If you like my hard work and want to motivate me to make updates then please support me with small donations(Ctrl+V in the browser window after launching game or here Paypal.me )

1.Copy the following files from the Common folder: D3D11Drv.int , Effects11.dll and d3d11drv folder to game /system folder.
Remember to delete previous version of d3d11drv folder.
2.Copy appropriate d3d11drv.dll file depending which game you have installed (from Unreal Tournament_436 folder or from Unreal Gold_226 folder or from Unreal Gold_227i or from Rune folder or from DeusEx folder) and a tessellation.cfg file to game /system folder.
3.If you are launching the game for the fisrt time then select D3D11 Renderer.
3'.Alternatively go to preferences with tilde(~) button to open up the console and type preferences then change renderer to DirectX11.
3".Or edit game's .ini file (Unreal Tournament.ini or DeusEx.ini or Unreal.ini or Rune.ini or Khg.ini) which resides in /system folder.
Change the following line in [Engine.Engine] subsection to: GameRenderDevice=D3D11Drv.D3D11RenderDevice
So far I made them only for UT 99 and for Unreal Gold. They can be downloaded here: Moddb.com
Berzerker created recently those maps for DeusEx, grab them from here: Moddb.com

Here are maps for Rune Gold: Moddb.com

and for Clive Barker's Undying: Moddb.com

5.Play the game and enjoy :)

Possible fix for initialization failed: Make sure you installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Redistributable x86.(vcredist_x86.exe).
Possible fix for micro stuttering: increase number of prerendered frames or adjust the setting 'Max Frame Rate' to your desired FPS for a given game.
Reshade in DeusEx,Undying : Disable Antialiasing.Enable copy depth buffers before clear, check 2nd or 3rd clear.

Additional installation instructions for Harry Potter and Philosopher's/Sorcerer's Stone only:
1.Remove from /system folder these files: SoftDrv.dll,SoftDrv.int,D3DDrv.dll,D3DDrv.int
2.Edit in /System/Default.ini the following lines in [Engine.Engine] section:
3.Remove HP.ini from your Documents/Harry Poter folder.


version 1.6.1 hotfix
1.Fixed screen freezing on some machines when SSR=False and Tessellation=True.
2.Fixed some skybox decorations being visible through world geometry (mostly in custom mods).
3.Fixed transparent object stretching in DeusEx during cutscenes.
4.Fixed some water not having ssrs (like in DOM-WolfsBay).
5.Added new option SSRNonTransparentWater when set to true all water with SSR=True becomes non-transparent and reflecive.
6.ASSAOContrast can be lowered to -0.5 to further lower ASSAO.
7.Updated tessellation.cfg for Unreal Tournament to cover all decals on NW3UltraGore mod.
8.Normal map panning in small water pools has been accelerated.

version 1.6
1.Added support for Clive Barker's Undying
2.Added support for Harry Potter 2: Chamber of Secrets
3.Effects,projectiles,transparent objects like cone lights are drawn after ASSAO.
This results in: much better performance in NW3 Ultra Gore mod, respawns or explosions no longer wipe ssrs/assao, no darkened effects in Rune etc.
4.All water with SSR=True is now reflective and becomes non-transparent.
5.Implemented triple-buffering for VSync=True with reduced input lag.
6.Implemented normal maps and height maps for models
7.Corrected SSRs and ASSAO in the fog
8.Added new option TessDefaultFactor and removed TesselateOnlyInCFG.
Now you can assign a small tessellation amount to any mesh moldel not covered by tessellation.cfg file.
Tesselate would correspond to setting this to 0.
Unreal 227i fixes:
1.Drawing shadows with Tessellation=false fixed.
2.Corrected drawing of the terrain in DM-Riot.
3.Improved look of dynamic shadows.
4.Updated tessellation.cfg.
DeusEX fixes:
1.Fixed Tessellation issues in Revision version.
2.Reshade can be used to apply depth-buffer effects.
Unreal Tournament fixes:
1.Fixed drawning some decals like: bullet holes, ripper explosion,etc.
2.Updated tessellation.cfg.
Harry Potter 1 fixes:
1.Fixed Tessellation issues.
Klingon Honor Guard:
1.Fixed crash when accessing video options.

