I am working on a mod/tc of the videogame "Zombies Ate My Neighbors" in a first person shooter enviroment, using the GZDoom plataform, still needs a lot of work in textures/some gameplay mechanics , but I'll be updating somewhat frequently and you can become a Patreon as well for some w.i.p. content ^^

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The new demo is up!
Screenshot Doom 20211030 020752
Screenshot Doom 20211030 020949
Screenshot Doom 20211030 021143
Screenshot Doom 20211030 021354
Screenshot Doom 20211030 021755

Since the last public demo, this new version adds:

+ 6 maps (Titanic Toddler, Toxic Terrors, Mushroom Men, No Assembly Required, Weeds Gone Bad, Mars Needs Cheerleaders)

+ 4 enemies (Frankestein, Titanic Toddler, Red Blobs, Martians)

+ Several reworks and fixes, improvements, extensions, modding tools, and more!!!

Download Link:

And thank you all who have been supporting this project, either by donating on patreon on just by commenting and sharing stories, I read them all and several of them make my day while I read them <3

And that's all for now ^^
For the curious people I would paste as well the changelog since the last public demo in here
Thank you for your support and stay tuned! ^^


+ "ZAMN_MAIN" (29th October, 2021) [HALLOWEEN 2021 DEMO!!!]

[ZAMN Core]
- Added the "Title Screen" Intro Animation in widescreen completely, including the Mode7 animation
which was cropped in the previous demos. It took some time and work to have it cleaned but here it is! ^^
- Improved the "Scoreboard Selection Screen" movement to work smoother.

[ZAMN Standalone]
- Included ACS Library "ACSUtils.acs" by Alexander Korshun and several contributors.
- Added a couple of dummy actors for pickups and items, so GZDoom Builder doesn't mark them as a missing parent actor.

[ZAMN Co-Op]
- Moved the player boxes closer to the player starting positions in each map, to reduce the displacement time and
prevent any incorrect interaction with other actors, due that the teleportation is not instant like in singleplayer.

- Map "Mars Needs Cheerleaders" added.
- Added Martians Chase/North enemies and spawn.
- Added a "culling script" which makes dissapear every 3D floor with the model sector tag of '404'.
Triggered by running the game in Software mode on the specified sectors.
To be used with caution as it can conflict with triggers, but it helps to improve performance a little.
- Simplified and revised maps to improve perfomance and fix glitches in Software mode, revised maps:
"Zombie Panic", "Evening Of The Undead", "Day Of The Tentacle", "Terror In Aisle Five", "Chainsaw Hedgemaze",
"Weird Kids On The Block", "Pyramid Of Fear", "Dr Tongues Castle Of Terror", "Titanic Toddler", "Toxic Terrors",
"Mushroom Men", "No Assembly Required" and "Weeds Gone Bad".
- Added level select preview animations for "Zombie Panic", "Day Of The Tentacle", "Evening Of The Undead",
"Terror In Aisle Five", "Chainsaw Hedgemaze Mayhem", "Weird Kids On The Block", "Pyramid Of Fear",
"Dr Tongue's Castle Of Terror", "Titanic Toddler", "Toxic Terrors", "Mushroom Men", "No Assembly Required",
"Weeds Gone Bad", and "Mars Needs Cheerleaders".
- Added a blue translation pallete to the Giant Pod (when hit).
The timing is slowed down to prevent eye strain.
- Fixed player's hurt sound overlapping causing a high volume sound.
- Fixed (hopefully) player failing to change from 1st to 3rd camera and viceversa.
Due to an oversight with changing flags not properly defined as strings.
- Tweaked Chainsaw Maniacs to break walls more frequently.
- Fixed Titanic Toddlers receiving damage from the Fire Extinguisher.
- Fixed SkullKey counter wrongly offseted on the HUD.
- Tweaked SodaCans pitch to be easier to hit the UFO boss.
- Fixed a bug in which the WaterRifle projectiles didn't hit the Doppelgangers at melee distance.
- Added a "SpeedShoes" Icon for when the item is active.
- Reworked the sound in the TitleCards animations to prevent
a recurrent bug with the sound not working between versions.

+ "ZAMN_MAIN" (18th September, 2021) [Hotfix Demo!!]

[ZAMN Standalone]
- Custom Pallete added, with some empty spaces for future use, his principal use is for base colors of the monsters
that are going to use pallete translation, and a balanced set of colors have been included as well to add more texture
support in software mode.
Still wip, there's room for 40 more colors depending on the future necessity of the future map tiles/palletes.

- Fixed a broken trigger and removed a duplicated player start in Level 5 "Weird Kids On The Block"
- Titanic Toddler:
+ Fixed incorrect spawn of survivor/life due to an oversight on the consulting script
+ Added a yellow translation pallete when hit, as in the original ZAMN and as it was requested!

