ZBloody Hell is a standalone game created for the GZDoom engine, aiming to recreate the elements of the game Blood (1997), from monsters and weapons, to levels and atmosphere, while also giving players a gameplay addon and / or a level pack that is compatible with the other Doom 2 mods out there, letting them mix different mods with the fantastic Blood levels or the unique arsenal of weapons and new enemies of Blood. Get ZBloody Hell and Start kicking some Zombie heads today.

NOTE : The goal is not to make a 1:1 Remake of Blood, I will try to keep it familiar yet fresh. If you want an accurate port you can use BloodGDX, NBlood or Blood: Fresh Supply instead.

FEATURES : Here's why you should pick up ZBloody Hell instead of the old versions of ZBlood:

  • New Singleplayer and Multiplayer levels, Total of over 40 Levels, Hours of fun.
  • Supports Doom 2 mods, Levelpacks, Gameplay addons, and even visual updates.
  • Updated level layouts, utilizing new advanced editing features such as Interactive Portals and Polyobjs.
  • Updated Weapons, Monsters and their behavior to be less annoying and closer to their Blood counterparts.
  • Voxels, PNG Truecolor textures and OpenGL enhancements, no longer limited to the crappy Doom Pal (optional)
  • Multiplayer support, Co-op, Deathmatch and CTF. grab Zandronum, launch a server and enjoy.
  • Updated powerups to behave closer to their original counterparts.
  • Improved Animations for player, Weapons and Monsters, smoother and better.
  • Modding support, options have been set up to make it easy to create your own levels for ZBloody Hell


  • Special thanks to Luigis for additional mapping and support.
  • Pegg for ZBloodX Unofficial base.
  • J. S. Graham and Joseph Otey for ZBlood base.

Feel free to Contribute to the project or apply any kind of changes you want, But don't forget to share them with us on the addons section.

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Hey guys, a lot of you have been asking me about the Mod Compatibility patch and how to use it, the instructions I gave in the first day may have been a little bit unclear, so I updated the description of the patch to show the right way to load ZBloody Hell with other mods. Please refer to the description of the patch if you would like to know how to make it work.

As always, keep the feedback coming =)

Make your own Levels / Maps

Make your own Levels / Maps

Mapping/Technical Tutorial

A guide showing you the proper way to start the editor and make your own map.

ZBloody Hell Beginner guide - How to setup and start the game.

ZBloody Hell Beginner guide - How to setup and start the game.

Starting a mod Tutorial 2 comments

A Quick guide to show beginners how to properly setup and start playing the game.

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ZBloody Hell 1.9.15 Full Package

ZBloody Hell 1.9.15 Full Package

Full Version 161 comments

[7/1/2021] : Fixes for various things not working as intended.

ZBloody Hell - Vaccine (V.2)

ZBloody Hell - Vaccine (V.2)

Singleplayer Map 8 comments

This is patch that replaces all "ZBlood" stuff on "ZBlood" levels to "Doom 2" ones, so you can play with any gameplay mod of choice. Currently working...

Zbloody Hell Upscaled/HD weapons and monsters + Extras

Zbloody Hell Upscaled/HD weapons and monsters + Extras

Sprite 4 comments

All weapons and monsters sprites upscaled 4x with Gigapixel AI + Alpha Demo shotgun replacement(optional) and a fix for those that use universal weapon...

Shadow of Evil

Shadow of Evil

Singleplayer Map 2 comments

You've awoken from your eternal slumber to find yourself in an abandoned graveyard...

BulletZ for ZBloodyHell

BulletZ for ZBloodyHell

Weapon Model

Turn hitscans into projectile with this neat little addon by dawnbreez, now also supports ZBloody Hell. comes with an option to set bullet speed. requires...

Haus's ZBloodyHell Sounds

Haus's ZBloodyHell Sounds

Audio Pack

These are high-quality, semi-realistic sound replacements for the DOOM mod ZBloody Hell.

Comments  (0 - 10 of 226)
TransDoomer666 - - 10 comments

I absolutely love this mod! Nothing but praise! Older versions were horrible but the newest update is neat perfect haven't run into any issues yet. Yeah it's not a 1:1 copy of Blood but it's close enough out of all Blood Doom mods this one is the best

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Foxwyi - - 3 comments

Hello umm... i`m thinking, could you make an addon where the Spiders are removed? or is replaced with something like Headcrabs from Hl2 with the sounds too, because for the love of me when i see those huge spiders coming my way through the bridge i can`t help myself but press Alt+F4 IN A HEARTBEAT, so i would REALLLLYYY appreciate something that`ll make it able for me to pass the game with my Arachnophobia pls

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

Any news?

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Guest - - 687,512 comments

This mod does some things better than Blood and others worse. I like how you keep your weapons after episodes and some enemies are less annoying. Now the bad things:

1. The Flare Guns secondary fire is horrible. It costs too much ammo and barely does anything.

2. I often lose health when using the Voodoo Doll even though I am aiming at an enemy.

3. The Mother Spiders spawn too much spiders and the spiders effect when they disorientate you is annoying.

4. The Phantasm takes too long to die.

5. In Blood, the Proximity Detonator is bound to "p" and the Remote Detonator to "r", but in here they are both bound to "6" and so is the Dynamite Bundle so it takes too long to cycle between them.

6. The hitscaners deal too much damage like in the original Blood.

7. In the level The Pit of Cerberus, a mother spider appears instead of Cerberus.

Now a couple of questions:

1. Some levels from Blood are missing. Will they be here eventually?

2. Some levels I can access with the console like the Boat Docks, but when I started a new game they were nowhere to be seen. Why are these levels seemingly unreachable?

3. Will you add the Blood CD soundtrack so that some levels feature the midi music and others the CD music?

4. Will the cutscenes from Blood be added here?

5. Will this one day be a "complete experience"? By that I mean, will this feature all the levels from Blood, it's expansions and the new levels added so that when one starts a new game you go from Cradle to Grave to Beauty and the Beast and the new custom levels?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Guest - - 687,512 comments

Good,More BLOOD content and i don't have to give MS,WB,and Fatari-Infogrimes any

i just with Monolith had given us the source code and alpha-beta content,
instead of 'losing it'.

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RastaManGames - - 237 comments

I have an idea:

Mod can be divided by three separate modules:
Enemies, weapons (player class) and maps.
And if player gonna load maps with enemies & weapons, then he can make a "full package" Blood experience.

I mean, it is 2022 and someone may want only weapons or maps with enemies.
Module based system can save you nerves too, 'cause with it is very flexible and nice.

What is even point of it to be compatible with weapon mods, if it doesn't spawn a Doom weapons on the Blood levels to be replaced by weapon mods replacements?

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DOOMMARINE117 - - 547 comments

inotice in the first level and with the latest gzdoom 8.2 soon whatever the next one is. there are missing icons for items and such.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
eqagunn - - 24 comments

Would be great if Voxels mod could be ported to work with ZBloody Hell:

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HUNGfLO - - 6 comments

also cheellos voxel mod..
Same dude that made voxel doom, I believe.

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ANDROIDFERRET - - 1,106 comments

Is there maybe a HD texture mod ?

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