Doom Eternal Xp v.1.4c updates:

The BFG now also get's and Alt-Fire mode at 75k Xp

BFG AltFire Upgrade - Mod DB

Bug fixes:

  • Final rank endless loop notification fixed
  • Fixed double weapons in inventory on last rank

Doom Eternal Xp v.1.4b updates:

Small update. The Shotgun high speed auto fire upgrade seemed a bit too op. So now it is changed to a 3 shell burst.

Doom Eternal Xp v.1.4a updates:

Alt-Fire upgrades added to Chaingun, Rocketlauncher and Plasmarifle

  • The Chaingun has a more powerful but slower altfire
  • The Rocketlauncher has a 3 rocket spread
  • The Plasmarifle has a railgun attack
  • The shotgun has a high speed attack (it will drain your ammo very fast)
  • The Super Shotgun has a Quad attack

Doom Eternal Xp v.1.4 updates: ssglolprotregen TRE2A0a

  • Big Trees are now breakable too
  • Most bigger Monsters now have more dramatic death animations
  • Alt fire Shotgun and Super Shotgun upgrades added
  • Footstep sounds added

Let me know if you find any bugs. Since I was my own beta tester.

Doom Eternal Xp v.1.3c updates:

  • 2 all new upgrades regen prot Regeneration at 20k XP / Protection at 45k XP
  • DBT Blood from DBThanato's D4T mod - by DoodGuy
  • Simple UI Add-ons - by Tekish
  • Doomterrains - Terrain splash effects for Doom flats
  • Breakable Props taken from Doom Enhanced mod - by Kinsie
  • Shotgun Hook now pulls Cacodemons and Painelementals towards you, rather than you to them. I couldn't work out to pull the player into the air. This way it just doesn't feel as awkward.
  • Minor tweaks and changes here and there. Hope everything works since not much testing has been done.

We moved from Doom EXP, which initially stood for "experience", to calling it now "Doom Eternal Xp" since many features have been added that were shown in the gameplay footage of Doom Eternal.

Doom Eternal Xp v.1.3 updates:

  • The kick feature has now been replaced with some wolverine type claws, which will resemble the Doom Blade (sprite art by Phi108)
  • There is a Lock-On target system now (by jpalomo) to make the Doom Blade attacks more reliable
  • Latching onto wall was also a part of jpalomo'S mobility mods. That now have been integrated into the mod. (Only works with fists)
  • K0RP53's Smooth Weapons / Per Kristian smooth animations
  • Powerful weapon sounds

With the custom weapons and new features now implemented, this mod will most likely not be compatible with other weapon/monster mods anymore.

Updates for the upcoming Doom Exp v1.2b

The shotgun hook will be an unlock-able upgrade now that you get at the rank of 10000xp.

Furthermore the stun enemy pain chances have been balanced. Since you could pretty much exploit some monster with the stun of the grapple hook. Now monsters like Cyberdemon, Spidermastermind, Arch Vile and Revenant will not always get stunned. It's more of a 50/50 chance.

The Shotgun hook upgrade will be visible as a new icon

Also Damage indicator icon was replaced with this

changelog 1.2a :

  • Fixed issue with bleeding items when shot
  • New rank up sound
  • Most monsters now always get stunned with hook

changelog 1.2 :

  • Added many new sounds
  • Added shotgun grapple hook, kind of like Doom Eternal does it
  • Added option to control xp gain (reduce rank up speed for slaughter maps
  • Added DoomSlayer mugshot by Xtor98

Mod Type: Singleplayer Xp Rank/Reward System
Source Port: GZDoom (Tested on version 3.6 but should work with older versions too)
Author: Officer D
Build Time : Approximately 1-2 weeks
Programs Used: Slade3, Gimp 2.8, Audacity

Background art by Valentrisrrock

Update : Doom Exp v1.1 released

changelog :

  • Fixed issue with one of the text messages overlapping with another, when receiving multiple rewards.
  • Added Option to turn On/Off xp sound efx
  • Added Intro/Intermission Art
  • Added Intro/Intermission Music

Also there is a separate (.ogg) music pack to go along with it now.

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Doom Eternal Xp v1.7c



Doom Eternal Xp 1.7(a-c) - News

Fire Chainsaw - Doom Exp - Mod DB

Doom Eternal Xp 1.7a


Doom Eternal Xp v1.7a updates:

  • Fixed bug where Cacodemons didn't give xp for killing them.
  • The Buy Loot drops have been re-balanced. Higher chance for ammo rather than power-ups.
  • Chaingunners, Arachnotrons and Teleporting have new sounds.
  • New Monsters are now included.