+ "ZAMN_MAIN" (17th September, 2021) [August Demo / Early September Demo]

- Added and updated "[Guide] TitleCards" and "[Guide] Mapinfo" from the custom campaign files, to the main ZAMN TC file.
- Added Start Script "SkipTitleCard", which runs the level skipping the TitleCards, info in "[Guide]MapperScripts".
- Added Start Script "CustomTitleCard", which lets you have a Title Card sequence with up to 10 cards.
More info on how to use it in "[Guide]MapperScripts" and info about how the Title Cards work in "[Guide] TitleCards".
(Also used artwork from Andrew "Bones" Jones as an example of an hd image
"https://artbybones.com/gallery 01")
- Added Bonus Script "NoLicantrophy" which will be similar to "TenCheerleaders" but for tourists prevented to become werewolfs.

[ZAMN Core]
- Found and fixed the "Bad Hex Number" errors. This fixed issues with corrupted memory.
- Renamed the "LevelContinuity" ACS library to "TitleCards", as the level continuity is handled now by mapinfo.
- Added documentation for "NoBazookaFired", "NoLicantrophy" and "TenCheerleaders" bonus scripts.
These bonus scripts don't give points at the moment but the activation and checks should be working.
- Organized all the 55 Level Title Cards by Level Number [110 Title Cards now are in the correct order]

- Added map "No Assembly Required"
- Added several:
+ Textures
+ Animated textures
+ Triggers
+ And decorations
For the "Factory" theme.
- Added argument "IgnoreSight" to BabyDoll enemy spawns.
- Fixed AxeBabyDoll bug regarding spawning without a target, and improved despawning method
- Tweaked AxeBabyDoll check range for survivors
- Reworked laughing sound of the AxeBabyDolls, hopefully this makes them override less when several of them are active
- Increased check radius for the "Soldier Survivor" to enter in his scared state by the AxeBabydolls
- Added map "Weeds Gone Bad"
- Decorations "Flower Grass 1/2" now they are +NOGRAVITY as well
- Added "TenCheerleaders" Bonus Script, not fully functional yet, but it will once the map 12 is reached.

+ "ZAMN_MAIN" (11th August, 2021) [July Demo]
- Added a few Level Bonus Scripts that can be set as Startup Scripts

[ZAMN Core]
- Simplified Showcase's Bonus Checking and added support for multiple Bonus Checks in sucession
- Moved "Werewolf Timer" scripts to "LevelScripts.acs"

- Added new frontal/backward attack sprites for the "Werewolfs" made by "The Pixel Pigeon" ^^
[ twitter.com/ThePixelPigeon ]
- Fixed lateral attack sprite animation of the "Werewolfs" thanks to the input of "The Pixel Pigeon" once again ^^
- Fixed "Chainsaw Maniacs" spinning faster than they should when attacked by certain weapons
- Added missing hedgemaze walls, to the wall breaking behaviour of "Chainsaw Maniacs"
- Added Lab:
+Ray Hazard with voxels
+Lamp Decorations with Voxels
+Potion Bottle Decoration Voxel
+Frankestein Electric Tower Voxel
+Mini Tower Voxel
+Ceiing Support Voxel
- Added Ray Hazard Patterns for the lab section on level 7
- QOL Improvement:
+ Reworked Hedgemaze textures and replaced previous textures in maps, to make
hedgemazes breakable walls more easily noticeable. Also replaced textures for Breakable fences.
- Fixed typo in "Midnight Shopping" level TitleCards.
- Fixed non-interactive curtains opening when dead.
- Added "Super Zombie" variation of the Zombie, slightly faster and with a slight larger MeeleRange
- Replaced a "Zombie" spawn for a "Super Zombie" spawn in Level 7 which was supossed to be harder.
- Added "Frankenstein" enemy
- Added decoration "Fake Dr.Tongue"

+ "ZAMN_MAIN" (07th July, 2021) [June's Demo, BIG BUGFIX AND MODDING DEMO]

- Added some simple scripts that can be easily called from any SurvivorScript which are as well friendly
with the general scripts of the game, more info in the new guide "[GUIDE] MapperScripts"
- Reorganized every map specific scripts library, so it is more readable
- Added scripts "ReservedTags" and "MusicInfo" which gives info about each one, more info in "[GUIDE] MapperScripts"
- Expanded the "DynamicMusic" Tracklist to include every track singularly as a track option regardless of the version selected.
Updated the "MusicInfo" script accordingly.
- Completely rework the Survivor System, and added startup script "SurvivorLimit", which let you set the maximum limit
of survivors that they could spawn from this level and onward. It supports from 0 to 20 survivors, as long as they have their survivorspawners too.
- Added startup script "IgnoreSurvivorGameOver", which will deactivate the GameOver triggering in this level if all the survivors Died.

