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Better unit repair usability, 6 new missions, Tiberian Dawn balancing changes, more Lua functions for mission scripting, an improved in-game map editor and lot's of fixes.

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Work has been progressing well on our next development cycle, and we are today making a snapshot of this work available in the form of a new playtest release. playtest-20150628 focuses on behind-the-scenes improvements, but also includes a collection of new features and bug fixes.

The most visible changes in this playtest include:

  • Removed the “Enemy unit detected” notification, by popular demand.
  • A collection of TD balance changes based on player feedback. [#8303]
  • Use the repair cursor or order a unit to a repair depot. In D2K a carryall will pick up the actor. [#8056]
  • Units built from the starport in D2K now work with the “select units by type” hotkey. [#8212]
  • Improvements to the player name and color validation. [#8137, #8380]
  • New missions: Nod06b, Nod06c (TD), Soviet02a, Soviet05 (RA), Atreides01a, Atreides01b (D2K).
  • A collection of polish fixes for maps, tooltips, and unit artwork.

On the technical front, improvements include:

  • A collection of fixes for issues found using Coverity Scan.
  • Several new lint tests to detect common YAML errors in maps and mods.
  • Changes towards a more consistent set of rendering traits. [#8171]
  • A Significant rework of the shroud code to prepare for TS shroud and scripted map area changes.
  • Improved support for compiling and running OpenRA on BSD operating systems.
  • Improvements to our Lua API for map authors.

For the full changelog, please refer to the changelog page on our wiki.

Our new in-game map editor has also received a collection of bug fixes, and the ability to view and edit the area outside the playable map area. The old map editor (which we inadvertently broke in the last release - sorry!) has been removed.

If you encounter any problems or bugs (especially anything related to the shroud or any new crashes), then please let us know on our bug tracker or the comments below.

Red Alert Soviet05 screenshot

Press CTRL + P to take a screenshot. The hotkey binding is configuarable via Settings - Input.

Carryall repair delivery

Use the repair cursor in D2K to signal a Carryall to transport an actor for repair!

New map editor

The new map editor is more stable, and updated maps now show correctly in the map selection screen.

TS Shroud

A preview of things to come: work is nearly complete on rewriting the shroud logic to support terrain height.

SC90 - - 132 comments


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Tesel - - 740 comments

Looks like Openra is getting more like OpenTFD

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GraionDilach - - 451 comments

ATM Sole Survivor would be more likely than Renegade or Generals... OpenWestwood might sound more exact. :P

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Guest - - 692,281 comments

I so want new features and units for D2K !!! I know it's supposed a perfect copy but come on... Don't you want to see new cool stuff to make the factions a bit more different than each other? :P

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Milanium Author
Milanium - - 453 comments

Well, someone needs to make those new units. The Dune 2000 modding community has always been and still is very passive.

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Mernom - - 718 comments

there is a concept for a new d2k game somewhere on the net, we can try and use that engine to recreat it... can't find it, there was that site with concepts for dune games, but it should be out there somewhere

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MrTarkin - - 16 comments

Next up, OpenSAGE.


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bobsam - - 646 comments


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php_bg - - 107 comments

Well guess what -

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SquishyforGDI - - 400 comments

I know its a silly question, how do I update the game - the installer page only has the download I first did

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Guest - - 692,281 comments

"The possibility of t̶i̶b̶e̶r̶i̶u̶m̶ OpenRA, are limitless" - Dr Mobius

However I'm concern about OpenRA's future in relation to EA.

If OpenRA has full 3D support, would EA sue you guys? Considering OpenRA's modding capabilities might one day replace Generals, C&C3; and RA3 modding, this could hurt the sales of those games and knowing EA loves money way more then anyone. They might actually pull the plug even when they're not doing anything with the C&C IP.

Or, let say you guys avoid full 3D support and manage to recreate every feature\logic\traits from every C&C game. Would EA still sue you guys because of the same reason above despite OpenRA staying 2D/2.5D?

I might sound paranoid about this but the last thing I want to hear from this great project is getting C&D letter from EA. :(

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TheNodCommander - - 1,114 comments

EA has been surprisingly friendly towards modders of the C&C scene. I am not sure why, but just look at cases such as the old Renegade-mods A Path Beyond, Apocalypse Rising and Reborn who are all standalones. And that is to not even mention the Renegade X-giant.

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Guest - - 692,281 comments

I'll argue that the reason those mods you mention are all standalones is probably because they're FPS mods while the series has always been known as an RTS game.

Infect the reason why TS mods like Twisted Insurrection, Dawn of the Tiberium Age and The Second Tiberium War are all standalones mods is because EA themselves made TS, along with RA and C&C95;, freeware. The same reason could be said about OpenRA.

However take look at RA2:YR, the game is going to be 15 years old this year yet it is still not freeware. TS was made freeware back in 2010, about 11 years after its original release date while RA2 was release a year after TS did. If RA2:YR was indeed freeware then popular mods like Mental Omega, D-Day and many other RA2:YR mods would have been standalone mods by now.

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Milanium Author
Milanium - - 453 comments

That is a very theoretical question as SAGE support isn't really something for the near future. I am not even sure if it should be done next to recreating Westwood2D. EA didn't invent/patent 3D RTS games. They just own the trademarks and graphical assets of the C&C franchise. If you want to port your Generals/C&C3;/RA3 mod to an Open Source engine, you are free to do so. I suggest you have a look at or Pyrogenesis from

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Guest - - 692,281 comments

My apologies, I forgot to mention I was speaking hypothetically about OpenRA getting full 3D support. I was just curios if you guys ever considered including full 3D support in the distant future. I am already satisfied knowing OpenRA is slowly getting proper 2.5D isometric support.

I take it from what you said if OpenRA did, theoretically speaking, recreate every feature\logic\traits from every C&C game. EA wouldn't bother you guys about it. Which is good to know :)

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