version 1.5:
1.More realistic SSRs which are now affected by surface distortions by normal maps.
2.Better bumpmapping algorithm which is no longer flat multiplication.
3.New SSR water shaders.
4.Added new options: DisableTextureFiltering, ParallaxOcclusionRange and BumpMappingContrast (should be all self-explanatory).
5.SSR improvements like: better blur, fixed unwated reflections of near objects (like guns) on far surfaces.
6.Texture modders now can add only .bump and .height texture files without main texture file as an override.
DeusEx fixes:
1.Fixed stretching viewport on dialog scenes.
2.Fixed black patches on characters with ASSAO on.
3.Fixed issue with tesselation where polygons disappeared on screen edges in non-revision version.
4.Fixed character 'black glasses' in revision version.
Unreal Gold 227i fixes:
1.Improved dynamic shadows.
2.Corrected distance fog parameters such as a start and a fade range.
3.Fixed some decal blending issues.
Unreal Tournament fixes:
1.Rocket alternate fire no longer wipes SSRs.
Rune fixes:
1.Fixed dark blood, smoke, fire particles with ASSAO on.
ST:Klingon Honor Guard fixes:
1.Fixed blending issues with HUD and some models.(thanks to Suicide Machine)
2.Potentially fixed memory leak when changing resolutions.

version 1.4:
1.Added support for Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard
2.Added support for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
3.Fixed a bug in DeusEx with CCTV camera interface not displaying properly
4.Fixed a bug in DeusEx with ASSAO where characters had black shadows on their faces.
5.Added new option SSRModelIntensity to customize reflections affecting models only.
6.Fixed a bug in Unreal Gold where maps with fullscreen fog maps displayed no textures.
7.Potentionally fixed a memory leak causing lens flare corruptions and crashes in drawTile().
8.Added option FastAltTab for players who frequently switch between the game and the desktop.
Unfortunately turning this option on via preferences menu causes black screen bug and requires you to restart the game.
You will also get this bug if you press ALT+TAB and then change any settings in the preferences.
9.Fixed tessellation causing flickering screen in WOTS mod for UG and UT.

version 1.3:
1.New vastly improved ray-tracing algorithm for SSR. Now reflections also affect far distances from reflective surfaces.
Turned on reflections on models like weapons and non-transparent water bodies.
2.Added new option SSRIntensity to customize reflections intensity.
3.Fixed a bug in DeusEx where SSR and ASSAO worked only during cutscences.
4.Fixed a bug when disabling Tessellation decals like blood showed pixelated.
5.Unbound process affinity from 1st core to arbitrary one.
6.Fixed a bug with screen brightness when wallmark is being drawn.

version 1.2:
1.New ambient occlusion algorithm ASSAO (on highest quality preset) instead of the old HBAO. It is simply faster and much better.
More information here: Software.intel.com
2.Added full support for patch 227i for Unreal Gold.
Almost everything works here except from high-res shadow support.You can also use UnrealHD 2.1 skins mod from Lightning Hunter with tessellation enabled.
3.Added Screen Space Reflection shader which is disabled by default because too many surfaces reflect light and the reflections sometimes gets distorted.
It is still better than using Reshade or some postprocessing program. You can enable it by changing SSR=True in preferences menu.It will get improved in the future.
4.Added HDRFilmicTonemapping which produces better contrast/color warmth in HDR using complex interpolation polynomial instead of simple Reinhard approximation.
5.New option to give brighter looking environments and skyboxes.
I recommend to default HDRLuminance back to 0.5,,HDRBloom 0.2,HDRFilmicT to get the best image quality and experiment from there.
Or you can go back to version 1.1 HDR look by setting HDRFilmicT and />6.New option FullMeshLOD. It is equivalent to typing "mlmode 0" in the console. Disables mesh level of detail so meshes are drawn with full detail even at high distances.
It may have negative impact on performance and can get rid of some tessellation artifacts.
7.TessellateOnlyInCFG tessellation only affects meshes in .cfg file while other meshes won't get tessellated. I recommend to disable it unless you play on heavily customized map with many bad-looking models.
8.tessellation.cfg file got updated to support mods like : OperationNaPali,ChaosUT,NaliWeapons.Weapon models also have less "mesh morphing" artifacts.
9.Fixed displaying decals like bullet holes and blood spats,bleeding skyboxes,ambient occlusion bugged coronas and explosions and many more..

