A massive and complete gameplay overhaul for The Witcher 3.

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For this recurring segment, we will be highlighting the five biggest stories on ModDB for the prior week. Whether it's new mod announcements, major mod releases, or important stories that affect the mod scene as a whole, you'll find them rounded up here each week.

The Week of November 24, 2017

A massive and complete gameplay overhaul for The Witcher 3. There are lots of new stats like attack and dodging speed, poise, adrenaline (not the same as before), vigor, etc. These are all interconnected and have effects on regeneration rates, values and many other things.They also actively affect the gameplay, like having less health and stamina will make you attack and regenerate slower unless using certain potions.

With Frictional Games' announcement that it intends to add a “Safe Mode” to the Xbox One release of Soma on December 1 (which will also update the PC version with the new Safe Mode) we’ve decided to look at a long-running trend amongst game mods that all focus on accomplishing a similar goal: removing monsters or enemies from games in order to create a “safe” or less stressful experience.

Half-Life 2 : MMod is all about updated visuals, post processing shaders, particle effects, new gameplay mechanics and new weapons/NPCs.

BRUTAL UNREAL 99 combines the Unreal Tournament 99 weapons ripped by the user Voltlock + the enemies of Brutal Doom Monsters, a mod for Doom I & Doom II. Compatible with GzDoom, ZDoom, Zandronum and D-Touch Android. Includes a single 1 .pk3 file, ready to play.

Our modification opens the door to incredible multiplayer possibilities including racing, deathmatch, skydiving, roleplaying or freeroam. But it doesn't have to stop there: Thanks to our powerful scripting API server owners can easily create gamemodes on their own.

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Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition 2.51

Witcher 3: Enhanced Edition 2.51

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A massive and complete gameplay overhaul for The Witcher 3.

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