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This post will talk about what the project is, about content which will be included, changes that it will made and addons it includes. It is possible for it to change, thus this post will talk ONLY about content, addons and changes it currently contains, as of today. This version will NOT be published, as it is not in shape or form to work as intended. Next posts will document every change, addon and changes next versions will contain. Date of next update is Unknown at the moment, so stay tuned.

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Call of Pripyat - Reincarnated

A modification for an Altered Vanilla-Like experience

Current version of the Project: v0.1a

This mod is aimed towards optimizing, rebalancing and altering vanilla mechanics which are either outdated, broken or incomplete in the final version of Base game, or introducing them as a new content.

This project was made for personal use, but I thought later that I should upload it somewhere for others to use it as well, because I saw no good things in me making such a big modification only for me to use it.

Addons and other modifications used in this Project are listed below

The Base mod for CoP:Reincarnated is Pripyat Reborn v1.14.8, made by Alundaio

Pripyat Reborn is chosen to be a Base Mod because of the fixes, balancing and enhancements/optimizations it includes. The latest version of it, which is v1.14.8, is used as a base mod.

Next addons/mods are used as well:

Advanced Detectors, v1.0, made by ExtremeAlpaca

Phobos: Artefacts Reloaded Mod, v0.5, made by In Spite Of The Death Projects

Improved Skyboxes, v1.0, made by navajothkk on NexusMods

Living Zone by Skelja for CoC, v1.0, made by @skelja

Darkened and upscalled original cop wpn, v1.3, made by william11698

Full Upgrades for Weapons and Armors Mod, v1.0, made by @novarain

Artifact loot CoP, v1.0, made by [Skaim]

Realistic Headlamp, v1.0, made by PrivateFox

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Cinematic Menu Themes, v1.0, made by Crispy_Calamity and @chernobyltv

Unofficial Patch, v3.1, made by TheMonkeyStalker

That's full list of current content that is in this version of modification named CoP:Reincarnated. Any further changes, addons and modifications to the Project itself will have their own post, listing them. Authors of addons which have been added to this modification have all been credited properly.

Future of the project

At the moment, the first things that have to be done are:

1. To implement the rest of the things planned for this version

2. To test it thoroughly

After that, I have planned on adding more content, to optimize the game even more and to rebalance the game because of the addons/changes that have been introduced by all those modifications. I will make many of the Graphic Enhancing modifications as much compatable as possible with CoP:Reincarnated, though I can not promise anything at this moment.

I will not be adding Graphic Enhancing mods into the Modification CoP:Reincarnated itself, but they will be more of a Optional features, so you can decide whenever you actually want them in your game or not. There will be many Optional Features/Modifications available for you to chose from, as well as a possibility to modify some of the current options in the mod itself, out of personal preference or just because it is, maybe, too hard for you, or it puts too much stress on your PC, which is HIGHLY UNLIKELY to happen, because one of the 3 main reasons this modification is made for is to Optimize this game as much as possible, in order for it to work on any machine as flawlessly as it can. Of course, nothing is perfect, just like this project, so many systems will still struggle, as there is no real way of me testing this modification on a lot of configurations, so manual tests have to be done in order to see the real impact of the game, but I'll try and optimize it as much as I can, reducing the strain on your PC.

I also planned on making this game harder on every difficulty, but still allowing Newbies to play it. Game won't be rendered impossible to play, but it won't be as easy as it is now, so many people will like it.


This version of the modification, being v0.1a, will NOT be published by any means, as it's current state is unplayable. Date of when the next version, or info about it, will come out at the moment is unknown, so do not ask about it in the comments, as I will not speed up my work on this, both because I can not spare more hours to work on this project from what I already do, and because I don't want to miss any bug or errors, it has to be tested and rated as a playable before I actually release files to the public; I don't want someone to start playing it only for it to crash somewhere in the game because of a script error/missing texture or any sort of error.

Stay tuned Stalkers.


Nice to see you back Alundaio, and good luck with this new mod :)

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Best of Luck S.t.a.l.k.e.r.!

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When the mod will be available for download?

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