Doom Eternal Xp 1.7b

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7b updates:

  • Chaingunguy and Shotgunguy have a 50% chance being replaced with new enemies.
  • The Chaingun has been buffed and given a new firing mechanic.
  • Info text on starting map. Can also be disabled in Doom Exp - Hud settings.
  • Scaling for some of the replacements monsters fixed to avoid getting stuck.

Doom Eternal 1.7c




Doom Eternal Xp v1.7c updates:

  • Chaingun spin-up time has been reduced.
  • 2 New monsters, Thamus and Haedexebus.
  • Fire Chainsaw added.
  • Option to disable custom crosshair.
  • Bug fix with some bosses not giving xp.


Feel free to join our discord server for exclusive info or to share your thoughts and suggestions.

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7

News 5 comments

There have been some balancing issues which now should be more optimized. Also new mini-boss encounters and a new weapon upgrade. Hope you enjoy!

Doom Eternal Xp v1.6a

Doom Eternal Xp v1.6a

News 1 comment

With Doom Exp 1.6a I will bring some slight improvements regarding crosshairs and weapon sprites. Also a new weapon sway mechanic.

Doom Eternal Xp v1.6

Doom Eternal Xp v1.6

News 7 comments

Doom Eternal Xp v1.6 is on it's way and will bring some new and exciting features to the mod. Thank you, A90DoomGuy for helping with the new sprites.

Doom Eternal Xp v1.5g - Shoulder Flamethrower

Doom Eternal Xp v1.5g - Shoulder Flamethrower

News 3 comments

With Doom Eternal Xp v1.5g I finally added the shoulder flamethrower. Thank you, A90DoomGuy for making the flamethrower weapon sprite.

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Doom Eternal Xp v1.7d

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7d

Full Version

REUPLOAD!!! Forgot to fix the pinkie demon gib xp problem and also fixed lootboxes spawning inside walls. A xp/rank/reward/mobility modification with...

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7c

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7c

Full Version 10 comments

A xp/rank/reward/mobility modification with visual/sound/text notifications. Custom "Doom Exp Settings" menu, Improved Sounds & effects and More Gore!

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7b

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7b

Full Version 4 comments

A xp/rank/reward/mobility modification with visual/sound/text notifications. Custom "Doom Exp Settings" menu, Improved Sounds & effects and More Gore!

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7a

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7a

Full Version 5 comments

A xp/rank/reward/mobility modification with visual/sound/text notifications. Custom "Doom Exp Settings" menu, Improved Sounds & effects and More Gore!

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7

Doom Eternal Xp v1.7

Full Version 2 comments

**2nd RE-UPLOAD!** Mini-Boss not spawning fixed. Bug with Crucible not harming Pyro Demon and bug with flamethrower being reusable constantly. A xp/rank/reward/mobility...

Doom Eternal Xp v1.6d

Doom Eternal Xp v1.6d

Full Version

A xp/rank/reward/mobility modification with visual/sound/text notifications. Custom "Doom Exp Settings" menu, Improved Sounds & effects and More Gore!

Comments  (0 - 10 of 66)

Checked out the newest version, none of the enemies recognize the Player's presence in any map. Is there a way to fix that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Officer_D Creator

Try one of these 2 methods:

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Method 1 worked 100%! Gonna test it out with some random Obliege 32 mapsets I built the past few months.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Officer_D Creator

That is good news! I still have no idea why that happens tho :/ Admittedly, I'm just a amateur coder and have limited knowledge.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

It's all good, I have enjoyed your mod very much since version one from way back. It does get me amped up for Doom Eternal overall.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

This looks pretty awesome! 😺

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Officer_D Creator

Thank you! 🤘

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Is there any way to remove new HUD? It's just so annoying, like the crosshair is waaaay to huge and all this stuff like random icons here and there, it's very unusual at least. I've tried all the HUD options, switching on alternative HUD doesn't help much, it just removes helmet's glass and one icon, mod settings doesn't help much too, it's sweet how I can adjust all this stuff around the screen, but I just want to remove it entirely. Thanks for your answer!

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes

If I'm not mistaken you can remove the hud, even though I would agree with Officer_D on his points. I use the key sporting the plus sign next to the zero on the keyboard, at least on mine. That key either minimize or maximize the hud (the key to the right of the plus does the oposite) eventually adding stuff on your hud or leaving it clean from everything.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Officer_D Creator

Not in the current versions. But let me try and explain why I would disagree with your opinion on the crosshairs. 1. They are pretty close to size seen in Doom Eternal and 2. they are fairly accurate to the spread they do. If anything I would only decrease the size by max 25%. For what you think are random icons, they are actually not random. Those icons indicate player abilities. You can see what they mean by pressing F1 in-game to bring up the Doom Help screen.

Reply Good karma+1 vote
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