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Photographers of the Zone

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A group for users to share their pretty screenshots from any S.T.A.L.K.E.R game or mods.



8 members Developer

TeamEPIC ceased to exist. Developed and released Call of Chernobyl 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, and 1.5 BETA.

2015 Mod of the Year Awards

2015 Mod of the Year Awards

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2016 Mod of the Year Awards

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^Nastor^ - - 36 comments

Hi Alundaio, I started studying Stalker LUA scripts with your comments in them, like the structure of axr_main.script files and all other files that compose the skeleton of the code. The thing I can't understand, and it's driving me nuts, is what do tables passed as parameters to callbacks do. I see that certain callbacks, like "on_enemy_eval" (which I would need, because I am trying to develop a mod that does stuff whenever that evaluation occurs), are used by various modders by setting "flags.override = *boolValue*" and "flags.result = *boolValue*", but I don't get what altering those flags actually does. If you could help me by even just pointing me in the right direction I'd be grateful.

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Videoman99 - - 26 comments

Hey Alundaio,

Help a fellow loner out, I saw your comment on the absolute nature 4.04 and you claim that renaming certain texture files would effect all levels in call of chernobyl. Would you mind if you can tell me which file to rename so I can achieve this?

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mora145 - - 199 comments

Hey Alundaio, could you help me with this?
I play the Anomaly mod:
It happens to me that the NPCs, when they stop seeing the player, undertake an absurd advance towards him; almost like zombies (cap:

It happens like this:
> I shoot at any enemy NPC
> I see him, he sees me.
> I'm hiding behind a tree/bush/wall.
> About 5 seconds later, the NPC changes its status to "action_detour_enemy"
> 5 seconds later, the NPC changes its status to "action_seach_enemy" and starts searching for the player.

I'd like to extend the time between combat planer "action_detour_enemy" and "action_search_enemy" so that the NPC is under cover longer, before starting its search for the player.
The problem with all this is how easy it is to kill them when they come walking up to the player so soon. I can hide for about 10 seconds, and I know I'll soon have them out in front of me.

The Github Vanilla files of Anomaly:

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JayFKay - - 338 comments

Hello, you posted this "DX11 will give the illusion it runs smoother, that is because GSC did a half *** job implementing it and many shaders don't even work right or were never even implemented. Compare a screenshot side-by-side with DX9 enhanced with DX11, you'll see that DX9 and DX10 are graphically superior." last year.

Is this true?

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Alundaio Creator
Alundaio - - 1,758 comments

By examining xray source code you can see many DX10/11 features and shaders, that work in DX9, are incomplete.

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Amoch - - 1,541 comments

Hi Alundaio. Thank you for your modding work with STALKER. When do you plan to release the next version of Call of Chernobyl (final 1.5)? Thanks! :)

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Ciceroo - - 63 comments


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CFWMagic - - 226 comments

You intimidate me.

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ZoneScout89 - - 138 comments

He Alundaio, could you take a quick look at this thread and tell me your thoughts on the subject, clearly you're the expert in such things!

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Guest - - 693,355 comments

Hello Alundaio,

Would you consider adding another mode to the game:

I have an idea for a game mode instead of Azazel mode: when your character dies it loses all gear and weapons it had with himself, but your money and stashes are intacted. You respawn in a designated place, you can use your money and stashed gear and you can continue your story but you can't load any save from before death. Imho it is equally rewarding but less punishing than the ironmode.

The problem with STALKER is that after certain point looting becomes obsolete since you have milions of RUs. This mode solves this problem. Also it encourages to gather extra weapons and gear just in case, teaches to protect your life without an ultimate punishment like in Iron mode.

Looking forward for your opinin.

Thanks a lot for this great mod :)

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