Generals world recently! Version 1.02 will soon be available, with all important bugfixes and a couple of rebalances...

C&C: Generals

Epic Generals America Beta Release

Epic Generals

Hey everyone :) Quick message to announce that 'Epic Generals' for CnC Generals will be releasing a beta of the America faction for Epic Generals soon...

Quake III Arena

David Hunter 1 Released!

David Hunter

David Hunter finally has a proper host and will be now available to all to download. You can look at the David Hunter website at and you can download...

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