[ZAMN Co-Op]
- Fixed a bug with the werewolf timer which caused the countdown to run twice as fast

[ZAMN Core]
- Added and cleaned some error logs for the "Bathroom Wall Triggers", the "Wall Triggers",
"Mini Wall Triggers" and "Trampoline Master" triggers.
- Simplified scripts for the "Leafs Spawner" and "Wood Spawner"
- Fixed a bug with the "HUD Script Library" which prevented other HUDs to appear
- Moved some scripts to different libraries to better match their library purposes, and found and moved
a Werewolf script for "SectorCheckHeight" which was located wrongly in "PlayerScripts"
- Expanded guide "[GUIDE] SurvivorScripts" with some examples
- Wrote a guide about "[GUIDE] MapperScripts", added some functions that can be called by "SurvivorScripts",
and wrote about "StartupScripts" that can be called at the start of the level.
They will be expanded with more function/scripts when more function/scripts where added.
- Reorganized the Options Menu to reinclude the GZDoom options menu. To help with other mods compatibility.
- Added the CVAR option "nozamnmusic" to turn off ZAMN's music in all the levels.
This should help compatibility with other mods which change the music.
- Documented every voxel added to the mod in "[GUIDE] Voxel Names"

[ZAMN Standalone]
- Added "Startan2", and "Startan3" textures from the "Freedoom Project"
to prevent missing textures error appearing on console.
- Copied "Sky1" as "F_SKY1" to prevent texture errors appearing on console
- Cleaned some missing textures in several maps, once again to prevent errors appearing on console

- Finished adding GooAnimations for all survivors
- Fixed some doors/triggers activating with RedBlob projectiles or the Titanic Stomp of the Titanic Toddler
- Fixed a typo with the "Titanic Toddler" map name in mapinfo
- Replaced trigger in "Zombie Panic" map which wasn't spawning leafs properly
- Added "Fence_Pieces" actors and fence Broken Textures to Fence Triggers for missing palletes
- Fixed a bug with the "Destructive Triggers" doing the "Leafs_Day" reaction in some cases, caused by inheritance
- Added "Hedgemaze Broken Textures" and "Stanley Hedgemaze Animations" to missing palletes
- Fixed an audio issue with the "Growl" sound of the MonsterPlayer, which caused overlaping
- Fixed an audio issue with the showcasing of the survivors, it was due of the showcase point playing a sound
when a survivor appears, but also giving an item to each player which also played the same sound and it was causing overlaping. //(TO DO: Compare in Co-Op if the same issue occurs)
- Cleaned a script writing on a screen a test text for the werewolf jumping animation
- Added "Chest Voxels" for the Castle Levels.
- Fixed a bug with the TitleCards making no sound in the "Weird Kids On The Block" map
- Fixed a bug with a trigger in "Toxic Terrors" which was using the wrong pallete
- Fixed RedBlob's GooScreen still hurting the player after the level being finished.

- Work started on the "Ghoul Patrol" easter egg level, including a wip alternative hud, some basic layout and some texturing work
graphics yet no included in the main file but they will once is finished.
Weapons haven't been made for it, but the spritework of two weapons is already done.

+ "ZAMN_MAIN" (02nd June, 2021) [May's Demo]

[ZAMN Core]
- Added special cases in the "Dynamic Music Script" for levels with different tracks between versions.
- Wrote a guide about the "Tracklist of the Dynamic Music"
- Cleaned, organized and reworked the "Hud Script Library",
it should be more readable now in case that someone wants to check or work with it.
- Also added some commented while statements in the hud script
for future hud variations for easy implementation of "alternative huds" for easter egg levels.
- Cleaned, organized and reworked the SBARINFO entry, AspectRatio 21:9 was partially dropped,
as it is now handled as a 17:10 aspect ratio in regard to hud elements positioning on screen.
- Wrote a guide about the composition of the "SurvivorActors"
and another guide about how to use the "SurvivorScripts"

