I saw all those DOA balance mods and thought to myself "I want a piece of that action!"

The MLA (vanilla faction) suffers from a very Total Annihilation problem: lots of units, many of them worthless. This mod intends to restore diversity to the faction, but without making hugely dramatic changes. The mod should feel familiar, with all units doing what you always expected them to do, but now being viable for their task. There will not be dramatic role changes.

This mod is compatible with the Legion Expansion.


You should download and install this mod using the in-game Community Mods menu.


To build a proposal for changes to Titans' balance, one which works for all levels of play. All units should have some viable use, but the game should not switch from a philosophy of soft counters to hard counters. I wish to achieve this with the least number of changes possible.


When providing feedback please be sure to describe the issue in as much detail as possible. You should include any information relevant to the issue such as map, build order, unit composition, anything you/they tried to counter the issue (and whether it worked or failed), the ranking of both yourself and your opponent and any suggestions you have to resolve the issue and why. It is important that issues be replicated and not be one off surprises based on a change made in the mod. We all fell to Booms once.

If you are able to link to a replay (ID or otherwise) that would be ideal.

Golden Rules Of The Mod

  1. Make every unit viable
  2. Adhere to WYSIWYG principles
  3. A Titans player should feel comfortable when playing this mod
  4. Remove noob traps
  5. Avoid pendulum balancing
  6. Balance should apply to all skill levels
  7. Respond to evidence, not theorycrafting
  8. Don't make changes which require modifying the translation files


Please help translate Very Boring and Conservative Balance to your local language.


See the changelog for changes over time. This list is a comparison between a unit's stats in classic, Titans, and in this mod. The full breakdown of changes and justifications is found here.

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Version 0.15.2 released



  • Hornet
    • Restored to base game settings


  • Storm
    • Restored to base game settings
Version 0.15.1 released

Version 0.15.1 released


The base game has gone in another direction with the Typhoon so we're aligning

Version 0.15.0 released

Version 0.15.0 released


Bringing the mod up-to-date with the latest base game changes

Version 0.14.0 released

Version 0.14.0 released


Rebalance of the Locust and comeback mechanics for the air layer

Version 0.13.0 released

Version 0.13.0 released


Change in approach to the Drifter to encourage greater usage

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