ZBloody Hell is a Doom 2 mod that runs on the GZDoom engine, aiming to recreate the elements of the game Blood (1997) on the engine, from levels and monsters, to weapons and atmosphere while also providing a Gameplay addon and / or a level pack that is compatible with the other Doom 2 mods out there, letting you mix different mods with the fantastic Blood levels or the unique arsenal of weapons and new enemies of Blood, Get to ZBloody Hell and Start kicking some Zombie heads today.

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I made an account jsut to post this review. ZBloody Hell is hands down one of the best mods for GZDoom. I love that it includes resources to make custom levels, but it's also really cool that the devs were able to so closely replicate the original BUILD Engine architecture in GZDoom. THe enemy AI is also very well replicated, much better than it was in Fresh Supply. For best results, I like to load this mod alongside Vanilla Essence, and after playing around with the settings for a bit I can getit looking and feeling almost exactly like DOS Blood.


kadkad says

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Absolutely incredible.

Well it's a really good Blood port which imitates the original game as much as it's possible, and it also allows people to create their own levels using its resources which is amazing imo


The amount of work required to replicate some of the Blood levels in the gzdoom engine alone makes this mod incredible.

It's as close to the original game as possible, adding extra features to play custom maps.

Playing on a phone or tablet not only works better than dosbox, but also allows you to take advantage of other gzdoom mods like Samsara.



Better than original or the remaster. Good **** right here.


I love it, it really emulates the experience of blood quite well, one of my favorites


It feels very close to original Blood with some nice QOL improvements, try it!

good stuff

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