version 1.1:
1. Added new tessellation.cfg file in which user can define how much tesselation affects a mesh.( a factor from 0 to 1).
As not all meshes are/were made with tesselation in mind (not appropriate shape or per vertex normals) so I added a file which describes how much to tesselate a particular mesh.
In each line there is mesh material name and a tesselation factor separated by spacebar. Please edit this file to your likings or add new lines to it :)
2. Added numerous user-preferred(performance independent) options to the renderer preferences window:
ASSAOScale - (floating point option from 0 to 1) defines how many pixels are affected by ASSAO calculation.
ASSAOContrast - (floating point option from 0 to 1) defines how much to darken the occulsion mapping.
HBAODrawAlternateMethod -(deprecated,true or false ) on high HBAOContrast values it fixes explosions,flares appearance but also makes them more transparent and the fog is also more affected by the ambient occlusion
HDRLuminance -(floating point option from 0 to 1) makes colors more vivid and increases overall brightness.
HDRAdaptationSpeed -(floating point option from 0 to 1) descibes how quickly players eyes adapt to lightning changes.1 - instantenous , 0 - human-like eye adaptation
HDRBloom -(floating point option from 0 to 1) defines how much to blur light sources. If you prefer heavenly-like look of the game then set this high :)

Q.Why do I sometimes see holes inside meshes or on mesh edges ?
A:Unreal Engine 1 was developed in late 90's when graphics cards couldn't do backface culling in hardware.
So the engine sends only visible polygons which face the viewer(for example facing hemisphere instead of full sphere).
Tesselation makes surfaces more curved so holes between polygons become exposed to viewer's eye.
We are trying to fix this with new Unreal Tournament patch 469 : Oldunreal.com
If you do not like these artifacts then disable Tesselation in .ini file. ( Tesselation =False in [D3D11Drv.D3D11RenderDevice] subsection)

Q:My mesh from custom Unreal mod looks weird and infalted like a baloon ?
A:Add a line to tessellation.cfg file with mesh material name and a desirable factor. You can find mesh material's name in UnrealEd editor.
You can also lower TessDefaultFactor so meshes not covered by the file will have smaller tessellation applied to them.

Q I have 400fps on old OpenGL renderer but only 200fps on this one ?
A: The purpose of making directx11 renderer was image quality.
SSR is the most computational technique used in this renderer.
ASSAO is very expensive as I need to render to multiple render target views and linearize depth buffer in realtime to overcome Engine limitations.
Parallax mapping also takes some framerate down on near camera surfaces.
Remember also that Unreal Engine 1 does transform and lightning in software, streams vertex data in realtime so CPU mapped buffers are the only option.
For low-spec systems try to disable features in the following order:
ParallaxOcclusi />HDR=False
the rest has small impact even on integrated graphics

Q:Will you upscale GUI in Harry Potter so it isn't cut in higher resolutions than 1280x1024 ?
A:Unfortunately I won't do that as this still would require you to click off the screen to select the desired option. The controls wouldn't be coherent with their visuals.

Q:Will you add tesselation.cfg to Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard ?
A:This game doesn't present any texture/model name to the renderer module.
Therefore no proper tesselation support can be achieved even in the future. Either no texture overrides like .bump or .height maps.

Q:Renderer doesn't work with Rune Classic edition.
A:Yes, However it works with Rune Gold edition, Rune patch 1.07 and HoV edition so try these instead.

Q:Renderer doesn't work with Unreal Tournament patch 469.
A:There haven't been public headers files released yet so I cannot port my code to this patch.
The developers promised to do that: Oldunreal.com so as soon as they release them I will add support for this patch.
For now stick to 436 or 451 and uninstall 469.

Q:I messed up with the settings and the game no longer starts.
A:Delete all [D3D11Drv.D3D11RenderDevice] subsection from the .ini file. The game will create a new one with the default settings.

A:Fog in Rune looks ugly
R:Edit in Rune.ini FogDistPercentage=2.000000

Special thanks:
Marijn Kentie - for making awesome DirectX10 renderer
Sebastian Kaufel - for Harry Potter header files
Smirftsch - for Unreal Gold 227i header files
BerZerker - for making tessellation.cfg for DeusEx

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DirectX11 Renderer for WOT,Rune, HP1&2, CBU and DS9TF version 1.6.2

DirectX11 Renderer for WOT,Rune, HP1&2, CBU and DS9TF version 1.6.2

Full Version 60 comments

DirectX 11 renderer for the following Unreal Engine I games: The Wheel Of Time, Harry Potter 1 &2, Clive Barker's Undying, Star Trek DS9:The Fallen, Rune...

DirectX11 Renderer for UT,UG,Rune, HP1&2, ST, CBU and DX version 1.6.1

DirectX11 Renderer for UT,UG,Rune, HP1&2, ST, CBU and DX version 1.6.1

Full Version 105 comments

DirectX 11 renderer for the following Unreal Engine I games: Unreal Tournament, Unreal Gold, Harry Potter 1 &2, Clive Barker Undying, ST:Klingon Honor...