- Added map "Mushroom Men"
- Added map "Toxic Terrors"
- Tweaked Floor Hazard slowdown to fix a bug which bypassed applying the slowdown
- Added "EasterEgg Bonus" Pickup, it will show a message on the level finished screen
mentioning that an easter egg bonus was found, but mechanically they work as regular
Secret Bonus pickups so a level can't have both a SecretBonus and a EasterEggBonus
destination at the same time.
- Added "Goo Effect" on Screen, along with decreased speed movement and recurrent health loss
while having the effects of the Red Goo on the player.
Also the GooIcons and a timer appears on the HUD similar as the monster potion.
- Added partial support for GooAnimation on survivors
- Fixed a bug with the survivors not being ever in danger due to calculation error.
This was introduced in the latest demo but due to the Boss Enemy "Titanic Toddler" not
taking them into account it wasn't noticed until now.
- Fixed a bug with the Destructive Trigger with the Soda Machines, due to an incorrect bleeding
between states due to inheritance
- Added "Fence_Pieces" actor to Fence Trigger (Only pallete 0 for now)

+ "ZAMN_MAIN" (30th April, 2021)

[ZAMN Core]
- Fixed Aspect Ratio issue, now using "Force Aspect Ratio" is not neccesary as the Hud ACS should be capable of try to guess a Aspect Ratio.
Results may vary and using "Force Aspect Ratio" is still recommended but now the Hud will work based on that guess if not specified an Aspect Ratio.
- Rewrote the SBARINFO part of the Hud to work based in the HUD calculation instead of AspectRatio
- Cleaned some discrepancies between both player classes

- Added map "Titanic Toddler"
- Added TitanicToddler boss enemy
- Completely new sprites for the TitanicToddler thanks to "ThePixelPigeon" ^^
[ twitter.com/ThePixelPigeon ]
- Added flat players voxels
- Added special case actor for BabySurvivor spawned from a Titanic Toddler
- Added green couch voxels
- Added yellow vase voxels
- Added Sink/Tub Voxels and "BathroomWall" triggers that destroy their decoration upon destroyed wall
- Map "Toxic Terrors" started
- Fixed ScorePoints not giving score points
- Fixed "fake pickups" while picking up survivors

- Started sprite ripping process for 1st Easter Egg Level, based on "Elf Wur"

NEW March 2021 Demo Is Up!

NEW March 2021 Demo Is Up!

News 4 comments

New demo is up! ^^ Is standalone, adds a new map, new enemies, new mechanics. Check it out! ^^

Happy Halloween Everyone!

Happy Halloween Everyone!

News 10 comments

New Demo? Yes It has Co-Op? Yes

Update + Online Co-Op coming soon!

Update + Online Co-Op coming soon!

News 10 comments

A little update about the progress beign made recently ^^



News 26 comments

Please use the Latest GZDoom version to play this mod. And you'll need Doom or Doom II to run it as well.

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Demo 22 comments

New Public Demo! ^^!!!! I just finished it!



Demo 14 comments

New Public Demo! ^^ I released this somedays ago in my twitter but I'm uploading it here as well to keep it up to date!



Demo 5 comments

Hi everyone! ^^ This is a bugfix demo! Happy New Year ^^



Demo 3 comments

The Halloween public demo is here! ^^^



Demo 23 comments

ZAMN TC March Demo is here!! It includes partially level 7, The Werewolves, The Mushroom Men, GiantPod Spikes, several fixes, decorations, AND EVEN A...

Lame Genie covers of Zombies Ate My Neighbors

Lame Genie covers of Zombies Ate My Neighbors


YES! They kindly give me permission to add them to the project so I put them in an optional download for those who would like to listen to this amazing...

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Wilmson - - 20 comments

Just finished another run and then i thought i should ask some annoying question like, where is the release date, are you dead, who took my socks, why haven't you sold out to microsoft and such. But i gotta hand it to ya, this still is peak entertainment, one of the greatest transitions from 2D to 3D. If i had the skills i would make you a single intro frame for every map where you see the original top down and zoom into the player, but i don't, but that's a neat idea huh? Merry Christmas and thanks for this mod again

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SUPERNODD - - 65 comments

is this ever going to be more then a demo ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dude27th Creator
Dude27th - - 399 comments

Yes, it has been multiple demos since 2019

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Guest - - 693,164 comments

hey when are they releasing the new levels it says it's out but nothing is on the website from 2023 it just says 2021 and why not add this to the games out there now by asking the people from playstation and xbox

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Dude27th Creator
Dude27th - - 399 comments


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Guest - - 693,164 comments

How do you unlock the bonus levels?


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Dude27th Creator
Dude27th - - 399 comments

If they are already implemented on the mod then you unlock them in the same way as the original ZAMN

Reply Good karma+1 vote
The_Ricky_Spanish - - 3 comments

So a new demo is up? It says archived by the developer, & just shows the stuff from 2022. Is there another place he’s posting them? I love this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Dude27th Creator
Dude27th - - 399 comments

No, the older demos are archived.
The last demo from Halloween 2022 is not archived as it's the last public version from now.
I'm working on it after some troubled months so expect a new public demo this year, on Halloween if not sooner

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