I am currently working on a mod that I have (currently on the spot lol) called "Vault 75: Secrets of the Overseer". Imagine if Vault 81 was not the only vault to survive or rebel or break down entirely. This mod (hoping that I will be able to complete it within 8 months) will accomplish the task of adding a new vault and quest line to the story. I am still looking for Volunteers that have Experience with the Creation Kit, or would like to learn. If you are interested, message me on reddit or email me at neibegafig@gmail.com

When the bombs eventually fell in 2077, every designated family with a student attending the school, along with the teachers, made it to the vault in time. Upon entering, the children were separated from their families, being escorted to the atrium, while the adults were executed by security staff, under the guise they were receiving "orientation". This act of murder coincided with the purpose of the vault, which was to enhance the gene pool of its selected residents to create stronger and more intelligent subjects.

The surviving children were harshly tested mentally and physically - bordering on torture, and without regard for the survival of weaker individuals - as part of the experiment.

Everyone had to prove their worth in the Vault. If they were intelligent and physically well built, they were either "harvested" for their good genes when they turned eighteen, usually sent to work in the Security Forces. Those displaying good intelligence and obedience were recruited to the vault's science team after graduation. The others who were deemed insufficient to the vault's standards were killed upon reaching the age of eighteen after a ceremony "celebrating" their graduation.

They were raised learning about the horrors of "Uptopland," a nickname for the wasteland, and were told that they would be strong enough to venture out into the wastes and help the suffering people upon graduation.

Of course what is Fallout without a little conflict. Our new Overseer has deemed the Vault prepared enough to finally open the doors. After the bombs fell, the doors became sealed, preventing anyone from entering the Vault. They prepared for when they would return, but are their original intentions still intact?

Even with what they have prepared so much for, there is always room for trade. Their vault has so much to "offer" to the commonwealth, but to the right person.

Their lives within the vault seem like prosperity, even allowing for times of comfort, entertainment, food and dining. Even in a training such as theirs, they have time for fun.

But even so, the vault dwellers know of their original plan to keep the vault functioning. There will be monsters out there, Raiders, the gunners, the Institute, Brotherhood of Steel, anything that can take away from them what they've built for 200 years. And they will not go down without a fight.

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27 October 2016 Update


Hello everyone!

As I mentioned in the summary above, progress for the mod has been a bit slower, unfortunately. I have recently received my orders into the U.S. Air Force, and have spent the past month beginning training for my job, moving, etc. My stuff came a couple weeks later than I arrived so I didnt have my computer to work on it, and then to make matters worse my backup drivers broke, so I had to make multiple backups on separate USB and cloud drives.

Currently working more on the main storyline dialogue and finding specific player response files. Theres still a bit to go. Multiple side quests and dialogue are implemented currently. I will try to update accordingly!

Anyone willing to help with the mod, whether through programming or otherwise, please email at neibegafig@gmail.com

August 1st Update

August 1st Update


Hello! I apologize for not taking the time to update what has been going on with the mod, but here is what I got. Some voices in, sidequests in, built...

Vault 75 - Secrets of the Overseer [Fallout 4 mod]

Vault 75 - Secrets of the Overseer [Fallout 4 mod]

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I am currently working on a mod that I have called "Vault 75: Secrets of the Overseer". Imagine if Vault 81 was not the only vault to survive or rebel...

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