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Finally after 3 long years it's here! The Forgotten Ones is waiting for you. Will you survive its horrors?

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The Forgotten Ones is released, that's right! In a matter of time it will be authorized here on modDB and you can finally grab it and start playing and enjoying!

So much has happened since the development of the remake started, I feel full of joy and confident that you guys will like this, I've had a lot fun making it and I hope you guys will enjoy it the same much as I've done making it!
Also a small walkthrough has been added in the release folder for those who may get stuck!Also remember to restart the mod once changed graphical settings!
SDK Base 2007 is needed for this mod to work!

Some Generic and Random information about the mod:

The Version:
This will be the follow-up version to the 2011 version, not saying this is a sequel but its based on the same concept tho this concept was never expressed in the shitty 2011 version anyways so you didn't miss anything anyways, heh. Version 2.0 is a full rebuild of the previous released "mess" and is completely different in every way.

TFO features a fully remade HUD, VGUI & GUI including all new models, npcs, code, scripts, sounds, everything! Which means this mod will take up quite some space. The build is at 2gb compressed and 4.5gb uncompressed.

Music, elegance and beauty is what combines TFO and makes it build up a unique atmosphere and tension.

TFO is about Grobuskna Vladinov, his family was murdered during the war, Grobuskna and his family was taken captive by Schienzel. Schienzel is a fiction of Josef Mengele, a strong similarity.
Grobuskna was spared to see his parents suffer.
Gregor, Schienzel's butler escaped with Grobuskna and ever since that time Grobuskna has wanted to bring vengeance on Schienzel.
The only problem is, he doesn't remember where Schienzel is located.

The Concept:
Inspired by old classics such as Resident Evil 1, They Hunger & Silent Hill.
TFO is processed by exploring, finding clues, experiencing true horror.
In TFO I wanted not only to have creepy level design and npc's but also very immersive sound, the sound gives you a chill and you can always feel it in your spine. In this case even Pamela Andersson could scare you if she popped in unannounced.

The Gameplay:
In TFO you can carry maximum 5 weapons:
- One heavy firearm
- A light firearm
- A melee wep
- A grenade ( very rare )
- A light source
As well you can carry extra items which will go in your inventory, such as:
- Notes
- Maps
- Keys
- Parts
- Emblems
Notes can be found all around the maps, some are voiced, some are not. Depending on which character the note is related to! When browsing thru notes in the inventory you will be able to see the author for each note, some will be unknown and some will not.

The HUD:
I've tried to make the HUD simple and pretty, the left side shows your health and a sprint bar ( stamina ) and in the middle of the health circle you can see a healthkit, if this healthkit is green that simply means you have a healthkit and can use this whenever you wish!
Generally if you die you will be given a healthkit automatically since death is normally caused due to difficulty. Hopefully this will be enough help to make you progress further!

The right side shows your ammo and current bullets in each mag ( only firearms )

There's 16 weapons in TFO they range from guns to melee weapons.

Easter Eggs:
TFO got many easter eggs, including:
-Rage comics

Final Opinion:
I want to thank everyone who has followed us so far, it means a lot! TFO will be authorized soon and ready for you all! Share it with everyone you know! =)

Bug Reporting:
I would highly appreciate if you'd report any bugs you may find during the gameplay, you can post/report this here: or post a topic on our Technical Forum area:

If you wish to donate for this project and future projects you are very welcome, as a reward you will be given instant access to the in-game unlimited ammo FG-42!
Donate here:


Source SDK Base 2007 Compatibility:
As many of you know steampipe has broke everything from mods to SDK tools. I have a working build for SDK Base 2007 non steampipe and will upload this to for those who would prefer this version! However Steampipe version seem to work well for TFO as well...

Current Bugs:

-Gregor turn pitch black (body) when transiting to the Hotel
-Crashes in Forest/Hotel map (half-confirmed)
-You have to restart the mod when you change the resolution! Important!

It's ready, it's waiting, grab it now!!! And again, sorry for the delays!

Download Link:

The Forgotten Ones - Version 2.0


The Forgotten Ones Release Upcoming!

The Forgotten Ones is soon in your grasp

New Entrance Vs Old Entrance

The Tunnels

TFO Garden - Release is near

Schienzel's Office

Prepare your pair of pants

Gameplay Trailer / Intro / Teaser:

JonnyBoy0719 - - 2,785 comments

Awesome 8D Got the news from Darkamo.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+7 votes
Pretador Author
Pretador - - 747 comments


Reply Good karma+1 vote
SweetRamona - - 5,113 comments

I can't belive this day has finally come! :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Guest - - 692,583 comments


Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
*Flame* - - 290 comments

Awesome ! ! !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
HUNTER2K4 - - 441 comments

how to enable the console in game ? I already set it enable in option :|

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Pretador Author
Pretador - - 747 comments

I disabled the console, could I ask you what benefit you would have from it?
I could re-enable it for the next patch if you guys think it is necessary. :P

Reply Good karma+1 vote
HUNTER2K4 - - 441 comments

hehe , can you tell me a quick way to enable it , because i always like to spawn NPC with console to have more fun , you know ( i play a lot of mod with spawn NPC until now ^^ ) . By the way can you tell me in the next patch , will the save game we play will be corrupt ? )

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 692,583 comments

I bought the german censored version of HL2 and many mods have therefore the censoreship too. It's just that corpses disappear immediately after the NPC dies.
But I love raqdolls! And there is a simple console command which dosn't even require cheats which makes ragdolls never disappear.
This is why I'd like to have the console :> The censoreship destroys a bit atmosphere too, so yeah...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pretador Author
Pretador - - 747 comments

the console is disabled thru code, it will always be spammed to be hidden.

You can do this as a workaround:

go into CFG folder. Make a new notepad file save it to the cfg folder and call it


and inside it write either: ( one of em )

npc_create npc_patient
npc_create npc_patient_f
npc_create npc_patient_m
npc_create npc_devoured
npc_create npc_crusader
npc_create npc_combine_s
npc_create npc_zombie
npc_create npc_barney
npc_create npc_fisherman


Then open the autoexec.cfg and add this command:

bind z "exec spawn_npc.cfg"

Reply Good karma+1 vote
HUNTER2K4 - - 441 comments

OK THANKS SO MUCH , BY THE WAY I CAN ONLY SPAWN 1 TYPE ENEMY ? Maybe in the next patch you should enable the console , man !

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SPY-maps - - 2,906 comments

can't download it, Moddb says it is taken down?!?!


Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
DevinShadowV - - 532 comments

Hey we need to know what happened to the mod since it was deleted plus will it actually return?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Pretador Author
Pretador - - 747 comments

As stated in many comments on the front page, I removed it temporarily until I fix all the bugs in the first chapter. It will be up again soon..

Reply Good karma+1 vote
kitzel - - 78 comments

no download?? where can i get this? looks damn good

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
SPY-maps - - 2,906 comments

Thanks pretador for explaning the take down of the mod again.
Maybe it would have been a good thing to had the mod beta tested before release so you don't have these troubles.
Good idea for a next release maybe,


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