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There are some more, but these are the most played ones

Nali Weapons II X version - RELEASED!

This release is very special to me, and perhaps to everyone that is following and helping me promoting this pack in the servers.
This version is no longer a beta, but it's not final neither, since I added a new weapon as well.

Nali Weapons II X changes, fixes and addons list:

The following list describes what was changed, fixed or even added as new feature to the newest Nali Weapons II pack version:

- Added more detail to the Flame Tracker flames from 1st fire mode;
- Added a new 2nd fire mode to Flame Tracker: a fireball;
- Fixed health giving to monsters in Monster Hunt with Health modified weapons;
- Fixed Graviton player flying bug (still, since players actually liked it, there's a setting in the ini/menu to enable the bug again);
- Disabled health giving from the X-Missile explosion, reason: too many problems and a very easy way to win health with the Health Mod apllied;
- Fixed Enhanced Bolt Rifle 2nd fire mode animation and sound in online play;
- Added ignition meshes to all the MultiMissile Launcher missiles;
- Fixed hang with the Graviton when using the Fast Mod, by limiting the change to 2x;
- Changed the UltimaProtos projectile look a bit;
- It's no longer possible to lift the MegaTon with the Graviton;
- Added option to enable/disable the X-Missile in the MultiMissile Launcher, for a more balanced normal gameplay;
- Changed/enhanced Neo X UDamage weapon overlayering visual effect.

Most Important Changes :

- Added a new weapon: Nuclear Launcher with 5 variants and a new nuclear explosion effect;
- Fixed 99% of the Accessed Nones (I do not say 100%, since there are always the possibility to even 1 to happen in such big pack);
- New improved menu system: now sizable with scrolls implemented, so you can easilly access it and set your own settings in all resolutions, either with Normal or Double Font;
- Added both server and client side detail tweaking settings:
* Server side: Enable/disabling of the dynamic light of weapons, ammo, pickups and base chargers.
* Client side: Tweak of the poly count/detail of weapons, ammo, pickups and base chargers (in result of this, in situations where I had an average of 24 fps, now I got an average of 52 fps, a huge boost).

NEW VIDEO: This video is not really Nali Weapons II directly related, but most of the weapons shown are indeed from Nali Weapons II. Many people don't know about some weapons of the pack, being more specific: the nuclear weapons. This video shows the nuclear weapons available in the pack, and their power, but note this: the biggest nuclear weapons are mostly bonus weapons that I included in the pack, they are not intended anyhow to be used in normal matches, but instead to play around with them, use them in big Monster Hunt maps and even giving a good ending sequence to an assault map or a SP mappack. So enjoy.

Check also the trailer to see what this pack is really about:

- W.R.E. (War Ready Enforcer)
- Flame Tracker
- Bolt Rifle
- Enhanced Bolt Rifle
- Graviton
- Freezer
- Vulcan
- The Miner
- MultiMissile Launcher
- I.R.P.R. (InfraRed Precision Rifle)
- Cybot Launcher
- MegaTon
- UltimaProtos

Each weapon has its own models, skins, sound and crosshairs.

Another feature is the special Monster Hunt support, with the creation of the Weapon Modifiers (like UT2004 RPG for Invasion):
- Damage
- Fast
- Infinity
- Health
- Kickback
- Splasher
- The One

Other options for Monster Hunt gameplay are Monster PiƱata, Health Regenerator, Ammo Regenerator, max weapons ammo multiplier, etc...

It has also support for RocketX style games, so if most maps haven't almost no weapons to replace, this pack has also a mutator to spawn the weapons you want in the players respawn points, and even set their starting ammo.

It has its own menu (Mod > Nali Weapons II Settings), where several settings can be tweaked there for a better customized gameplay and performance.

Minimum requirements:
- Unreal Tournament v436

It's recommended that you have the latest renderers for UT installed, for a faster gameplay.

For more info, visit my this pack homepage:

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Well, I am not going to update Nali Weapons II X anymore, instead I am doing a brand new version, full of optimizations and features. Check it out:

Thanks everyone who have been supporting this pack so far :)

Nali Weapons II Final (release delayed)

Nali Weapons II Final (release delayed)


Nali Weapons II Final won't be released so soon, but it's not stopped. Due to a mega sized mod development related to Nali Weapons, the final version...

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Monster Hunt configured inis

Monster Hunt configured inis

Full Version

These are 2 properlly configured inis to run a Monster Hunt server with the UTJMH v2.9 mutator enabled, to work well. Of course, these are just base inis...

Nali Weapons II X (Redirect Server UZ)

Nali Weapons II X (Redirect Server UZ)

Server 2 comments

This is the new version uz file, for server redirect, to avoid big times downloading a pack uncompressed and directly from the game hosting server.

Nali Weapons II X version - Client Instalation

Nali Weapons II X version - Client Instalation

Full Version 4 comments

This is the new version of Nali Weapons II. It's no longer beta, but it isn't final yet either. Most problems like server stability and low performance...

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Feralidragon Creator

Well, thanks so far everyone support NW2X, but a new version is on the making. Check it here:

Once again, thanks everyone ;D

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um, excuse me, there is a translocator-type item just after the translocator, and i cant use it :(. all it does is show some numbers and give "Err". What is it? How do i use it? Plz help.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

It is called the megaton decoder. To use it. use the ctrl key to switch modes which allows you to enter a code. when you have entered the code, press primary fire aiming at an armed megaton. If the code matches the megaton's designated code, it will deactivate it, enabling you to pick it up and use the megaton for yourself. If you get the wrong code it will display an error message. you need to be up close to the megaton for this to work, and aiming at it. (duh) ;)

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I want the ultimade :(

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Nice mod

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote

did you make the weapon meshes ? :D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+1 vote
Feralidragon Creator

Yes. Not only the weapon meshes, but every new mesh included in the pack was modelled and skinned by me.
They aren't that good, but I think they are acceptable for an old game like this. :)

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this is extremely... awesome but i host a lan server and i dont know what do add to the server packages serverpackages=naliweaponsIIx?

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Feralidragon Creator

Yes, you add ServerPackages=NaliWeaponsIIX indeed.

Reply Good karma+1 vote

Thanks you

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