DirectX11 Renderer for UT,UG,HP1,ST, Rune and DX version 1.5

DirectX11 Renderer for UT,UG,HP1,ST, Rune and DX version 1.5

Full Version 52 comments

DirectX 11 renderer for the following Unreal Engine I games: Unreal Tournament, Unreal Gold, Harry Potter 1, ST:Klingon Honor Guard, Rune and DeusEx...

DirectX11 Renderer for UT,UG,HP1,ST, Rune and DX version 1.4

DirectX11 Renderer for UT,UG,HP1,ST, Rune and DX version 1.4

Full Version 49 comments

DirectX 11 renderer for the following Unreal Engine I games: Unreal Tournament, Unreal Gold, Harry Potter 1, ST:Klingon Honor Guard, Rune and DeusEx...

Unreal DirectX11 Renderer for UT, UG , Rune and DX version 1.3

Unreal DirectX11 Renderer for UT, UG , Rune and DX version 1.3

Full Version 25 comments

DirectX 11 renderer for the following Unreal Engine I games: Unreal Tournament, Unreal Gold, Rune and DeusEx. These dll extensions allows you to play...

Unreal DirectX11 Renderer for UT, UG , Rune and DX version 1.2

Unreal DirectX11 Renderer for UT, UG , Rune and DX version 1.2

Full Version 33 comments

DirectX 11 renderer for the following Unreal Engine I games: Unreal Tournament, Unreal Gold, Rune and DeusEx. These dll extensions allows you to play...

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Hello. Can you bring back the shadows in Undying? Or can you make an engine version supported only the external textures and saving all the vanilla functionality, including the shadows?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
darknovismc Creator

The renderer is a part of code used by the game to present it's final graphics to the user. It is not a separate engine on which I emulate something.Firstly the game developers didn't ever realesed any code to the public(they did it for Rune, UT,DX and UG). I myself reversed engineered the code needed for making this renderer. I admit I didn't figure out how shadows are drawn because their disassembly code is quite complicated.I cannot add functinality of loading external files to the original renderer because I don't have its source code neither dx7 does support high res textures with compression at all.

Reply Good karma+2 votes

I tried this render along with "Normal and height maps for Unreal Gold and UT 99 for Unreal DirectX 11 Renderer" and textures remained unchanged. Is this renderer compatible with v469?

Reply Good karma Bad karma0 votes
darknovismc Creator

Yes it is .Please read carefully the installation guide which is within readme.txt file.Version 1.6.1 and lower support UT.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

469b? Community Patch

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
darknovismc Creator

Yes, it works with it !

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks to AHaigh01 and his message "You may want to try the new Direct 11 renderer"....now I've tested your render.

Thank You! works fine with HD textures.

Can you tell me more about "Normal and height maps for Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament 99. They work with any texture pack !."

Those are some additional maps you can play, or maps for modders ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
darknovismc Creator

Yeah if you are using screen space reflections(ssrs) along with parallax occulsion mapping which are enabled by default then the maps are pretty mandatory. They greatly improve image quality for example by making ssrs curve on bent surfaces(like bricks).
They won't decrease performance at all so I highly recommend to install them.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Hi there! Sorry to bother you but I'm trying to configure Deus Ex with your renderer, trying to make it look the best it can and I have a few questions regarding some of the options, their default values, and how they interact with each other. It would be amazing if you could help me! 🙏🏼

Coming from kentie's old DX10 renderer, most of the options are familiar but some have their values changed, probably to accommodate some of the new ones?

Specifically, I'm curious about these, all of which are set to False except Bumpmapping:

POM, Bumpmapping, Tessellation (are these conflicting somehow?)

DetailTextures, HighDetailActors

Coronas, ShinySurfaces, VolumetricLighting (can there work together with HDR, ASSAO, and SSR, or are these simply more advanced features?)



Any details you can give me about what these options do and why you have set them the way you have are welcome; I would be extremely grateful! 👍

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
darknovismc Creator

Tessellation in deus ex has some bugs hence it is disabled.
POM should be enabled by default. I recommend Berzerker's parallax addon for playing with it.
DetailTextures, HighDetailActors, Coronas, ShinySurfaces, VolumetricLighting these are engine default settings which most of the renderers implement. There is no reason not to keep them on.
FullMeshLOD can have adverse effect on performance on some machines as it disables LOD for mesh models which are drawn in far distances.
Pretty all options are set optimal on default. Change only some of these :HDRLuminance,HDRAdaptationSpeed, ASSAOScale, ASSAOContrast to your likings.

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